How to use the 9 types of hair extension

Hair extensions are hair volume enhancers that add texture and volume to natural hair. When purchasing hair extension it is advisable to buy from a trusted manufacturer or retailer to avoid hair damage or poor result. There are lots of reasons why people use wigs and hair extensions and one reason is to help their hair relax and grow even better. Hair extensions are available in different hair types depending on what you want. Bonding, clipping and flip in extensions. They are also made with the finest %100 human hair so you can use tongs, irons, hairdryers, and brush them to style without damaging the hair extension.
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1. Clip-in hair extension: Clips hair extension is basically very easy to use. The extensions are made with clips which are attached to the edges of the extensions. These clips have an open and close style system that enables you to clip it directly into your hair. It stays fix without pulling out.
 Clip-in hair extensions

2. Flip-in hair extension: 2. Flip in hair extension: The flip in hair extension gets in your hair in less than 1 minute. They add length for those who want longer hair and volume to thin hair. No glueing and very safe to use. It has an undetachable transparent wire. To wear the Flip in hair extension simply place the wire over your hair and flip your hair to stay in place. Flip in the hair are made with %100 human hair and blends well with your hair. Get your hair from Lilyhair.
 Flip-in hair extension

3. Tape-in Hair Extension: These hair extensions are made with special tape adhesive that holds the extension in place with no damages. The tapes are transparent and invisible. They are one of the most requested hair extensions in the salon and women beauty world. The tapes ins take a short time to apply. 40mins is enough time to apply the tape-ins. Depending on the brand they remove without damaging the hair. They are lightweight. They work on different types of hair. When getting tape ins extensions it is very important that you buy for a quality brand to avoid it getting stuck in your hair causing hair damage. There are tape-ins easy removal sprays.
 Affordable Tape-in hair extensions

4. Pre-Bonded hair extension: This type of hair extension is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tips that are at the tips of the hair extension. You heat it to bond with your natural hair. For a full head, you might be needing up to 120-150 strands. It looks pretty natural. 
 Pre-bonded hair extensions

5. Micro ring hair extension: This is one of the long-lasting types of hair extension which lasts for up to 3-4 months before you will be needing to re-fit it in. To apply this wash your hair without any conditioner, use a normal shampoo and if you need to apply hair conditioner apply it on the ends. The hair has to be dry and the roots oil-free. Use micro rings that are similar in colour to the roots for your hair. Simply pull the natural hair through the rings, then after which you add the pre-bonded strands to the rings and clamp the ring using a plier. 
 Micro RIng hair extensions

6 Nano ring hair extension: This type of hair extension is similar to the Micro ring hair extension but the ring is much smaller and more undetachable. The bonds are tiny and completely re-useable.

 Nano ring hair extensions

7. Microchet hair extensions: This doesn't require heat or chemicals for attachment. This is done using the rings to attach the hair extension to your hair.
 Microchet hair extension
8. The magic Ponytail hair extension: Ponytail made easy with more volume and length. Properly brush up your hair to slip down and tie up your hair really high. Clip the hair extension into your hair bond and wrap it around to blend with your natural hair. 
 Ponytail hair extension
9. Sew-in hair extensions: These are hair extensions that require sewing process. They are sewn into your hair.
 Sew-in hair extension

To grow your hair you can also use hair toppers, they can be pretty much attached to any area of your hair. They cover the areas of hair loss adding a fuller and thicker volume to the hair. Hair toppers are very good for thinning hair and come in %100 human hair. Another alternative to help your hair grow is by wearing wigs, there are affordable human wigs that come in different hair types such as the Remy hair, Indian hair, Brazillian hair and lots more. 

To avoid hair damage go to a professional salon near you for aid on how to use yout thair toppers, human hair wigs and hair extensions. 


  1. I had no idea there were so many types of hair extensions! thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow, I didn't even know that there were so many choices for hair extensions! It would be interesting to try the tape hair extension and the micro ring hair extension.

    Maureen |

    1. Glad you found this informative. The tape-ins are easy to use but it is best you get it from a trusted hair extension dealer to avoid hair damage by bad tapes. Lily is a good choice.

  3. What an informative post! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    1. You are welcome, dear. Thanks for reading.

  4. You know I have never tried extensions but I have wanted to do so. I also thought about wigs too as they are so much better made today and try like a blue bob or something.

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    1. Oh a blue bob wig isn't a bad idea at all.

  5. Cool! I've honestly never tried hair extensions before!

  6. just knew that hair extensions got many types, I only ever tried the 'clipped' type of hair extensions :D


  7. Wow, I had no idea there were so many options in hair extensions! Thanks for sharing and explaining the differences. Also, thanks for joining my link party.


  8. So many great options out there indeed. Thanks for sharing this dear, super informative.
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