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How to wash a synthetic afro wig

While responding to comments on my previous Christmas post, I thought, "Why not share photos of my afro wig?" Interestingly, my natural hair resembles this afro wig. I found the wig at an affordable price with positive reviews, so I decided to purchase it and try it out. Surprisingly, I'm impressed with its nice and natural appearance and might order the brown color. The fit is comfortable, and there's no unpleasant odor. The packaging is well done. It's important to note that proper care is essential for its longevity. Overall, I genuinely like this afro wig. It's soft and light, and the elastic isn't too tight, providing comfort. I dislike overly tight wigs that cause headaches. For this wig, it's full, fluffy, has good texture, and looks good on me, just like in the photos.

Make the comparison yourself; there might be a slight difference, but it's close. Let me know what you think. Does my natural hair look like this wig?

                The wig I ordered                                                                                   My natural hair

How do I wash a synthetic afro wig?

Firstly, add shampoo to cold water and pour a cup of warm water into the cold water. Shake the water with your hands to create foam. Place the wig inside and shake it. Submerge it in the water and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse and air dry.

Next, add water and a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the water. Spray this mixture all over the hair. Use your fingers to fluff it out, trim if needed, and you are ready to go.

Did you notice that afro wigs are making a comeback? I saw lots of people wearing them. They look really great on those ladies. I got this afro wig from Temu. When getting any product from Temu, I advise that you read reviews. I have been fortunate to work with them at some point and have also purchased items I wanted on my own. Their products arrived on time and were not bad. The first items I purchased were for a surprise birthday, and the balloons did not match the quantity stated. I was refunded and asked to keep the items without returning them. 

Have you gotten anything from Temu?

Top blogger in Scotland

Do you like this wig? Let me know if this wig looks good on me or if you would prefer me to wear my natural afro.

Glasgow fashion blogger wearing an afro wig

Don't worry; I am still in the festive spirit and don't want to distract you. I wish you a beautiful, blessed, and enjoyable holiday and a happy new year.

For this look, I used the following products. If you want to buy this 25.4 Cm Afro Kinky Curly Wig use this link:  https://temu.to/m/eno57ojusaz .

Lipstick: @pudaiercosmetics Lip gloss attractive lips
Powder foundation : @maccosmetics 
Cream Blush : @madebymitchell - Where's the spf.
Mascara: W7 Makeup Lashtastic False Lash Effect Mascara blackest black.

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  1. You look GORGEOUS, Melody!

  2. ¡¡Hola Melody!! Estás espectacular, tanto con tu pelo natural como con la peluca afro y sí, la peluca es muy parecida a tu pelo, bueno, personalmente creo que me gusta más tu pelo. Yo como vivo en España, no es muy común convivir con gente negra y no sabía que os gusta usar pelucas, para mí ha sido toda una novedad. Pero mi cuñado se acaba de casar con una chica negra, un auténtico bellezón, alta como tú y suele usar pelucas, todas lisas y más largas que su cabello, que lo tiene muy cortito. Ellos viven en una localidad cercana a Londres. A mí me fascinan sus pelucas, pues no conozco a nadie más que las lleve, por aquí no es nada común. Sin duda, tanto a ti como a ella os quedan geniales. Para mí indica personalidad y fuerza.
    Sigue disfrutando de las fiestas y espero que el 2024 traiga paz y amor para todos. Besitos.

  3. I would like to have a wig that would be curly, long and red :D

  4. It's a cute wig. Most important, are you enjoying it?

  5. Gracias por los consejos. Te mando un beso.

  6. Dear Melody, you're so pretty that you look beautiful in every hairstyle.

  7. passando para desjar um feliz 2024 com muita saude bjs

  8. nice wig....
    and useful tips...

    Happy holidays to you and yours

  9. I wonder what I would look like in such a wig!
    Important tips, thank you!

  10. Hello Melody!
    Beautiful photos and a beautiful model. Discreet beautifying accessories are always welcome and emphasize a woman's beauty, I admire it.
    All the best!

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