Tuesday, February 15

The gifts I received on Valentine's Day

I can't even pretend to be unhappy when my heart is overflowing with delight. Flowers, food, wine, and chocolates are among my favourite things, and that is exactly what I received for Valentine's Day. Holding my flowers and eating my snacks makes me feel pleasant and gorgeous.

So, in the spirit of love and pleasure, I'd like to share the gifts I received on Valentine's Day. Thus, I will begin with my flowers; as you are all aware, I have already expressed my affection for flowers by featuring flowers and their meanings. Keep reading to see what I received. 

Love balloons and a flower bouquet

This is my all-time favourite present. Flowers translates to me as happiness. They are full of smiles that can't be seen only felt. All of these flowers indicate love, affection, prosperity, and friendship, and that is exactly what they represent in my heart.

Wine: Fragolino Fortinia Rosso

Drinking wine makes me feel relaxed, especially fragoliono. It gets you there but mildly and so it's always my go-to wine. Fragolino Rosso is a sparkling wine drink with a fruity aroma, mostly strawberry. The taste of Fragolino is classic in Ukraine. With notes of strawberries and a refreshing finish, this beverage is light and palatable.

Puff Puff and Meat Pie

Nigerian Jollof rice and Meat

Pink tulip bouquet.

Tulips in pink are associated with affection, care good wishes and love. 


Life is said to be like a box of chocolates: you never know what you'll find inside. If the box is loaded with ROSHEN chocolates, however, you can only expect the best.

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