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They say that trends cycle back around – and the elusive vinyl record is the perfect case study. Considering recent technology trends, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that vinyl records would be wiped out of the picture, with only the most dedicated fans keeping the movement alive behind the scenes. Little did we know that they would hurricane back onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, stats show that vinyl albums brought in £12 million more in 2022 than CD albums did. Let’s take a deep dive into what might have prompted this resurgence.

What are vinyl records

In a nutshell, vinyl records are disks that store music. To play the music they need to be placed on a record player and once they rotate with a needle in place, the music starts to play. Typically, the needle runs inwards, starting from the outside edge. Vinyl versions of gramophone or phonograph records are made using polyvinyl chloride plastic, with engravings on each side. You often need to flip the record onto the other side to play the additional stored music.

What happened to vinyl records

As with many other day-to-day concepts, vinyl records were blown out of the water due to technological advancements. Similarly, the way we listen to music has changed over the years. The sheer quantity of music available to us now is almost overwhelming – and it changes in the blink of an eye, with new tracks knocking old ones from the top spot on a weekly basis in the charts. The concept of listening to a single album from start to finish isn’t on the agenda for many of us these days, with so many other distractions on the cards.

Music makes us feel better and boosts our mood, and music therapy may help with some health conditions.

A woman playing the piano

Is it possible for music to improve our health and quality of life?

Things are tough. The current political climate, war, the effects of global warming, the continued unfairness caused by systemic racism, and the ongoing physical and mental health problems caused by COVID are all making us feel less safe in the world and lowering our quality of life. We should all be able to find times when we can relax and take our minds off of the bad news we hear every day. For many people, music can help them make that change, even if it's a small one.

How can music change the way we live?

Recently, researchers looked at how music interventions affect the quality of life in terms of health and tried to answer the question of what is the best way to help people let go, relax, and heal. This recent systematic review and meta-analysis (a study of studies) showed that using music interventions (listening to music, singing, and music therapy) can make big changes in mental health and smaller changes in physical health-related quality of life. The researchers found that music has a positive effect on the psychological quality of life, but they didn't find a single best intervention or "dose" of music that works for everyone.

The many parts of music

As complex people who come from many different cultures and have different life experiences and mental and physical health needs, our relationship with music is very personal. Our relationship with music can be a very beautiful, vulnerable, and often complicated dance that changes from moment to moment based on our mood, preferences, social situation, and past experiences. There are times when music can have an immediate and clear effect on how we feel.

Listening to calming music as you get ready for bed

Singing can help you express your emotions, dancing to upbeat dance music can get you moving, and attending a live musical performance can help you make friends.

A board-certified music therapist can assist you in developing this connection to music and in determining the best course of action and dosage that may be beneficial to your health and aid in your recovery.

How can music be used to help people feel better?

Music therapy is a well-established field of health care that uses music interventions that have been shown to help people. Music therapy is done between a patient and (maybe) a board-certified music therapist who has completed an accredited undergraduate or graduate music therapy program, along with caregivers or family members.

Music therapists use both active (singing, exploring instruments, writing songs, moving, making digital music, etc.) and receptive (listening to music, guided imagery with music, making playlists, or talking about music and remembering good times) interventions and set goals to improve health and well-being.

Some of these goals could be to feel less anxious, change your mood, feel less pain during cancer treatment or other medical treatments, express yourself more, find motivation, and so on. A music therapist can help you find the best way to use music to achieve these kinds of goals and improve your quality of life in general.

Top tools for music therapy

This intervention has been looked at the most, and almost every scenario has been studied. You can do it on your own or with the help of music therapy. Live or recorded music can be played. Listening can be done with a clear goal in mind or the background. You can build up feelings to let them go. You can calm your mind with music. Or, you can use the "iso principle" to match music to your current energy or mood and then slowly change the feel, tempo, and complexity to help you change. Listening to music can help you relax or motivate you to work out, move around more, or do something you've been putting off.

Learning an Instrument or Playing One

Actively making music engages your whole brain. This gives people the best chance of being distracted, feeling less pain, learning, improving their fine and gross motor skills, and expressing themselves. Some instruments are made to make it easier for people to learn or express themselves freely.

Set up in a pentatonic scale, for example, a steel tongue drum has a beautiful, resonant sound, no "wrong notes," and is made so you can just play. If you want to use your mind a little, try learning to play the ukulele. There are a lot of great ukulele resources online, and it's easy to move the strings with one or two fingers. Using an instrument to make music can be fun and easy.

A board-certified music therapist can help you find the easiest and most likely-to-work way to express yourself through music. It takes time, patience, and practice to learn how to play an instrument well and read music.


This can be a great intervention if you have a good connection to your voice and/or a good music therapy relationship where the therapist can help you build your connection to your instrument. Singing is good for your lungs and can make you feel better when you sing lyrics that are true to you. Lastly, being surrounded by strong, tight harmonies brings people together and gives them power.

In conclusion,

Even though there is no one best intervention, magical song, or perfect genre that can make all the hard things in life easier, music can be a powerful tool for change.

Need some help finding the best music tools for you? Here are some places where you can learn more about music therapy and find licensed therapists.

The American Music Therapy Association

Certified Board of Music Therapists

American Psychological Association: Music as Medicine

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We all know that Djs (disk jockey) make us dance and whether we like it or not they make the party lite and fun but sometimes they just give the wrong energy which just kills the party and makes everyone lose interest. They are fun but can be night spoilers. They can pass negative or positive energy depending on what they play. I have been to a lot of places where people left the venue all because the DJ has a bad playlist which is not giving the right vibe.

In my opinion, a good Dj is a treasure at a party because they light up the night. I get so turned off when the DJ doesn't put us in the right mood. It is hard to find a good DJ believe me but yes there are good DJs and lets not even go far Dj Khalid is dope.

1. Weck playlist
Omg, nothing spoils the party like a bad playlist. What stops a Dj from picking the songs that can boost the mood of the party attendees. Djs needs to pay more attention to the mood for the attendees. I was at a restaurant and the Dj kept playing his mix, everybody got tired and sat down, very few people kept dancing and he didn't get the memo that he was dulling the mood of everyone at the restaurant. Djs need to learn to pick songs that match the theme of the party.

2. Try out their new instrumental mix and beats at a party
 No, no, no you can't do that. You can not use us as your experimental audience. Go do it at your personal open party. Example, Dj cuppy holds her music party themed cactus on the roof every year. People buy tickets and what you get is what you take. You listen to her music mix and instrumentals, now that is totally ok because that is what you paid for.

3. Dancing to their own mix
 I am not saying you can not dance to your own beat or mix but dancing too much clearly shows that you didn't spend much time listening to that mix, because if you did you probably would have gotten tired of it and all you do is focus on the audience and watch their mood to know if they are enjoying you as a DJ or not.

4. Djs touching to Knobs and sliders
My questions and I need answers, why do DJs touch the knobs and sliders? what is wrong with the Dj letting the song play through. As I read online it adds some effect to the music but honestly, some DJ over do it..lawdddd. Can you just allow us to enjoy the song? please!!
Karaoke is such a fun activity for me, at least if I can't get a big stage I can put a smile on somebody's face even if my voice isn't so perfect. Well,  I am sure we all have our favorite karaoke songs which just happens to be so easy for us to sing and win the audience.
I am a big fan of karaoke and I am improving because I practice at home with my K3 touch Karaoke microphone and speaker, who knows I might just venture into music. I have put together my karaoke playlist and the easiest songs to sing during night outing with friends and loved ones. We know fully well that karaoke is not about being a professional singer. There are no rules just enjoy yourself and let it that energy out. Sing like no one is watching.
This playlist is to remind you that Jesus was Scourged and Crucified for your sake. The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, if He had merely died and not been resurrected, He would have been considered just another teacher or Rabbi. However, His resurrection changed all that and gave final and irrefutable proof that He was really the Son of God and that He had conquered death once and for all. Keep reading.
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Just incase you think you are alone, those thoughts keeps coming, you can't process those thoughts into words, it is like a water tank over full but has no opening to let the extra out. So many words but can't be spoken, you keep trying to keep your cool and process the situation. Just remember when life is available then hope is sure.

I love to enjoy my summer to the fullest, travelling and having so much fun with friends. One way to enjoy summer road travel is by adding the coolest summer music to vibe to during your travel to give you the perfect holiday vibe.
Here are 12 music I added to my summer playlist in 2019.
Follow my summer playlist on soundcloud (New music added everyday) hit the follow button also.
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Today, on the blog, our weekend music feature is Kelvin Spratt, from Charlotte, North Carolina and a North Carolina Central University 2015 graduate. 
Kevin stated "My inspiration for music stems from the 90's era and early 2000's. Artist including Donell Jones, Avant and The Dream just to name a few have really inspired me to write music. I would say that this song is upbeat, clean, and has a old school vibe with a new school twist to it. The meaning of the track is to spend time with a companion that you truly like and enjoy being around. I feel like nowadays, R&B is losing it's secrecy, and it's too straightforward".
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