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5 annoying things DJs do : disk jockey

We all know that Djs (disk jockey) make us dance and whether we like it or not they make the party lite and fun but sometimes they just give the wrong energy which just kills the party and makes everyone lose interest. They are fun but can be night spoilers. They can pass negative or positive energy depending on what they play. I have been to a lot of places where people left the venue all because the DJ has a bad playlist which is not giving the right vibe.

In my opinion, a good Dj is a treasure at a party because they light up the night. I get so turned off when the DJ doesn't put us in the right mood. It is hard to find a good DJ believe me but yes there are good DJs and lets not even go far Dj Khalid is dope.

1. Weck playlist
Omg, nothing spoils the party like a bad playlist. What stops a Dj from picking the songs that can boost the mood of the party attendees. Djs needs to pay more attention to the mood for the attendees. I was at a restaurant and the Dj kept playing his mix, everybody got tired and sat down, very few people kept dancing and he didn't get the memo that he was dulling the mood of everyone at the restaurant. Djs need to learn to pick songs that match the theme of the party.

2. Try out their new instrumental mix and beats at a party
 No, no, no you can't do that. You can not use us as your experimental audience. Go do it at your personal open party. Example, Dj cuppy holds her music party themed cactus on the roof every year. People buy tickets and what you get is what you take. You listen to her music mix and instrumentals, now that is totally ok because that is what you paid for.

3. Dancing to their own mix
 I am not saying you can not dance to your own beat or mix but dancing too much clearly shows that you didn't spend much time listening to that mix, because if you did you probably would have gotten tired of it and all you do is focus on the audience and watch their mood to know if they are enjoying you as a DJ or not.

4. Djs touching to Knobs and sliders
My questions and I need answers, why do DJs touch the knobs and sliders? what is wrong with the Dj letting the song play through. As I read online it adds some effect to the music but honestly, some DJ over do it..lawdddd. Can you just allow us to enjoy the song? please!!

5. Changing the current song playing to a boring song
I cannot be dancing and suddenly you change the music and it doesn't even fit my current vibe. That is totally unacceptable. Djs needs to learn to match the song that vibes to the mood of the party or attendees. If you start on a high note then gradually play down the music, what I mean by gradually playing down the music is, when you start off with a very energetic track, you can play an energetic track that is less energetic than the previous track which was played, by so doing you gradually bring us down slowing.




  1. One thing is for sure try out at parties is definitely risky Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris

  2. I do agree. A good DJ knows how to match the mood of the listeners with suitable songs, a bad one doesn't know how to do that. Being a DJ is more than randomly picking songs. You have to be in the moment and pay attention to what the crown likes.


  3. Interesting post and great tips for DJs.

  4. This is very true! A weak playlist can totally destroy the evening.

  5. great post dear


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