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 Heartbeat jewelry - a romantic gift for her

No matter the reason to present her a gift, whether it is Valentine's Day, the anniversary of a Wedding Day, her birthday or the day when you met each other, every girl will be pleased to receive some jewelry as a memorable gift. However, not every piece of jewelry will satisfy and impress her. The well-chosen jewelry should fit her style, be in her taste, well-designed and the main point - it has to reflect your feelings otherwise it would be a disappointment for both of you. 

How to choose a meaningful, romantic and sensual gift for a person you love? 
It is a pretty complicated task and everything depends on the personality of your woman. If she prefers romantic and playful accessories, she will be delighted  to have heartbeat necklace or ring. This kind of jewelry is rather chosen for young girlfriends than for status women. 

Promise rings- symbol of love : A romantic gift for her

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Different ways to dress up a hoodie. Hoodies are very comfy and cozy, perfect for winter/spring but we can do more than just the normal casual look. Here is a perfect way to dress up a hoodie and look chic. This supersoft naki african print blue hoodie is warm and super comfortable with top-quality. 
To view the hoodie and check the price click here.

Glasses: Giant Vintage.
Tweed Skirt: Amiclubwear.
Lipstick: Ewa by Araphat. (Hilda)
Wrist watch : Aibi.
Hair: Sammydress.

How to dress up a hoodie : Spring fashion 2019

Friday, March 29, 2019

Дезодорант-антиперспірант для тіла Garnier Mineral Ефект Чистоти

Garnier mineral deodorant-antiperspirant for body with antibacterial action is very good. I have used it and I like the product and how dry and natural it feels on my skin. It is enriched with minerals, perlite - a natural absorber of moisture. Protection 48 hours. Gives a pleasant aroma, a feeling of comfort and freshness. Active ingredients remove irritation, take care of the dryness of the skin, while allowing it to breathe and do not clog pores. This deodorant reliably controls the sweat glands, your skin remains smooth, healthy, velvety.

What I think about this product:
1.The aroma is very pleasant and lovely.
2. Keeps you dry and feeling fresh.
3 I danced and didn't sweat with the intense heat in the party.
4 Very affordable
5 Packaging is very cool but it looks more like a sports deodorant.
6 It has a lock on and off spray switch, which I think is very good.
7 Allows the skin to breath.

Will I buy this product again? yes I will, I like the feel and it works for me. 

 Shake the balloon before use. Dispense from a distance of 15 centimeters from the armpit. In the event of clogging, rinse the balloon and rinse the diffuser under hot water. 

Caution: attention! Extremely flammable aerosol! The cylinder is under pressure: it may explode when heated. Keep away from sources of heat, heated surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke when using. Do not spray on open flame or other sources of ignition. Do not smother or burn the balloon, even after use. Protect from direct sunlight. Do not heat above 50 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid spraying into eyes and / or irritated skin, do not intentionally inhale. Use only by appointment. Do not use in a poorly ventilated room.

Buy this product from Eva.

STOP SMELLING Use Garnier Mineral Deodorant-Antiperspirant for Purity

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Discover the latest Gucci sunglasses trend and all designer brand lovers who shop under a budget can get their hands on some gucci accessories for less. If you will like to get any sunglasses from this luxury brand, here are my top picks of the SS19 collection for spring/summer. Read related post on GUCCI WALLET UNDER 500$ : SPRING FASHION.

I was getting ready to go to church yesterday, when I saw the twitter handle of a famous Nigerian reality tv star Cynthia Nwadiora popularly known as Cee-c, the twitter handle is King Cee-C but something immediately got me thinking, why king instead of queen?.

Who is a king? 
A king is a male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

Feminism and it's twist : We are Queens not Kings

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Хайлайтер та контурінг для обличчя LCF тон 2

Nowadays, you don't need a large budget to get good makeup products and slay hot. I am not so into makeup, so each time a product works for me and blends well I super love it. This LCF contour powder and highlighter is very good for beginners like me and also for a natural look.

One secret of feminine charm depends on your ability to apply your makeup to look well and fit you perfectly, tho sometimes our makeup doesn't come out as expected. No matter what kind of product you are using it all depends on your ability to handle the product very well. This product can be worn by women of all age due to its neutral shades. This highlighting and face contouring  kit from LCF is created by an innovative formula.

The highlighter application
You can apply it on your skin using a brush, I use my hands sometimes to enable me control it. It instantly hides small wrinkles says the brand, I do not have wrinkles so I can't say if that's true or false. It hides extended pores, uneven skin and gives it a fresh, invisible glow. This product does not smudge and does not crumble and it last for a long time. Nothing attracts attention like light radiation. This Highlight has a unique ability to emphasize features.

The contour powder application
This is not going to create a well defined contour look. One smart trick is to apply more than the normal but at the end you still see the defined areas.

What I think
I am totally ok with this product because it really shines and suits my skin, for people who love to apply body glitter this looks good on the skin and shines well under light effect, so it can serve as a good body glitter. The price is super friendly and I recommend this product especially the highlighter.

Purchase here.
Buy this contour kit in EVA online store or store.

MAY hair Expert Control.
As a naturalista, I try to style my hair differently always, believe me keeping your natural hair is not boring if you have the right products and use them well. These are styling gels for natural hair that will not harm your hair or cause breakage. I have used them all and my best is the wella wet gel because of its natural and mild effect, the May hair gel, holds very well and keeps your hair in place for a long time. The Hegron gel gives very nice curls that last longs.

There are many ways to create a good hairstyle and save your hair health. But only the right choice and use can achieve impeccable results. MAY hair trademark offers expert hair styling. This is a new tool that will appeal to even the most demanding fashionistas. The gel is suitable for short and long hair styling. The composition of the product includes water, silicones and polymers, glycerol and vitamins. They nourish the hair, fixing it in the right position. The gel is suitable for thin hair. This gel gave me a little feel that I had gel on my head but it lasts long. 

Hegron styling gel
This is for women, who prefer complex hairdressing designs, an innovative gel for reliable fixation. Hegron styling  hair gel has been developed by the professional team of the Polish brand. Its fixative microparticles of synthetic origin provide the hairstyle with impeccable durability, so it retains its irresistibility even in conditions of high humidity. 
This  product forms an invisible protective barrier around the curls that neutralizes the harmful effects of styling devices and environmental factors. It does not create the effect of weighting and does not pollute the strands. The tool is great for modeling neat smooth hairstyles, for forming a wet effect or for performing extreme styling. 

Mode of application: Apply on wet or dry hair. Haircut the desired shape and, if necessary, dry the hair with a hair dryer or diffuser.

3 styling gel products for natural hair

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tweed is a boss trend and a great fabric to style and wear in spring 2019. Would you like to own a pair of tweed boots? here are different affordable trendy tweed boots styles you can wear in spring. Get my black pointy toe high heels booties tweed from Amiclubwear.

Spring 2018 tweed trend : 10 affordable tweed boots to buy from Amiclubwear

Monday, March 25, 2019

Victoria Beckham is so stylish and the streets are going crazy over her tailored masculine jackets with a boxy silhouette and a slightly nipped waist that balances the proportions. Cut from a dramatic shimmering gold floral lurex with an intricate floral pattern all over in multi colours, contrasting the minimal construction of the jacket which has a neat lapel, single back vent and inserted pockets taking inspiration from a men's jacket. These are my favorites from the new collection.

Late last year, google+ announced that they will be shutting down due to lack of funds and activeness. They sent emails to different users using the google plus comment platform. At first, it was a pretty active platform with lots of groups created connecting millions of people. Google plus wasn't so active anymore, and decided to shut down which I think will help google focus more on updating blogger to have a better optimization and updated usage. 

Why your comments are missing?
Google plus sent emails with download links giving everyone the opportunity to download your database from google plus and stating that If you've used Google+ for comments on your own or other sites, this feature will be removed from Blogger by February 4th and other sites by March 7th. All your Google+ comments on all sites will be deleted starting April 2, 2019. Learn more


PS: I changed my comment system from google plus to blogger last year when I saw the message and all google plus comments are no more visible on my blog. You can not get back your comments. All you need to do is continue from here using the blogger comment system or any other commenting system you choose to use. It's so sad and hard but within months your website will look interactive again.

What to do
Simply change back to blogger commenting system if you haven't.
Note:  that all your google plus comments will be lost and have already been deleted doesn't matter if you change or not, it doesn't exist anymore.

Step 1
How to change back to blogger comment system:
Currently the option to choose between blogger commenting system and google plus comment system is no longer available on your blog setting. Google has automatically updated every blogger user platform to blogger comment system. By April 2 2019, every detail about google+ will be removed. It is a process so if your comments are disappearing at the moment google plus is still clearing off the database and it will be completed on the 2nd of april and google plus will no more be in existence anymore.

Go to your blogger settings
You will notice that the options to choose between commenting the systems is no more available. So kindly change and remove all google plus widgets.

 Women fashion Mini bags are very useful mostly especially at night during those brief outings with the girls. They play a very important role. Spring/summer mini bags are available for cheap prices on dresslily. 
 Get the Top Handle Mini Chain Crossbody Bag 
20% OFF with coupon code: DLSPRING.

Cheap mini bags for Spring/Summer 2019

Gucci products are popular all over the world for their style and luxurious looks tho not everyone can afford them but the comfort and style is very outstanding along with comfort of using them. Being a luxury brand in the fashion industry Gucci products are available for both men and women. Gucci has introduced a wide variety of wallets but everyone cannot afford to buy them due to their higher price so just in case you have been wanting to own a Gucci product you can start from purchasing a wallet.

Would you purchase a Gucci wallet?
Photo belongs to Lyst

Gucci Wallet Under 500$ : Spring Fashion

Friday, March 22, 2019

Garnier Skin Naturals : Мицеллярная вода для всех типов кожи.

I am very late with this review but this is as a result of not really wanting to try the Garnier skin naturals Micellar water for all skin types. Just before last year ended I made a decision to put more efforts in caring for my skin and here is one product I purchased as a result of my decision. 

Large number of people have a lot to say about Garnier skin product which also depends on what works for your skin. I tried this product not knowing what to expect, since it is just a makeup remover. 

How it works?
It effectively removes makeup from the face, eyes and lips, and also cleanses and smoothes your skin without excessive friction. The composition includes micelles that have the ability to gently grab contamination and excess skin fat from the surface of the skin.  Garnier Micellar water  is designed for gentle cleansing of any type of skin, including sensitive and non sensitive skin. It consists of natural plant extracts. Hypoallergenic formula without fragrances and alcohol tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

According to the official Granier site, this product works Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up.

Does it work?
Well, I used it to clean off my makeup and it cleaned it so well, even better than washing my face because sometimes, I am in a rush to wash off my makeup and in the process I do not scrub some parts of my face very well, but with the Granair natural skin care it cleans up all the makeup living your skin fresh, natural and giving it space to breath.

In my opinion this is a good product and the best way to use it since it doesn't require rinsing is to first wash your face with a good facial soap then use the garnier Micellar water to clean off to allow the natural extracts moisturize and soothe your skin, giving it a feeling of lasting comfort. It also stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, it makes the skin soft and supple, giving it radiance.

Does it actually leave your skin moisturized?
I have a dry skin, minutes after cleaning my face with the micellar cleansing water, my face gets dry if I do not apply any moisturizer. This product is good and removes makeup completely which is the primary purpose. I will give this product 99.5% both for packaging and quality.

During the winter period I received a lot of hoodies and sweatshirts but honestly this supersoft red hoodie by Rufina designs is outstanding. It is so warm and is a perfect spring staple. This hoodie is also available in navy blue. It’s all in the name. This hoodie Represents the deluxe African map that is primed for the colder conditions ahead. Smooth on the outside, soft on the inside, enhanced by a deep pile Sherpa line body and hood is pure bliss on a chilly morning. Super comfortable with no itch.

Outfit details.
Hoodie : Deluxe African map.
Shoes : Star Trail ankle boots.
Bag : Dionysus Bloom Print Shoe.
Wig : Shaggi colormix wig.

Supersoft Unsiex Red Hoodie By Rufina Designs

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trainers are a staple in any shoe lover. They're a must-have, no matter what the season. With new faux-leather styles, studded detailing and the hot AF chunky trainers - there's a style for every vibe. For those days where you don't feel like wearing heels - trainers are there for you, girl.

Chunky trainers can add a bit of edge to just about any outfit - it's all about the stylin'. Style with raw hem denim and a comfy AF chunky knit for those days where comfort is key, or throw on with a chic t-shirt dress for a super edgy look. However you style 'em, we can guarantee you'll be comfy, cool and trendy AF.

Being comfy doesn’t mean you can’t look on point. Take Dallas, our knit trainer with a chunky sole. Team these up with some leggings and oversized sweatshirts or with some distressed denim for a blogger inspired look.

£34.99 Special Price £14.99

Featuring a super chunky sole and mesh detailing - these embellished chunky trainers are so on trend RN. Team with a plain t-shirt dress or chunky knits and skinnies to make sure you're slayin' the trend, girl.

More shoes here.

Top 5 spring trendy sneakers from Ego Shoes - Women's Boots & Footwear

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bellapierre cosmetics shimmer 9 stack Iris eye pigment is a mineral shimmer Powder with Nine Stacks of different multi-purpose color pigments. They come in an endless array of colors and can be used for many cosmetic applications. The Innovative stack design consists of nine fabulous shimmers "stacked" together. (Nine single square pots)
Love to experiment and create different images? Well, then this unique product from the famous Bellapierre brand is for you. The compact size of this set will allow you to have it always at hand, it will easily fit in any cosmetic bag.

This nice set can folds into a segmented cylinder and can be used as an eyeshadow, it can also be applied around the eyelids and what even makes it better is that it can be used as a bronzing highlighter. Another way to use this shimmer eye pigment is by  adding them to your colorless mascara brush to give your lash a pop glow with  the desired color. All colors can be mixed by experimenting with new shades. With the Bellapierre Shimmer 9 Stack  you can create your own unique product and experiment with images every day!

Swatches of the ‘Iris’ Shimmer 9 Stack by @aesthetic_goals92

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides
May contain: Carmine.

Review comments:
January 13, 2018
Super pigments !!! High quality, noble shades, fit very well (I use it as a base), they are well shaded, do not pour, you can mix shades including fantasy. I for example can use matte shadows and add these. I am not a professional makeup artist. But I love makeup and bought myself three towers. Well, I really liked.

MAY body Крем для депіляції бікіні 100 мл отзывы 
(Sensitive Skin Aloe Barbadensis And Allantione Pro Skin Line Bikini Hair Removal Cream)
Shaving creams are gradually multiplying in the beauty market and different brands are putting out all kinds of shaving creams but one concern is how good are these creams? how well do they work on our skin, how sensitive and what are the compositions?.

Generally, there are shaving creams for both men and women, but you will agree with me that most companies target the female market because women always strive for perfection such as a smooth skin free of hair. I have tried other products that weren't so bad but one product that didn't go so well with my skin is Veet. After Veet application, I start feeling a burning sensation on my skin after a very short time which leaves my skin darker and sore from the burn. I do not have sensitive skin, so I was surprised at the outcome. I started using another product called Caramel it was ok and good but recently, I decided to try out the May Body Sensitive Skin Aloe Barbadensis And Allantione Pro Skin Line Bikini Hair Removal Cream and here is what I have to say about this product.

Опис товару 
Жінки завжди та в усьому прагнуть до досконалості. Небажана рослинність на тілі змушує відчувати себе невпевнено. Крем для депіляції MAY body ефективно та швидко видаляє волосся, не пошкоджуючи шкірний покрив. Засіб розм'якшує волоски й дозволяє безболісно їх видалити за допомогою спеціального шпателя. Підходить для будь-якого типу жіночої шкіри.

Склад крему збагачений доглядальними компонентами, які інтенсивно зволожують епідерміс під час депіляції. Крім того, засіб містить суперефективну формулу проти вростання волосся. Після використання крем не викликає дискомфорту й подразнення. Шкіра стає гладенькою та приємною на дотик, виглядає доглянутою і здоровою.

May Body Depilation Bikini Cream Review.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hello, beautiful people, I am so sorry for not posting and the reason is that I have been so busy putting myself together. I hope everyone is having a great week?.
 Today's, post won't be about any inspiration or fashion tips, just a cool all black street style high fashion look. More styling wearing this skirt.

Fever Gem Embellished Trainers In Black Faux Leather purchase from Ego shoes.
Featuring a super chunky sole and mesh detailing - these embellished chunky trainers are so on trend RN. Team with a plain t-shirt dress or chunky knits and skinnies to make sure you're slayin' the trend, girl. Available in UK sizes 3-9.

Full hair details: Here
Belt: Zaful.
Bag: Ojeyleywear.
Grayish Green Mesh Overlay Pleated Midi Skirt: Metisu Boutique.
Bandana: Available in different colors.

All Black outfit : Spring Fashion

Monday, March 18, 2019

Body glitter is now a thing in the beauty market and Rihanna's body Lava is leading the market no doubt. Last year, my friend got me some items for my birthday and a body glitter was among. I use to apply eye shadow with glitters or highlighter on my skin when going out with friends at night. I kept speaking to her about how much I love my skin shining and glittering at night, then she decided to surprise me by getting me the Unicorn oil illuminating glow elixir.

Unicorn oil body Lava: Illuminating Glow Elixir Review

Saturday, March 16, 2019

День святого Патрика

St. Patrick’s Day observe the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This holiday includes the celebration of the Irish culture, with special music, dancing, drinking and even eating with green being the color of the day.

Spring is here and Men's fashion is taking over the streets. Still wondering what to wear on St. Patrick's day? here are some ideas of what to wear with green being the color of the day.

 Polo : Keep it simple and just participate.
Joggers: Going green and spoty (Comfortable look)

Caps: Sometimes we just want to show respect to the day, so add little accessories.  

Shoes: are never a Bad idea.

Suit: The Mr Dapper who always wants to look good and very extra for every occasion
Calvin klien  

What to Wear on St. Patrick's Day - Men Spring Fashion 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's not a new thing that women do better when it comes to taking care of children, but the question is why? it is simply because women are taught and tailored that way right from childhood. We have watched our mums do the same and this is not in any way bad but if we have to fight for equality then I think this has to be a part of a man's growing responsibility and parents need to start teaching male children that infant/childcare is not just for women. Men should be taught that taking care of children is normal and should be a shared responsibility between a man and a woman. Men are brought up feeling it's all about providing for their families. Well, what happens when you need to share duties especially take care of a child?.

This mentality needs to stop. It's our child and one person should not be obligated to take care of the child (only if agreed mutually). Some men go as far as telling their wives, partner or baby mama to take the child along even when she needs to go to work while he sits at home doing nothing and even if you are busy at home it is your child, take care of that child, create time because women always find a way around it. Men need to be brought up to understand that babysitting is a two-way duty and should not be done only by the woman, especially if both of you work.

Why Some Men Are Not Great At Parenting and Child Care

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I am not a fan of Travis Scott but his hairstyle I like, tho mine is different but more beautiful, neat and presentable. I was having a bad hair day and decided to play around with my hair and so this is what I came up with. I did simple braids, styling them to the front and packed my hair to the back.

Generally, I can wear any cool hairstyle but not everyone likes strong street styling so I will like to know what you think about this hairstyle. Have you noticed the resemblance between Travis Scott and Asap Rocky? well, I can hardly differentiate them. Do you think they look alike?  
The full outfit will be shared soon so subscribe to the newsletter above.  More articles about hair
Join the mental health series, share and read more about it here.

Travis Scott And Asap Rocky Inspired Braids Hair Style

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


My name is Melody. I am tall and, according to almost everyone I meet, beautiful. Little things make me happy. I like the simple things in life. I am currently exploring Scotland, and I must say it's beautiful. I used to live in Ukraine, but I now reside in Glasgow due to leaving because of the war. I am discovering myself in this new country, working, wearing beautiful dresses, and making the most of life. Did I mention that I speak English, Igbo, and Russian? How are you doing today?

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