7 ways to strengthen or rebuild a broken relationship with your parents

Due to circumstances that life throws at us, and like we always say, "Life happens". Some people grow apart from their parents due to family issues, busy work lifestyle and bad behaviours from a bad child to good parents. Whatever brought about the gap, here are different ways to bridge the gap, rebuild and strengthen the relationship you had/have with your parents.

1. Arriving home early: Arriving home early if you still stay with your parents is a great way to start rebuilding a lost relationship with your parents. At least before they go to bed they see you. You get to see them and one way or the other you cross paths with them at home and start-up mini conservations that grow with time.

2. Visiting home more often: If you live away from your parents visiting home more often will help strengthen or the relationship you have with them. You get to see your parents more often, talk to them and ran some errands for them.

3. Apologise if you have done anything wrong that brought about the breakage and shift in communication. Let your actions are very practical and apology genuine.  

4. Create rooms for discussions: Ask them questions that make them feel wiser, tho they are but let them feel you are sorting to get information from them. They feel good impacting knowledge into their child and this can bring about a long conversation that can build back a lost relationship with time.

5. Lunch dates bring about a fresh feel between you and your family. It gives room to sit down together and talk. This a family in practical form.

6. Gift wins the heart. Present gifts that are very practical. Practical in the sense of cute mugs, paying bills etc. Do not abuse gifting by committing the same offence over and over again thinking it will always work.

7. Watching movies and cooking together. If you love cooking you can always help out in the kitchen, start a conversation in the process.

This might not be very easy as it sounds because it all depends on the gravity of what you did and how the relationship broke off but with time the results will be very evident.



  1. Great tips for strengthening or rebuilding our relationships. I think good communication is key. It is important to take the time to truly listen to our parents and his needs.

  2. These are wise tips. Asking them questions that makes them feel wiser is very effective and can soften hardened hearts.
    Thanks for sharing


    Ngumabi's Glam Blog

  3. Visiting home more often and generally seeing more of the people we love and care about is always a great idea - agreed! :) Have a great weekend!

    aglassofice.com x

  4. fantastic tips!

  5. Great tips especially creating rooms for discussions and doing everyday things together xx

    Love xx
    Elegant Duchess

  6. Great tips but I don't want to fix my relationship with my parents. They both did something to me that I will never forgive them for.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Oh that's so sad. I hope you get to think it over and let peace reign.

  7. These are good tips! I think it's important to have a good relationship with your parents - i love mine so much, they have helped me out a ton!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Mine too helped me a lot I cant even thank them enough.

  8. Ah, Melody, these are wonderful tips to enhance one’s relationship with their parents. Family relationships can be so difficult sometimes. As we grow and mature, we start to differ in opinions. It is important to respect those differences and love each other anyway. Both of my parents passed away many many years ago, so I am a huge advocate for maintaining healthy relationships with your parents because you will not always have them around. Thanks for linking up.


    1. You are so right Shelbee. As we grow our ideas and thought might not match. It is good that we respect everyone valued opinion.


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