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28 summer and spring nail ideas

You'll find lots of inspiration here if you're looking for summer nail design ideas. Not only are these summer nails ideal for summer, but the designs also work well for the spring season.

While almost everything in the universe is out of our hands, thanks to spring 2022 fashion month, we now know which nail styles will be prominent this season. We did our homework (that is, studied the runways and nail Instagram) to anticipate the trends that will take off in spring 2022, from fresh tints to updated French manis to the form everyone will be sporting. Continue scrolling to see all of the mani styles, as well as the tools that will help you achieve them.


Is this the onset of a heart attack?

 Is this the onset of a heart attack?

The new guidelines describe the sensations that patients may experience during a heart attack, as well as other probable causes of chest pain.

Never hesitate to contact 911 if you fear you are suffering a heart attack. When confronted with a potentially fatal situation, the saying "better safe than sorry" is always appropriate. However, there is an issue with the two terms we frequently employ to describe heart attack symptoms - chest pain.

Now, the first-ever guidelines for evaluating and diagnosing chest pain seek to clarify the situation by cataloguing the range of suspected heart attack symptoms. "Rather than using the term "pain," individuals frequently use the terms "pressure," "tightness," "squeezing," or "heaviness." Additionally, symptoms may manifest in the shoulders, arms, neck, back, upper abdomen, or jaw. The report, which was released late last year, also includes a road map to assist physicians in assessing chest discomfort through the selective use of the latest available diagnostics.


Are sunstroke and heatstroke synonymous?

Question and response

Q. Is there a distinction between sunstroke and heatstroke, and are there any specific indications or symptoms I should watch for?

A. These are two different words for the same illness. Heatstroke (or sunstroke) occurs when the body can no longer keep its temperature below 105° F when exposed to extreme heat. Although people almost always have warning symptoms prior to heatstroke, they frequently ignore them or are unable to act.

Why do I get a salty aftertaste?

Why do I get a salty aftertaste?

Q. For several months, I've experienced a salty taste on my tongue. What can I  do to fix this problem?

A. The salty taste could be caused by your taste buds becoming far more sensitive to salt (which is frequently a side effect of medicine) or by high salt concentration in your saliva, which can occur if you get dehydrated. Other possible causes of a salty taste include the following:

●  Excessive tears that leak from the lower eyelids down the nose and back of the throat via the tear ducts

●  A disease of the salivary glands that can result in decreased saliva production and a salty taste

● Acid reflux frequently results in a sour, bitter, or salty tongue taste.

A metallic or salty taste in your mouth may indicate oral bleeding. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including eating sharp foods such as chips or brushing your gums too vigorously. If your gums bleed frequently after flossing or brushing your teeth, you may have gum disease (gingivitis).


What can I do about my dry eyes?

What can I do about my dry eyes? (Question and response)

Q. Recently, my eyes have been scratchy and itchy. Is there anything that can be done to assist?

While only a physician can determine the exact origin of your symptoms, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition caused by decreased tear production. Without enough of this natural lubricant, eyes may get irritated, be sensitive to light-sensitive, or have a fuzzy vision. Additionally, some people report feeling sticky or having fewer tears when they cry.


12 Beauties of the Week: Makeup Ideas

Let us take a moment to admire these stunning women and the makeup artist who created their looks. According to some, the things that make you unique are also your most beautiful characteristics. Here are some of our top beauty picks for this week by Lara Gilles the beauty Photographer.


Ciara denim pant boot style at the Super Bowl

Ciara took double denim to new heights while leaving the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles with husband Russell Wilson—and referenced one of the year's most viral fashion moments so far.

The "1, 2 Step" singer walked out of SoFi Stadium with Wilson wearing a denim top with a dark blue tone and a plunging, light wash draped neckline. Ciara is accessorized with many stacked gold necklaces and a chain-link belt, displaying her taste for glitter.

Pant-boot designs have arisen in recent seasons from a number of companies, including Balenciaga, Richard Quinn, and Saint Laurent, offering a more streamlined alternative to wearing either boots or pants. The majority of styles have pant or legging-like uppers coupled to a pointed-toe shoe, sometimes with stiletto heels. Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Hailey Bieber have all been on board with the trend in recent weeks.

Can dehydration trigger headaches?

Is it possible for dehydration to trigger headaches?

I occasionally suffer from headaches. Could it be a result of insufficient water consumption?

A. Yes, dehydration can result in headaches. Certain individuals are far more sensitive than others to dehydration-related headaches, and those who are more susceptible can avoid the headaches by drinking adequate fluids everyday. A water-deprivation headache might be widespread or more confined to the front or rear of the head. Occasionally, it is one-sided. When you bend your head forward or do other head movements, the discomfort tends to get worse. Even walking can aggravate headaches.

It is uncertain why dehydration causes headaches. The brain lacks pain receptors. A dehydration headache may be induced by pain receptors in the meninges, the lining that surrounds the brain. When a person is dehydrated, fluid can escape the brain, putting traction on the meninges and activating the pain receptors. Another probable cause is the increased response you could feel to any form of discomfort when you are thirsty.

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Another natural constipation remedy?


While it may appear to be a simple question, what is constipation? The term can refer to a variety of different forms of issues with bowel movement. Constipation can manifest itself in the form of hard, pellet-like stools or a decrease in stool volume. Additionally, it can refer to excessive straining, not having a daily bowel movement, or feeling as if you are unable to eliminate all of the stool. Although all of these are descriptions of constipation, the symptoms vary.

What is chronic constipation?

When constipation persists for weeks or months, it becomes chronic. Constipation symptoms vary and may indicate a variety of various disorders, necessitating a variety of different treatments, so you should be specific when presenting your unique situation to your doctor.

To clear up a widespread misconception among persons who are accustomed to having a daily bowel movement, it is perfectly acceptable not to have a bowel movement on a daily basis. While having insufficient bowel movements (generally defined as two or fewer per week) can be discomfort, there is no physical need to move your bowels daily.

Constipation is classified into two major types. The first symptom is delayed content movement across the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The second type of constipation occurs closer to the exit when stool contents are difficult to expel due to pelvic muscular difficulties. The first type of constipation can be treated by increasing your fibre intake through supplements or by increasing your fruit and vegetable diet. The second type may require additional evaluation through imaging tests or procedures.


Birthday cake trends for 2022

While food television features visually attractive sweets, Pinterest predicts that one cake trend will become everyone's passion by 2022. Both home bakers and professional pastry chefs are eager to try their hand at this visually stunning concept. Is it possible that sweet snacks may reach new heights?

Expensive cakes are expected to be the hot cake trend in 2022, according to Pinterest predictions. No more plain mirror glazes or naked cakes. Cakes, according to Pinterest, will be a representation of a mood.

Birthdays are wonderful occasions for celebrating and socializing with family and friends, and if you want to impress your guests at your next party, we have compiled a list of these gorgeous birthday cakes — for adults and children, in classic and unique shapes, and in a variety of delectable flavours - by Tabi.cakes.

When it comes to your next party, 2022 could be the year to go all out — we've all got some catching up to do on the socializing front! So, with that in mind, let's look at some of the most recent cake design ideas to get you in the groove.


Do beta blockers interfere with exercise?

Q. I take hydrochlorothiazide (a diuretic) and long-acting metoprolol to control my high blood pressure (a beta-blocker). I'm alright, but my heart rate hasn't increased as much as it did before I started taking the metoprolol. Does this suggest that when I exercise, I am not receiving as much health benefit as I may be?

A. All beta-blockers cause a decrease in heart rate. The slower pace occurs both at rest and during exertion. To gain the maximum benefit from aerobic exercise, your heart rate should be in the moderate-intensity zone for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Moderate-intensity exercise is defined as exercising at a heart rate of 60% to 75% of your maximum.

220 minus your age is a simple calculation for determining your maximal heart rate. As an example, if you are 60 years old, your maximum heart rate is 160. Thus, moderate-intensity exercise is defined as a pulse rate of 96 to 120 beats per minute. While this method is often effective at determining the aerobic intensity of exercise, it does not work for individuals who use a beta-blocker. And, sadly, there is no straightforward solution to compensate for the drug's slower rate.

Rather than that, you can assess your effort by monitoring your respiration. You should be able to speak after moderate-intensity exercise, but with pauses to regain your breath. If you are having difficulty breathing and are unable to speak during exercise, you are performing at a high intensity.

Can beta-blockers have an effect on your capacity to exercise? The studies that have been conducted on your subject have not yielded a conclusive response. A beta-blocker is likely to impair a competitive athlete's performance. However, for the majority of us who exercise to maintain our health, the data points to no loss of benefit, even if we do not meet the typical heart rate standards.

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February Party Recap with Femme Luxe

Guys, have you seen that the marble dress is trending on Instagram and that every IT girl is wearing it? Every now and then, a new style emerges, and one of the most prominent this season is the marble trend. Marble dresses are available in a variety of styles. The material is extremely stretchy, sheer, and soft. If you're looking for a dress to wear for a night out with friends, this is the dress trend for you.

The month of February has been filled with birthday celebrations. From close relatives to friends and family. I've attended 2 birthdays and celebrated 2 from afar, including my mother's birthday, which was on February 20th. Another close friend of mine will be having her birthday on the 26th, and I am completely prepared to look lovely and celebrate with her. This weekend, one of the things I did was rent a venue for a friend's birthday celebration. I truly appreciate the restaurant's design and can't wait to wear another dress from Femme Luxe.

4 reasons to do a digital detox

Taking a break from technology not only saves time but also improves one's mental health. Find out how to accomplish it in the best manner possible.

4 reasons to do a digital detox

Being connected has become a way of life for many people. Your smartphone alarm, if you're like most people, wakes you up in the morning. You get ready while watching the news on television and then check your text messages. You check email, communicate with pals, and look through Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. You spend your evenings online buying and checking social media while watching your favourite TV series. You also utilize smartphone apps for meditation or white noise before going to bed.

For many folks, that is just a usual day. In fact, the average American spends four hours watching television and seven and a half hours on digital gadgets. Many of us are stressed out as a result of our excessive screen time, which is unsurprising.

A digital detox may be the answer, as it can relieve the stress of being constantly connected to electronic devices. According to studies, a digital detox can help you sleep better, have better relationships, and feel better. Are you ready to give it a shot? Kia-Rai Prewitt, PhD, a psychologist, explains the benefits and how to go about doing a digital detox.

8 Ways to incorporate green into your home decor

8 creative ideas to incorporate green into your home décor

Green is a vivid color that can boost a room without making it appear overly bright and colorful. With the ideal interior design, you can make your home feel more like home. The colour is fresh, energetic, and always in style, whether you choose seafoam-green or deep-shade fern. It goes nicely with a wide range of colors, from neutrals like brown and gray to colorful shades of yellow, blue, pink, and other hues.

The color green is associated with life, rejuvenation, wealth, and peace. When it comes to decorating, though, it can be a wild card. We're taking inspiration from 8 designer spaces that include green décor through paint, accent items, furniture, and more to learn how to apply it strategically and stylishly. There's a green palette for everyone. If you need more proof, just have a look at the spaces below.

Green sofa

Green dining chairs

Bedroom with green beddings


How to Do an At-Home COVID Test

It's easy to be concerned that you've caught COVID-19 if you have a tickle in your throat or a twinge of a cough. You can receive piece of mind by taking an at-home COVID-19 test, in addition to remaining away from friends and family just in case.

However, there are other options accessible, which might be perplexing. Read on to learn how to choose and take an at-home COVID-19 test from microbiologist and pathologist Daniel Rhoads, MD.

What to Look for When Choosing a COVID-19 Test

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved two types of at-home tests under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) program (FDA).

An antigen test reveals whether you have certain proteins (or antigens) associated with the SARS-COV-2 virus, and is the most prevalent. There are additional molecular tests that can identify genetic material.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) lab test, which is a frequent COVID-19 test you'd get from your doctor, is also a molecular test. The PCR test will also tell you if you contain genetic material linked to the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Because there are so many options, Dr. Rhoads recommends taking a test to figure out what you want to get out of it. He says, "I always encourage everyone to start with a goal." "Is it your intention to screen?" Is it for the purpose of diagnosing? "How are you going to interpret it if there are symptoms and you're trying to confirm that you have an infection, no matter what test you use?"

Although PCR tests are more sensitive to the virus's presence in your body, the results of at-home antigen tests are regarded accurate. However, there are a few factors that influence the accuracy of at-home examinations. These include whether or not you accurately acquired your sample and when you tested. If you test soon after becoming infected, for example, you may not get a positive result right away.

"The take-home message," Dr. Rhoads explains, "is that if you receive a good result, it's probably a true positive." "However, these antigen assays are not as sensitive as PCR tests." So just because you don't feel unwell and the test comes back negative doesn't imply you don't have COVID." If you're not sure what to do, Dr. Rhoads suggests following the CDC's guidelines for interpreting antigen test results.

Steps to take when taking the COVID-19 test at home

It's natural to feel nervous or terrified when taking an at-home COVID-19 test for the first time. Plus, putting a swab in your nose to obtain a mucus sample isn't always pleasant.

According to Dr. Rhoads, the best advice for all of these tests is to "follow the package insert" for the specific test you're taking. Every at-home exam includes a slightly distinct set of instructions and operates in a little different manner.

Some at-home tests, for example, propose serial testing, which entails taking multiple tests over a period of time. "Some of them say to take one test now and the second test a certain number of hours or days later," Dr. Rhoads explains. "It's likely that the FDA included that because they realize that these tests aren't as sensitive as PCR tests."

Although at-home tests come with step-by-step instructions, you may be concerned about following them correctly. There are, fortunately, resources available to you. If you purchased the test from a pharmacy, you could seek assistance from the pharmacist. Your healthcare professional may also be able to assist you with advice.

Videos provided by the test manufacturer are also useful tools. The Ellume COVID-19 home test, for example, features an app that can guide you through the testing process. Just make sure you're not watching a video for one test and assuming it'll work for all of them. "If the company provides a video, watch it," Dr. Rhoads advises. "You don't want to use one manufacturer's test while watching a different video." That will only add to the uncertainty."

Is it necessary to swab your throat for COVID-19?

Many COVID-19 tests require you to swab your nose to acquire a sample of bodily fluid for testing. However, you may have seen news headlines advising that while performing an at-home test, you swab your throat before your nose.

A non-peer-reviewed study indicated that the omicron strain of COVID-19 may cause more virus to emerge in the bronchus, which helps get air into your lungs. As a result, several people assumed that a throat swab would disclose whether or not you had COVID-19 sooner. That report, however, is still being reviewed and should not be used as actual advice.

Furthermore, some at-home quick tests in the UK tell you to swab your throat and nose as part of the process. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the COVID-19 fast tests that are now approved under the EUA of the US Food and Drug Administration.

"You won't be able to do a throat swab," Dr. Rhoads explains, "since the FDA hasn't authorized any of the tests for that approach." "The FDA did not evaluate their performance in this manner. And that's not how they're supposed to be used."

More research is needed, according to Dr. Rhoads, before a throat swab might be utilized with at-home COVID-19 tests. "Someone has to conduct the research," he says. "Without that, you're not sure what the performance is right now." It's possible that you'll get false positives. It's possible that the test isn't as sensitive as it appears."

"We don't have any data yet suggesting throat swabs are an accurate or appropriate procedure for at-home tests," the US FDA agrees, and has said specifically, "We don't have any data suggesting throat swabs are an accurate or appropriate method for at-home tests."

A throat swab can, however, be used to determine whether you have COVID-19 in one place: your doctor's office.

Dr. Rhoads explains that "some of the tests we run in the lab are permitted for throat swabs." "It was confirmed by us." It was confirmed by businesses. For throat swabs, there are methods that have been verified. However, I'm not aware of any over-the-counter tests that may be done at home using that specimen type."

What to do with the Test results for COVID-19 at home

It can also be difficult to know what to do if you test positive for COVID-19. Isolating yourself from other members of your home to avoid infecting them is a good first step. You should also notify everyone you've been around recently so they can be tested (or quarantined) if necessary.

However, your initial instinct may be to repeat the test, either with another at-home test or by arranging a PCR test, just to make sure the results are accurate. There's nothing wrong with that, according to Dr. Rhoads, but it's not essential. "You can obtain a confirmatory test if you get a positive test," he explains. "However, I don't believe you need to retest." That isn't required."

Here's all you need to know about taking the COVID-19 test at home.

At the absolute least, Dr. Rhoads advises that you document the fact that you tested positive. You can self-report a positive diagnosis to public health departments in some cities or states. Some at-home testing come with an app that connects to your medical records. You can also use your cell phone to record the results.

"If the test result is positive, take a snapshot of it so it can be shared electronically if you require healthcare in the future," Dr. Rhoads suggests. "Outpatient prescriptions are sometimes depending on whether you've tested positive or not. It's beneficial for the person who wants to prescribe you medicine to view and confirm it with their own eyes. And I feel that an antigen test will suffice in demonstrating that you have COVID."

Above all, notify and maintain contact with your healthcare practitioner. For example, MyChart at Cleveland Clinic allows you to submit documents, such as a photo of your positive at-home test. Your doctor can be a fantastic resource and help you take the best next measures to get back on track to health, especially if you start to feel worse or are unsure if your test result was correct.


5 easy Monday work outfit ideas for cold weather

Whether you've just returned to the workplace or haven't gone yet, our idea of modern workday dressing is versatile, flexible clothes that a woman on the run can wear seamlessly, whether she's going from the office to supper or from a gym to lunch.

Dressing for the winter is an art form. Sure, you could put on your favourite leggings and an oversized puffy jacket and call it a day—but where's the fun in that? Instead, I discovered the finest winter outfits for women that combine elegance and function, and they're all so simple to recreate at home.

The trick to putting together a winter ensemble for 2022 is to mix and match your favourite pieces with a few new additions for the new year. For example, a new oversized blazer looks wonderfully layered over your favourite colourful turtleneck. Alternatively, grab your classic bulky cardigan and combine it with your denim jacket and a pair of similar jeans for a denim-on-denim style that works without any effort. It is not necessary to get a totally new outfit. Rather, you can go through your closet and find the items that need to be updated and replace them with something that seems more in tune with your current style.

Continue reading to see cute winter outfits that rely on items of clothes that you most likely already own. Feel free to use these outfits as inspiration on those mornings when you have no idea what to wear or when you're tired of wearing the same exact thick knit cardigan over (and over) again.

Style Inspiration by im_lisamarie


How to boost your child's immune system

Immune system booster for your child

As another school year begins under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are wondering what they can do to keep their children healthy. Is there a method to strengthen the immune system and protect against COVID-19 and other illnesses?

Yes, but there are no magic wands or pills. The greatest method to maintain a healthy immune system is to simply take the appropriate precautions. As tedious as that may sound, it is a tried and true method.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your children healthy this school year.


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Incredible Wedding Cake Ideas

When couples start planning their wedding, one of the first things that come to mind is the wedding cake. While wedding cakes are a delicious finish to a party, coming up with spectacular wedding cake ideas is a fun chore to take on once you've selected a date and a creative goal. People like to look at pictures of cakes that have been decorated with sugar flowers. We're here to help you with that.

Incredible Wedding Cake Ideas

The beautiful thing about wedding cakes, or cupcakes if you prefer, is how adaptable they are. There is a magnificent wedding cake idea out there for every couple, regardless of their style. Wedding cakes are often the most important part of the design of a wedding because they bring together all of the colours and patterns from a wedding into one sweet and opulent finale.

Contact Cakepop_dmv to order your bespoke wedding cakes in Woodbridge VA.

The 13 most fashionable ways to wear jeans

We're here to talk about one of the most timeless pieces in one's wardrobe. Blue jeans? You guessed it. The magic of the perfect pair of jeans is undeniable. Not only is that ideal staple extremely adaptable and can be dressed up or down, but it also has an A+ cut that adds ease and effortlessness to any offer.
Nothing better embodies American fashion than denim. Indeed, we're prepared to wager that no other source material can conjure up ideas of Americana and its fabled subcultures quite like this one: Greasers, cowboys, hippies, rappers, and rockers—they've all placed their own unique mark on the same staple, and we're just as attached, if not more so, to our own interpretations of denim (and what to wear with jeans).
Sure, you may have a favourite pair of blue jeans, but if you're wanting to add a new pair to your collection or want to try something new, we've compiled a list of the best blue jeans for you below. The silhouettes in question are popular among fashion editors and shoppers alike. Basically, many of the brands in question are covered by members of our crew, and the designs are also front-runners, as they're frequently rated four stars or higher by reviewers.


Winter Office Outfits That Are Both Warm and Stylish

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Office Wear That Is Both Warm and Stylish

Temperatures are expected to plummet, with high gusts and practically daily rain or snow. All I want to do is curl up in bed and hibernate until March when temperatures begin to rise and spring approaches. Regrettably, employers do not regard this as a valid reason to miss work. Therefore, while choosing your winter office wear ensemble on a cold morning, style is usually the last thing on your mind—avoiding hypothermia is definitely more essential!

However, you do not have to sacrifice either comfort or style! Check out winter office dress ideas that are both trendy and professional for an office look.

Looks by  Prissysavy


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The week's best quote on the power of silence

The tormentor is aided by silence, but the tormented is never aided by silence. Silence is a loyal friend that never abandons you. The prophets' prophecies are scrawled on subway walls and tenement hallways and murmured in the hush. Silence is a powerful source of energy.

It's better to stay quiet and be thought of as an idiot than to speak and clear up all the doubt.

Here's a collection of powerful Silent quotes.


2022 cute summer nail art design ideas

Summer is the best time of year to experiment with different nail colors. Summer nails should be bright, attractive, and simple so you can enjoy your vacation or weekend at the beach rather than worry about your manicure. There are numerous stylish forms, unusual textures, cool varnishes, and charming nail art to try, whether you prefer delicate pastels or vibrant neon hues. Check out the top summer nail designs for trends and ideas for your next salon session if you're looking for some motivation. Try this season's hottest trends to make your summer manicure explode with color!

Contact Polished_yogi for bookings.


Cloverdale property built in the Hamptons style.

Stunning luxury home with 12,227 square feet! On a vast park-like landscape, a tastefully decorated Hamptons-style mansion. A formal space with wacky window light, high ceilings, and extravagant light sculptures. The plan is mansion-scaled to maximize the property's essence and size. Built-in fridge+wine fridge, 10' waterfall island in gorgeous polished quartz. The master bedroom has vaulted ceilings, a magnificent steam shower, and a balcony! Solar blinds, an automatic gate, and a 6-zone rad heat system are just a few of the extras! A dreamy yard awaits you through double doors: a covered outdoor lounge with a built-in gas BBQ, an entertainment area, and a hot tub! A private open-space field with artificial grass for pleasure, as well as a fruitfully plentiful cherry tree and garden beds! There's a sports bar, an office, and a side-suite that's perfect for in-laws. Inside and out, nothing but the best!

Sold for $2,399,800 CAD after being offered at $2,399,800 CAD.

+1 604-671-5927 Rupi Kainth
Rupi can be found on Instagram as @RupiKainth.@Remax2000Realty

Enter Property ID: DH4297

This week, we're crushing on Toke Makinwas looks.

Toke Makinwa keeps looking good and slaying on the gram. Today we are sharing a round-up of 4 recent outfits of Toke Makinwa which we love. For those who will like to purchase the same items check her out on Instagram.

Make up - @nadsglam
Stylist - @kelvincentgh
Hair - @studio7_beautylounge


Why is eating healthy so hard?

Everyone is aware that they should eat more healthily. So, why are they having such a hard time doing it?

Most people can recite the recipe for healthy eating: more fruits and vegetables, less red meat and processed meals. It appears to be quite straightforward. Nonetheless, Americans continue to struggle to maintain a healthy diet.

The top cause of mortality continues to be heart disease, while obesity rates have increased from 30.5 percent in 2000 to 42.4 percent in 2018. Adopting a healthy diet can help with both of these issues. Only about 22% of Americans follow the American Heart Association's dietary guidelines.


Therefore, if we understand how to eat healthfully, why isn't everyone doing it? Part of the problem stems from people's erroneous assumptions. Many people continue to believe that healthy food is excessively restricted – low fat, low calorie, low sugar. Then there's the impression that healthy foods are too expensive and complicated to prepare.

The underlying message is that good eating requires too much effort and that nutritious food is unappealing, "explains Teresa Fung, an adjunct professor of nutrition at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.



8 Home Remedies for Canker Sores

While canker sores are common, they can be rather unpleasant and irritating. Over-the-counter medicines are easy to get, but there are also natural ways to speed up the healing process.
Each year, it is not uncommon for people to acquire a canker sore up to four times. Ulcerations on the inside of the mouth or cheek develop. Canker sores are often yellow or white in hue, with a reddish inflammation surrounding them. The issue may linger for one to three weeks. However, the sores may continue for up to six weeks in rare circumstances. In more severe cases, lesions may be accompanied by fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and general malaise.
Canker sores do not spread. The precise explanation for their development, on the other hand, remains uncertain. Stress, injury, or disease all have a role. Canker sores are more likely to occur in children and people with compromised immune systems. Individuals who have celiac or Crohn's disease are also at an increased risk. Lesions may develop as a result of vitamin B complex, iron, or zinc deficiency.


17 trending dresses for spring/summer 2022

It's never too early to start planning your summer wardrobe, and now is the time to start purchasing dresses for summer.

A well-dressed woman might imply a plethora of different things. I admire both a slinky, alluring LBD and a puff-sleeved floral gown. I prefer figure-hugging body-con midis, but I'm equally at home in a micro-mini slip dress. There is no reason to limit yourself to a single style or approach this summer; instead, make up for lost time and tap into the year's maximalist sartorial spirit by committing to trying them all.


Does the sex of your surgeon matter?

If your doctor advises surgery, there are several factors to consider and numerous questions to address. Is this procedure truly necessary? Is it necessary for me to get a second opinion? Is my insurance going to cover my surgery? How long will it take for me to recover?
However, here's something you may not have considered: can the gender of your surgeon have an effect on the likelihood of a successful operation? According to research published in JAMA Surgery, it very well may.

The effect of a surgeon's gender on surgical outcomes

Between 2007 and 2019, the study analyzed data from more than 1.3 million people and nearly 3,000 surgeons who conducted one of 21 common elective or emergency procedures in Canada. Appendectomies, knee and hip replacements, aortic aneurysm treatment, and spine surgery were some of the things that were done.
After 30 days of surgery, the researchers looked at how often four groups of patients (surgical complications, readmissions to the hospital, or death) had bad things happen to them.
Male patients who have had surgery performed by a male surgeon (39% of operations)
Female patients undergoing surgery with a male surgeon (half of all operations)
Female patients (7 per cent of operations) undergoing surgery with a female surgeon
Male patients (4 per cent of operations) undergoing surgery with a female surgeon

What they discovered was as follows:

Around 15% of the patients had adverse outcomes.

When the surgeon's and patient's sexes differed, there was a 9% increase in the risk of significant bleeding, heart attack, or kidney failure, and a 7% increase in the risk of death (compared to patients whose sex was the same as their surgeon).
Female patients suffered the most from the increased risk associated with having a surgeon of different sex. In comparison to women who had a female surgeon, those who had a male surgeon had an 11% higher likelihood of hospital readmission, a 16% higher rate of complications, and a 32% higher risk of mortality.
Male patients had smaller variations in results, although their outcomes favoured female surgeons. Male patients who had their surgery performed by a female surgeon had a 13% lower death rate and a 6% lower readmission rate.
The study was not meant to ascertain why these findings occurred. The authors emphasized, however, that future studies should compare particular differences in treatment, patient-surgeon interactions, trust metrics, and communication methods amongst the four patient groups. Additionally, it is probable that female surgeons adhere to standard operating procedures more strictly than their male counterparts. Physicians are very different when it comes to following guidelines, but it isn't clear if this changes based on gender.

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Coolest Birthday Cake Designs for Your Best Friend's Birthday

17 Birthday Cake Design Ideas for Your Best Friend

Our best friends play an important role in our lives, especially for those of us who have found love through friendship. However, we do not take this for granted.

What comes to mind when you think of your best friend's birthday? It's a birthday cake, correct? Much has changed in party plans and decorations over the years, but the concept of having the best birthday cake remains undeniable. There are numerous themes you can use to create the perfect cake, and selecting the best colours and sparkles in edible form is a must. A cake, whether large or small, chocolate-flavoured or strawberry-infused, expensive or inexpensive, is always the focal point of any birthday party. Getting a flawless cake that meets your best friend's expectations is a difficult task in and of itself, but the good news is that it is still doable.

Here are the coolest birthday cake ideas for your best friend's birthday party by Sweetcake.studio.

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