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What can I do about my dry eyes?

What can I do about my dry eyes? (Question and response)

Q. Recently, my eyes have been scratchy and itchy. Is there anything that can be done to assist?

While only a physician can determine the exact origin of your symptoms, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition caused by decreased tear production. Without enough of this natural lubricant, eyes may get irritated, be sensitive to light-sensitive, or have a fuzzy vision. Additionally, some people report feeling sticky or having fewer tears when they cry.

Although dry eye syndrome is increasingly prevalent as people grow older, it can also be caused by hormonal changes such as those associated with menopause or by certain drugs such as antihistamines and decongestants. There are tactics and therapies available to assist. To begin, alleviate eye strain by limiting screen time and taking frequent breaks. Additionally, utilise a humidifier indoors, especially during the winter. There are numerous dry eye therapies available, including drops and ointments that offer artificial lubrication, alleviate inflammation, or encourage the body's natural tear production. They are not a panacea, but they can help alleviate symptoms.

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