Yellow Ankara Print Jumpsuit
I grew up wearing African prints to church. It was a Sunday special clothing but now it has been put into different uses. Printed Ankara fabrics are mostly used for making bags, shoes, book covers and lots more. I like wearing Ankara prints because of its beautiful printed design. Jumpsuits look pretty amazing on most people and the styling all depends on the shoes and bag you decide to go for. 

 Ankara Jumpsuit
 Ankara Prints
The Makeda Ankara Jumpsuit is an off-shoulder mustard-coloured jumpsuit ideal for every occasion. The style is unique, it is a little free but notwithstanding it looks good. I had an issue with the rubber sewn to the off-shoulder part. After long wear, I felt unease but every other thing about this ready to wear Ankara jumpsuit is beautiful, classy and chic. This cape style jumpsuit is pretty popular and has been worn by different people. This jumpsuit features two-sided pocket, backside closure. It is %100 cotton and proudly made in Africa.
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