Monday, October 28

10 inspirational Christmas photo gallery to prepare your heart for the holiday season

Christmas came too soon, well, for those celebrating Christmas in December its one month to Christmas already and if your heart isn't ready, here are some beautiful professional Christmas photos that can help you plug into the season. This Christmas photo collection consists of Christmas home decor, street decorations and snow photos.

Are you ready for Christmas?

All photos are from Pexels and Unsplash.

Saturday, October 26

7 ways to strengthen or rebuild a broken relationship with your parents

Due to circumstances that life throws at us, and like we always say, "Life happens". Some people grow apart from their parents due to family issues, busy work lifestyle and bad behaviours from a bad child to good parents. Whatever brought about the gap, here are different ways to bridge the gap, rebuild and strengthen the relationship you had/have with your parents.

1. Arriving home early: Arriving home early if you still stay with your parents is a great way to start rebuilding a lost relationship with your parents. At least before they go to bed they see you. You get to see them and one way or the other you cross paths with them at home and start-up mini conservations that grow with time.

2. Visiting home more often: If you live away from your parents visiting home more often will help strengthen or the relationship you have with them. You get to see your parents more often, talk to them and ran some errands for them.

3. Apologise if you have done anything wrong that brought about the breakage and shift in communication. Let your actions are very practical and apology genuine.  

4. Create rooms for discussions: Ask them questions that make them feel wiser, tho they are but let them feel you are sorting to get information from them. They feel good impacting knowledge into their child and this can bring about a long conversation that can build back a lost relationship with time.

5. Lunch dates bring about a fresh feel between you and your family. It gives room to sit down together and talk. This a family in practical form.


Friday, October 25

12 unique free Christmas Hd wallpapers to download

Do you still change your wallpaper and screensaver to suit the holiday season or are you one of those people only use their personal photos as wallpaper and screensaver only?. Let's do something different this season. There are lots of talented photographers on different platforms such as Pixels, Pixabay, Pexels, bahance, unsplash free photo websites, who have taken time to create magical photos and have uploaded them on different platforms for the mass to access for creative purposes.

Below is a combination of wallpapers and screensavers that I will be using this holiday season to plug into the festive season.


Thursday, October 24

30 Christmas Decorations Under $10

Do you want to save money and purchase Christmas decorations for very cheap prices?. Most times it is advisable to purchase Christmas items during summer and at the end of the holiday season, it is much cheaper due to less demand.

Here is a list of cheap Christmas decorations you can buy for less than $10. All items such as Snowman, Harrods glitter, mini Christmas trees, hanging ornaments, traditional Santa shoes, Christmas throw pillow cover, bulbs, artificial pine garlands, bubble hearts, and lots more are available at affordable prices.


Wednesday, October 23

How to save money during the Christmas season.

The festive season is full of life. We want to party, travel, meet up with friends, family members, and gift one another. While doing this we must be sure to keep in mind that this holiday season comes with so much excitement which can lead to poor spending and buying decisions. In other to spend wisely here are some tips on how to save money during the festive period.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

1. Don't get too excited. The festive season comes with a rush, it has a feeling of love and joy flowing everywhere. After decorating and lighting the Christmas tree the seasons rush gets even more. You need to watch out for this feeling because it leads to careless spending sometimes.

2. Create a budget plan. Follow this plan, write out the list of what you need during the festive period. To be more practical we are not supposed to spend much but most people always tend to go for Christmas items with a high cost which sometimes doesn't even make much difference from the low-cost decors.

3. Budget-friendly purchase: Don't buy items for Christmas by taking a loan. This is a very stupid decision and also a foolish one at that. There are very cheap Christmas decorative items for less than $5 and if you don't have cash for that be creative let your DIY spirit come into play.


Monday, October 21

2020 Biggest Prom Dress Trends

Prom season brings about more excitement. Everyone gets to showcase his or her style. There are different dress trends that are available for all the ladies to pick from. Prom dress designs keep getting better because designers are becoming more creative in a competitive way. Every girl has a dress that suits her body style and personality. When picking a prom dress what do you consider?. 

Prom is a big event with an open invitation ladies to showcase how beautiful they look when wearing a dress. Most ladies target being the best dressed and to get that position there are unique dress styles and designs that have stood out in 2019 as the biggest prom dress trend and are also going to stand out in 2020. These are dresses that will still be top of its game in 2020 and you can wear them to different occasions. Find the latest prom dresses on Sevenprom.com.

To stay in style while preparing for prom here are the biggest prom trends that will also be
in style in 2020.

Slit dresses for prom: Would you like to show a little leg?. not everyone wants to look like a princess and so wearing a slit dress will give you an entirely different look. Dresses with a slit are very flirty and sassy. A slits dress is one of the hottest looks to wear for prom. Slit dresses are elegant, they are an all-time trend that never goes out of style. You can go for side slits, front slits, high or low back slits and double slits. Slit dresses are available in a wide range of style to pick from. Show off your legs but don't forget to apply the Fenty body lava for some extra shine.

Fringe prom dresses: This was one of the soul trends of 2019 that is a must-have in 2020. If you haven't tried wearing a fringe dress you should try it. It is so much fun to watch when you walk as the fringe details weave and move alongside. It also made it to several runways and it is perfect for different occasions. If you can’t dance just shake your body and your dress will do the dancing by moving the shredded hemlines dripping from your dress. The detailing is very noisy but also stands out.

Animal print prom dresses: 2019 was all about the jungle print and 2020 is definitely saying a big welcome to the jungle. Everyone, both celebrities and street style fashionistas couldn't help but showcase different ways to wear animal prints. Rihanna wore head to toe animal prints and other celebrities also showcased their style while attending different events. Animal prints started as a rising trend for prom in 2019 and in 2020 it is gonna take over prom because of its daring and roaring print.

2019/2020 Ombre Sequin Prom Dresses: If you want to turn heads then go for a sequin dress, the sparkle and shimmer will make a loud statement. An ombre sequin dress is classy, it is a perfect choice for prom. When the light hits the sequin in the dark it creates a perfect disco queen effect. Everyone will focus on you as the rock diva that you are. 

Glitter dress: Glitterball dresses make you shine bright like a diamond. A shining sparkling dress is perfect for any girl who wants to add glamour and high taste of class to her look. Be the queen of the night shine bright when you step into the party. Enjoy your place as the shining amour of prom.

Sunday, October 20

6 Christmas Gift ideas to buy for a Nigerian mum

Christmas is fast approaching, the bell will soon start ringing, festive feelings are setting in and shops are beginning to advertise Christmas lights, trees, and candles for affordable prices.  While we wait to celebrate Christmas in 2019, have you started thinking of which gift to present to your mother? She deserves it, doesn't she?

Special gifts to give to a Nigerian mum this Christmas. They don't cost a human head, you have nothing to worry about.

1. Skincare products: Most people tend to give food items and cash as gifts in Nigeria but there is more you can do for your mum. Getting her beauty products that can help enhance her skin is totally a good win for you and her. There are lots of good brands made with natural substances that can help moisturize her skin to look healthier and younger.

2. Vacation: This might sound a bit weird but some African mothers need a really good push and a reminder before they (Accept) to take a vacation. Mothers are more focused on us and most times they forget to explore more than their environment or where they grew up from. Buying and surprising them with a trip to take time out from motherly duties (tho, in reality, there is never a day off for mothers) to enjoy the beauty of other countries, states and towns is a very good idea. 

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels


Thursday, October 17

How to style the Makeda African Ankara Print Jumpsuit from heritageclothings.com

Yellow Ankara Print Jumpsuit
I grew up wearing African prints to church. It was a Sunday special clothing but now it has been put into different uses. Printed Ankara fabrics are mostly used for making bags, shoes, book covers and lots more. I like wearing Ankara prints because of its beautiful printed design. Jumpsuits look pretty amazing on most people and the styling all depends on the shoes and bag you decide to go for. 

 Ankara Jumpsuit
 Ankara Prints
The Makeda Ankara Jumpsuit is an off-shoulder mustard-coloured jumpsuit ideal for every occasion. The style is unique, it is a little free but notwithstanding it looks good. I had an issue with the rubber sewn to the off-shoulder part. After long wear, I felt unease but every other thing about this ready to wear Ankara jumpsuit is beautiful, classy and chic. This cape style jumpsuit is pretty popular and has been worn by different people. This jumpsuit features two-sided pocket, backside closure. It is %100 cotton and proudly made in Africa.

Wednesday, October 16

How to use the 9 types of hair extension

Hair extensions are hair volume enhancers that add texture and volume to natural hair. When purchasing hair extension it is advisable to buy from a trusted manufacturer or retailer to avoid hair damage or poor result. There are lots of reasons why people use wigs and hair extensions and one reason is to help their hair relax and grow even better. Hair extensions are available in different hair types depending on what you want. Bonding, clipping and flip in extensions. They are also made with the finest %100 human hair so you can use tongs, irons, hairdryers, and brush them to style without damaging the hair extension.
Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels
1. Clip-in hair extension: Clips hair extension is basically very easy to use. The extensions are made with clips which are attached to the edges of the extensions. These clips have an open and close style system that enables you to clip it directly into your hair. It stays fix without pulling out.
 Clip-in hair extensions

2. Flip-in hair extension: 2. Flip in hair extension: The flip in hair extension gets in your hair in less than 1 minute. They add length for those who want longer hair and volume to thin hair. No glueing and very safe to use. It has an undetachable transparent wire. To wear the Flip in hair extension simply place the wire over your hair and flip your hair to stay in place. Flip in the hair are made with %100 human hair and blends well with your hair. Get your hair from Lilyhair.
 Flip-in hair extension

3. Tape-in Hair Extension: These hair extensions are made with special tape adhesive that holds the extension in place with no damages. The tapes are transparent and invisible. They are one of the most requested hair extensions in the salon and women beauty world. The tapes ins take a short time to apply. 40mins is enough time to apply the tape-ins. Depending on the brand they remove without damaging the hair. They are lightweight. They work on different types of hair. When getting tape ins extensions it is very important that you buy for a quality brand to avoid it getting stuck in your hair causing hair damage. There are tape-ins easy removal sprays.
 Affordable Tape-in hair extensions

4. Pre-Bonded hair extension: This type of hair extension is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tips that are at the tips of the hair extension. You heat it to bond with your natural hair. For a full head, you might be needing up to 120-150 strands. It looks pretty natural. 
 Pre-bonded hair extensions

5. Micro ring hair extension: This is one of the long-lasting types of hair extension which lasts for up to 3-4 months before you will be needing to re-fit it in. To apply this wash your hair without any conditioner, use a normal shampoo and if you need to apply hair conditioner apply it on the ends. The hair has to be dry and the roots oil-free. Use micro rings that are similar in colour to the roots for your hair. Simply pull the natural hair through the rings, then after which you add the pre-bonded strands to the rings and clamp the ring using a plier. 
 Micro RIng hair extensions

6 Nano ring hair extension: This type of hair extension is similar to the Micro ring hair extension but the ring is much smaller and more undetachable. The bonds are tiny and completely re-useable.

 Nano ring hair extensions

Tuesday, October 15

Why are women wearing shapewear?

Why Wear Shapewear?
Feeling good about ourselves as ladies is very important, whether you are in the process of getting the perfect body or you already have the perfect body. There are different reasons why people wear shapewear, these intimate apparel that is designed to alter your body shape temporarily. They are available in panties, bras, lingerie and all types of body shaper. Most shapewear is made of Latex and Spanx which helps shapes and slims down your figure. These compression garments are available in plus size clothing.

1. To look slimmer: Having a slimmer appearance is one of the most popular reasons why people wear shapewear. If you feel more comfortable looking slimmer shapewear will help you in the reduction process of your body with good exercise and proper usage. High waisted shaper panty fits with tight dresses and is perfect for everyday use. It instantly slims down your waist area, stomach fat with a smooth effect. It is a perfect tummy tucking method to replace surgical procedures.

2.For extreme or mild curve creation: You want to look curvy? then get shapewear. Shapewear can help to maximize your curvy body figure. When you wear shapewear it compresses your midsection making you appear thinner in that session and giving you a curvier look. The best waist trainers are shapewear designed for everyday use. They are pretty comfortable, provide better results for waist reduction.
Cheap waist trainer

3. To reduce skin folds: Skinfold is very annoying especially when you are wearing a nice dress that is supposed to look really nice and smooth and then here comes body folds which sometimes you can not be overlooked because it is bulging out of your clothes. Shapewear can help to compress and also get rid of folds in the body. Specific types of shapewear have been designed for this purpose and the best pick is the Shapellx.

4. Anti-cellulite shapers: Reduction of CelluliteWe are all made to appear in different unique ways and so handling cellulite is about you and how you feel about your body. If you would like to get rid of cellulite, shapewear can help in the process of reduction without any invasive procedure via a surgical method. Anit-cellulite shapers have been provided to micro-massage, make your skin smooth and tone your skin.

Monday, October 14

How to Wear Statement Earrings

A statement pair of bold and unique earrings can totally transform your look. No matter the style you choose to go for, statement stud, hoop, dangle, drop earrings and more it will surely transform your look. You can wear them on different occasions,  everyday look and for special occasions. 
1. Pattern and colour selection: Pick a colour from your outfit that matches with a colour in your statement earrings. Eg, if the dress you are wearing has a green pattern or print let that colour also be in your earrings.

2. Match the look: It's fun and totally makes your outfit more enhanced. 
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