There are some photographs that you take and fall in love with because they are so pure and expressive. I like how it captures the color of my skin in natural light. When I take photos, I usually look lighter, but these photos made my skin appear as it is.

So, I bought these earrings from Skinny Dip London because I wanted them to match the strap of my dress. I had a design in mind, and this was close to what I had in mind. These crystal stone drop earrings were purchased at TK Maxx, but they are from Skinny Dip London. The earrings aren't very durable and can break if not handled properly. I only needed earrings to match my outfit, so I didn't mind paying for them. It was inexpensive, and this is how I wore it.

Do you like drop earrings? Here are beautiful drop earrings you can buy

Picture dress

Mercy Eke wrote on her Instagram: To those who fought and those still fighting, to those who won and those still winning, to those who struggled and those still struggling, to those who helped and those still helping…

Mercy Eke paid tribute to great Nigerian leaders by wearing a picture dress with their faces.

Happy Independence Day NIGERIA 🇳🇬 ❤️🙏🏻

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Most people are preparing for Halloween but are unsure of what decorations or costumes to wear. These are Easy costumes and decorations for Halloween 2022.

There are amazing and good photographers with great insight, and DiParshina is one of those photographers we admire a lot. She is focused on taking female portraits and capturing the sunrise and sunset. She makes and brings incredible ideas to life. No wonder she is followed by lots of people on Instagram. Her images speak to the soul, and you can get connected and inspired by just taking the time to look at them. Diparshina can be found in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow. View the 22 Beautiful Female Sunrise and Sunset Portraits by DiParshina that we all love.

A camera can express a woman's attractiveness in a variety of ways. However, what if we revert to the methods of great artists? This is how Estonian photographer Dmitry Lutsevich approached his work and succeeded - each of his images captures the genuine beauty and expressiveness of the feminine image.

Dmitri Lucewicz is an Estonia-based photographer. Dmitry's passion for painting and photography is inextricably linked to his profession as a make-up artist and colourist.

The creative environment in which Lutsevich grew up had a profound impact on the photographer's future. His mother worked in the beauty sector and was involved in a variety of artistic endeavours; she once sought assistance from her son, which resulted in, as Lutsevich puts it, "a productive tandem." The desire to document your results has become the primary motivation for purchasing a camera and studying photography.

Happy Birthday, Beverly Osu.

Stylist: @medlinboss
Outfit: @emaginebybukola
Makeup: @tolufelix_mua
Hair: @dv_hairsalon
Decor: @ivie_crafts
Photography: @officialphotofreak
Are you looking for wedding photography ideas? We've compiled 477 of the most unique bridal makeup ideas, wedding ball dresses, and couple wedding poses to help you stand out on your special day. Couples Photography Pose and Inspiration.

Purchase these dresses visit the Instagram page of the popular photographer saidmhamadofficial for tagged wedding dress brands.

Positive quotes are words that uplift us and gives us a fresh idea or push on how to stay strong and be a better version of ourselves.

sometimes you don't even have the strength to carry on but that picture quote on the wall can just speak to you and give you a new insight.

Quotes can be much more helpful than we think, tho there are lots of positive sayings that people hardly put into practice, but nevertheless, positive quotes are good for the soul.

Here are positive picture quotes that can help kick start your Monday perfectly.
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Hi Godisable, From lush landscapes to moody portraits, find your creative spark in these beautiful shots. These are just some of the most popular photos on Pexels this week. Explore more popular photos here.

Christmas came too soon, well, for those celebrating Christmas in December its one month to Christmas already and if your heart isn't ready, here are some beautiful professional Christmas photos that can help you plug into the season. This Christmas photo collection consists of Christmas home decor, street decorations and snow photos.

Are you ready for Christmas?

All photos are from Pexels and Unsplash.
Do you still change your wallpaper and screensaver to suit the holiday season or are you one of those people only use their personal photos as wallpaper and screensaver only?. Let's do something different this season. There are lots of talented photographers on different platforms such as Pixels, Pixabay, Pexels, bahance, unsplash free photo websites, who have taken time to create magical photos and have uploaded them on different platforms for the mass to access for creative purposes.

Below is a combination of wallpapers and screensavers that I will be using this holiday season to plug into the festive season.

Pregnancy photoshoots have taken different levels.  Let me just drop this here, you don't have to be naked during your pregnancy photoshoot to obtain amazing photos.
 Secondly, pls if you want to open your body feel free don't use pregnancy as a back up saying you are being proud of your pregnancy, you are not the 1st woman to conceive and you will not be the last. As I write and you read a new life is being made and born.

Just in case you are looking for decent, hot, fun, romantic and classy photoshoot inspiration to replicate for your pregnancy photo memory. Here some beautiful amazing pregnancy photo inspirations.

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