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Дезодорант MAY body спрей женский SENSITIVE

At this point sometimes price doesn't really make a good product. I have shared some reviews about beauty products that are good and some really bad and here is another product which you might want to try, the MAY body deodorant sensitive female spray. This deodorant and antiperspirant have a mild and sensitive feel. Not harsh and has an oily feel when you apply it but leaves you dry all day. I have used good products from MAYbody and this Ukrainian beauty guru is making good products available to everyone.

I will recommend this product, it worked really well, no stains on my clothes, I felt smooth and dry all day. No after smell or particles. It feels so good. This unique formula is aimed at combating germs and bacteria that are in the armpit, it neutralizes unpleasant odor and minimizes sweating. The effect will be noticeable after the first use. May body deodorant spray is quickly absorbed and does not remain on the skin surface. Suitable for all types of clothing. Natural ingredients,  hypoallergenic and does not provoke dryness and skin irritation. A pleasant menthol aroma gives you a feeling of purity and freshness for a long time.

Price: Very affordable and available in two different variants.
Where to purchase: You can get it from Eva.

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  1. Oh this does sound like a helpful product and also healthier then the traditional deodorant. Thanks for the heads p on this!

    Allie of

  2. Well I don't think we can get it here. Too bad because it sounds wonderful. Thanks for giving a review of it!


    1. yeah, I think is only sold here FOR NOW.

  3. This looks amazing! Got to try it.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  4. Per me è un prodotto nuovissimo

  5. Great review.

  6. wow thanks for the great review loved this!!



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