Sunday, December 31

Happy New Year. Welcome to year 2024

Oh dear, we made it to the year 2024. What a privilege. I am happy and thankful to God for another year. This year, I ask God for wealth and for His will in my life to be done. I ask for help using my blog to positively reach others and also share God's words. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here are beautiful free screensavers for your phone and a desktop background for your 2024 wallpaper. Which did you download?

Year 2024


Saturday, December 30

How to Prepare for the New Year 2024

The days have been slow, and I am loving it. I am ready for the new year, and I am really positive about it. The approach to preparing for the new year can vary, but here are 10 tips to guide you through the process:

1. Reflect on 2023:

Take time out to go through your achievements, lessons learned, and areas in which you need growth.

2. Set goals that are reasonable and clear: 

Define your goals; be specific, measurable, and achievable for 2024. One way to fulfil your goals is to break them into smaller tasks to better manage them.

3. Create a Plan: 

Develop a roadmap that will help you achieve your goals. Write down actionable steps and deadlines to keep yourself accountable in the process.

4. Make self-care an important priority:

Ensure your well-being by putting self-care into consideration. Exercise, mindfulness practices, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Remember, your health comes before your work.

5. Celebrate Your Achievements: 

Many people just work and work without taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate their wins. It doesn't matter; both small and big accomplishments should be celebrated.


Wednesday, December 27

How to wash a synthetic afro wig

While responding to comments on my previous Christmas post, I thought, "Why not share photos of my afro wig?" Interestingly, my natural hair resembles this afro wig. I found the wig at an affordable price with positive reviews, so I decided to purchase it and try it out. Surprisingly, I'm impressed with its nice and natural appearance and might order the brown color. The fit is comfortable, and there's no unpleasant odor. The packaging is well done. It's important to note that proper care is essential for its longevity. Overall, I genuinely like this afro wig. It's soft and light, and the elastic isn't too tight, providing comfort. I dislike overly tight wigs that cause headaches. For this wig, it's full, fluffy, has good texture, and looks good on me, just like in the photos.

Make the comparison yourself; there might be a slight difference, but it's close. Let me know what you think. Does my natural hair look like this wig?

                The wig I ordered                                                                                   My natural hair

How do I wash a synthetic afro wig?

Firstly, add shampoo to cold water and pour a cup of warm water into the cold water. Shake the water with your hands to create foam. Place the wig inside and shake it. Submerge it in the water and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse and air dry.

Next, add water and a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the water. Spray this mixture all over the hair. Use your fingers to fluff it out, trim if needed, and you are ready to go.

Tuesday, December 26

Wishing you a happy Boxing Day

UK fashion blogger

Did you take a break from work to enjoy Boxing Day, or do you have a national holiday in your country? For me, I stayed home all day. Last night was a little difficult for me. I talked about having a cough, and it becomes even more persistent at night. I was talking to my niece and kept coughing for a long time, even after taking my drugs. My throat began to hurt a little, and when I woke up this morning, I was in so much pain, but I managed to stand up, prepare breakfast, and take my drugs, and now I feel much better. I drank lots of water, and I cannot overemphasize the importance of drinking water; it helps your overall health.

I needed some supplies and had to go outside, and all the stores were closed apart from one, which was partly cleared up. I walked back home, had a hot bath, had dinner, and was listening to Christian Christmas music and praying. So calming.

I believe that this Christmas season, which is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, comes with cheers, and God is blessing us all.

I wish you a happy Boxing Day. Tell me how you spent your day.


Monday, December 25

Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy new year

Today is Christmas Day, and I am particularly thankful. We always looked forward to Christmas as kids because my parents would buy new clothes and shoes for my siblings, and my mother's cooking was always excellent. Each time I talk about my mom's cooking, it's not just because she's my mom; she's a skilled cook. During family occasions, everyone wants her to lead or supervise the cooking. My mom is blessed with the gift of cooking.

She would prepare delicious meals, and we would enjoy them as a family. We'd walk around the neighborhood to showcase our Christmas clothes and sometimes receive money gifts. Just like people celebrate Halloween, that's how we celebrate Christmas—going around and collecting gifts. It's funny to think about it now, but I love those memories. People would visit each other's houses and eat together. My mom usually prepares takeaway packs for anyone who visits us. I loved Christmas back then, but as I grew up and moved abroad, it wasn't the same. There were days I would just sleep all day during Christmas, like today, when I was at home on the couch feeling weak from the flu and cough.


Sunday, December 24

My Christmas and New Year Wish List

Tomorrow is Christmas day. I don't always write a Christmas Wishlist because somehow I forget or just have it in my mind and never write it, so for this, I wrote both my Christmas and New Year wish lists, and hopefully I get a thing or two from this list. Let's get started.

1. Hair equipment set. 

I just learned how to style my hair, and I would love a full set of hair dryers, a hot comb, and that very little hair straightener for straightening the corners of your hair.

Revolution Haircare Mega Blow Out Hot Air Brush Set • Revolution Haircare Mega Blow Out Hot Air Brush Set • £49.99

I also like this Temu option Hair Straightener Comb, 2-in-1 Hair Straightening Brush Styler, Multi-functional Hair Styling Tool £9.83

Hair Straightener Comb, 2-in-1 Hair Straightening Brush Styler

2. A large-size tea jug. 

I started to love the art of drinking tea, especially when inside to leave Ukraine, and it grew, and I always wanted a large tea mug to make my tea time more memorable. 

1 Set Decorative Tea Pot Set, European Style Creative Handicrafts.
1pc Glass Teapot, Heat Resistant Glass Tea Kettle. £10.79
1pc, Stovetop Tea Kettles With Handle, Vintage Enamel Boiling Kettle. £10.84
1pc Stainless Steel Water Kettle Tea Pot £11.69
5pcs/set Porcelain Tea Set, Include 1pc Teapot And 4pcs Tea Cups. £12.95
1/5pcs Glass Teapot Set, High Temperature Resistant Tea Pot. £11.49


3. Set of pyjamas.

I love a pyjama set. It feels so cozy and makes sleeping feel even better. I would love to be gifted a set this festive period. I prefer a size medium for nightwear's. It is more comfortable.


4. Toaster.

I need a new toaster. I would love to make my breakfast time even more memorable. I love to just eat and enjoy my meal, and this will make it even better.


I want a new laptop. My laptop is slow, which sometimes makes me spend double the time I would doing a particular task.


Storytelling Cake Ideas to Elevate Your Christmas

Embark on a culinary adventure with me, where every cake is a chapter in a tale woven with creativity and nostalgia. Just as we hold onto the magic of Christmas, each confection I've crafted is a canvas for whimsical stories. Infused with love and a dash of playful spirit, these cakes are an ode to the joy and imagination of our youth. Join me in savoring these delectable creations, sharing a slice of childhood wonder. While AI lends a hand in envisioning these designs, it's essential to remember that not all ideas may be a piece of cake in reality. Some concepts might be too intricate, yet this fusion of AI and human ingenuity promises a realm of unique and personal cake marvels. Let's celebrate the blend of artificial intelligence and human creativity in baking, making each sugary masterpiece a testament to innovation and joy!


How Long Do Various Christmas Drinks Stay in Your System?

Understanding Alcohol Limits

During the festive season, the joyous atmosphere often involves raising a glass or two, but many might not be aware of the potential risks when it comes to alcohol and driving. A survey conducted by Vanarama revealed some concerning gaps in knowledge regarding alcohol limits, emphasizing the need for increased awareness during Christmas celebrations.

1. Lack of Awareness: The Survey Findings.

In the study, 28% of UK motorists were unaware that enjoying a glass of Champagne with their Christmas roast could exceed the alcohol limit in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Additionally, 22% were oblivious to the fact that consuming two small glasses of wine would put them over the limit. The survey also highlighted a misconception about the time required for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to stabilize after a night of drinking.

2. The Consequences of Drink-Driving

The penalties for drink-driving are severe, with even being intoxicated in a stationary vehicle carrying significant consequences. Punishments range from three months' imprisonment, fines up to £2,500, and a potential driving ban. Actively driving under the influence escalates the penalties to six months' imprisonment, unlimited fines, and a driving ban of at least one year. Causing death by careless driving while intoxicated could result in a 14-year prison sentence, unlimited fines, and a minimum two-year driving ban.

3. The Impact of Alcohol on Driving

Alcohol affects various aspects crucial for safe driving, including reaction times, co-ordination, vision, and judgement. Even a BAC of less than 0.05% increases the risk of a fatal vehicle crash threefold, according to independent charity Drinkaware.

Saturday, December 23

Frazil Ice What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Ever heard of frazil ice? If not, you're not alone! However, for those who love the great outdoors, especially avid hikers, understanding a bit about this peculiar form of ice and its potential dangers can be crucial.

Frazil ice often goes unnoticed despite its appearance – resembling a mix of snow and ice or slushy snow. On a closer look, it manifests as tiny particles, typically around 1mm or smaller, often taking the shape of thin disks or forming slushy circles known as pancake ice, particularly in windy and rough sea conditions.

The term "frazil" finds its roots in the French word fraisil, translating to cinder.

So, how does frazil ice come into existence? Turbulence in water plays a pivotal role, occurring when the water becomes "supercooled" as surface water loses heat to the cold air above, requiring the water temperature to be just below freezing.

According to the Yosemite National Park's Facebook page, frazil ice occurs when fast-moving, turbulent water gets so cold that it resembles a slushie but poses a more perilous threat than a delicious treat.

Scientifically, as explained by the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, frazil ice forms in flowing or turbulent water that becomes supercooled due to heat transfer to the overlying air. The intensity of turbulence and the rate of temperature drop in the water determine the amount and size of ice particles formed.

Frazil ice tends to grow rapidly once initiated. As reported by the Treatment Plant Operator magazine, it first forms, then multiplies, and eventually attaches to underwater structures like water system intakes.

Where might you come across frazil ice? This phenomenon is exclusive to cold weather and requires clear, cold nights with some wind to induce water turbulence. It can appear in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and oceans. Frazil ice is more likely to be observed in regions with extreme winters, such as Canada, the US, Antarctica, and the Baltic Sea.

They lied to you; these foods are not healthy

Hey everyone! I've got some eye-opening insights from Dr. Mijin Brown, also known as Dr. Midge on TikTok. Turns out, a couple of foods we thought were super healthy might not be as wholesome as we believed. Let's dive into the details.

1. Oat Milk: The Not-So-Healthy Coffee Companion

Oat Milk

Starting off with oat milk – the go-to for coffee enthusiasts. Dr. Midge is here to bust the myth that it's a health champion. A cup is packing 15g of carbs, and that's not even counting the sugary ones. To add to that, many store-bought brands throw in preservatives and thickeners that don't do our gut health any favors.

2. Porridge (Oatmeal): A Carb-Loaded Controversy

Next on the list is porridge, or as they call it in the US, oatmeal. Dr. Midge spills the beans – a hefty 62 grams of carbs in a single cup, even though it gives you a decent fiber boost with 8 grams. She's straightforward – "Not worth it, guys." But she throws in a shoutout for coarse oatmeal – keeping it real.

How to Recognize 9 Key Symptoms Indicating a Need for More Vitamin D in Your Diet

Importance of Vitamin D in Your Diet

Hey, folks! So, here's the deal – turns out a bunch of people in the UK are running low on Vitamin D. You know, that sunshine nutrient that does wonders for your heart and all that jazz.

Now, the signs that you might be a bit Vitamin D-deficient? Well, they're not exactly subtle. Feeling like a total zombie? Check. Losing more hair than you'd like? Yep, that's on the list too. The Mirror spilled the beans on these symptoms, but there's more to it.

Vitamin D isn't just about keeping you awake and your hair intact. It's pulling double duty with blood clotting, giving your immune system a pep talk, and even helping those muscles grow. Now, here's the kicker – experts are waving the flag, saying, take a daily 10 microgram vitamin D supplement!" Why? 'Cause apparently, your average diet isn't throwing enough of it your way, and the British weather isn't exactly the sunshine express.

So, what are these nine signs of a Vitamin D shortage? According to the smart minds at the University of Nebraska University Health Centre:

1. Fatigue
2. Not sleeping well
3. Bone pain or achiness
4. Depression or feeling blue
5. Hair loss
6. Muscle weakness
7. Loss of appetite
8. Catching every bug in town
9. Rocking a paler shade than usual


How to Diagnosis and Treat Stiff Person Syndrome

How to treat Stiff Person Syndrome

CĂ©line Dion's sister recently revealed uncertainties surrounding the singer's future music career due to her diagnosis with an autoimmune disease known as stiff person syndrome (SPS). This rare autoimmune neurological disorder induces progressive muscle stiffness and painful spasms in the lower back, legs, and torso, with symptoms fluctuating between worsening and temporary improvement. SPS can lead to chronic pain, falls, and diminished mobility over time.

Understanding Stiff Person Syndrome

Incidence and Demographics:
SPS is an exceedingly rare condition, affecting an estimated one to two individuals per million. It typically manifests in people aged 40–50, although cases involving children have been documented. Originally labeled stiff man syndrome, this autoimmune disorder predominantly affects women, following the common trend seen in many autoimmune conditions.

Causes and Autoimmune Connection:
Due to the disorder's rarity, research into the precise biological mechanisms behind SPS is still in its early stages. Current evidence suggests an autoimmune reaction where the body erroneously attacks healthy tissues. Around 80% of SPS patients have detectable autoantibodies in their blood, targeting nerve cells that produce the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. GABA plays a crucial role in dampening brain activity and regulating motor neurons. The theory posits that reduced GABA availability prompts overactive neurons to signal continuous muscle contractions or spasms.

Moreover, many SPS patients also contend with other autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, or pernicious anemia.

Diagnosis Challenges

Misdiagnosis and Overlapping Symptoms:
Due to its rarity, SPS is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson's disease, and its symptoms overlap with those of conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and phobias. Diagnosis involves blood tests to identify autoantibodies, although some patients may not test positive. Additionally, MRI and CT scans are employed to rule out conditions that might be confused with SPS.

These are the 4 popular products that harm bones

4 popular products that harm bones

Osteoporosis, a widespread disorder affecting millions globally, renders bones brittle and prone to fractures even from minor traumas. Various factors, including age and diet, play pivotal roles in the development of this condition.

1. Dietary Impact on Osteoporosis:

- Studies reveal that certain foods can leach calcium, a critical element for bone health.

- Age is a significant factor, with older individuals experiencing more bone mass loss.

2. Alcohol and Bone Health:

- Alcohol consumption negatively affects bone health.

- Increased intake can hinder the absorption of essential nutrients crucial for bone health.

- Orthopedist Liz Matskin recommends limiting daily alcohol intake to mitigate its impact.

3. Caffeine and Bone Health:

- Caffeine, present in coffee and other beverages, worsens bone health.

- It increases calcium loss and decreases absorption.

- Consider decaffeinated alternatives to protect bone density.

How to Not Fall A Victim Of Keyless Car Theft

How to Not Fall A Victim Of Keyless Car Theft

Automobile thieves are increasingly using technology that was once marketed as a convenience for drivers. Nowadays, since it's silent and quick, relay theft is the method of choice for auto theft. Theftsters now use a technique called "bounce and roll" to steal goods instead of "smash and grab," signaling from the house keys to the car and driving off.

Since the Range Rover achieved the dubious title of being the most stolen car in Britain, keyless car crime has been making headlines once more. In response, JLR has declared plans to invest £10 million in enhancing security and providing owners of both new and used Range Rovers with a special auto insurance program.

However, keyless car crime does not only affect luxury SUVs. After years of declining car thefts, the so-called "relay attack" has emerged as the most popular method of car theft.

What is keyless car theft, and how can you protect yourself from this advanced, 21st-century crime

What does "keyless car theft" mean?

  • Because a relay attack is so easy to execute, owners of cars equipped with keyless entry should be especially concerned. Once an automobile has been identified as a target, two thieves collaborate to steal it, frequently from outside the owner's house, using electronic signal relay devices.
  • While the other person stays close enough to the house for a device to detect a signal from the key fob, one person remains by the targeted car.
  • By transferring this signal to a second box and placing it next to the car or in the other person's hands, it is possible to trick the car into believing that the key is inside.
  • The thieves can simply press a button to start the car once the doors are unlocked, allowing them to take off. For less than £100, you can purchase the electronic hardware needed to steal an automobile online, which is a highly enticing offer for would-be burglars.

How to stop automobile theft involving keyless entry

  • Drivers are advised to exercise caution when at home because keyless car theft incidents usually happen in residential areas, particularly at night. Even though auto theft is increasing, there are precautions you can take to keep your car safe.
  • Relay device Signals can travel through walls, doors, and windows, but they cannot pass through metal. To protect your car from an attack, keep your keys in a metal container, a wallet that blocks signals, or even a microwave.
  • A Faraday bag, also called a signal blocker pouch, can be bought online for about £10. But do give it a try to make sure the signal is truly blocked. Although keeping your keys out of reach of the front door or window is a good idea, you should give it some thought before carrying the keys upstairs or concealing them in a bedroom. Allowing a thief to take the car is preferable to risking your safety or the safety of your family if they are determined to break into the house in order to obtain the keys.

30 Beautiful Viral Christmas Cake ideas You Will Love

When it comes to Christmas decorations, cake ideas, nail designs, hair, and makeup, just know that melodyjacob.com is the best blog that stays up to date with the latest styles. Its 3 days until Christmas, and if you have not made or bought your Christmas cake yet, I have beautiful photos of the best Christmas cakes ever. I love all the designs, and all the cake designers are super creative and talented. Trust me, if you are determined, you can make this cake at home. While some of these festive cakes are decorated by hand, some cake toppers were used.

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