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6 Christmas Gift ideas to buy for a Nigerian mum

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Christmas is fast approaching, the bell will soon start ringing, festive feelings are setting in and shops are beginning to advertise Christmas lights, trees, and candles for affordable prices.  While we wait to celebrate Christmas in 2019, have you started thinking of which gift to present to your mother? She deserves it, doesn't she?

Special gifts to give to a Nigerian mum this Christmas. They don't cost a human head, you have nothing to worry about.

1. Skincare products: Most people tend to give food items and cash as gifts in Nigeria but there is more you can do for your mum. Getting her beauty products that can help enhance her skin is totally a good win for you and her. There are lots of good brands made with natural substances that can help moisturize her skin to look healthier and younger.

2. Vacation: This might sound a bit weird but some African mothers need a really good push and a reminder before they (Accept) to take a vacation. Mothers are more focused on us and most times they forget to explore more than their environment or where they grew up from. Buying and surprising them with a trip to take time out from motherly duties (tho, in reality, there is never a day off for mothers) to enjoy the beauty of other countries, states and towns is a very good idea. 

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

3. Books and movies: Reading isn't such an easy habit to cultivate for everyone, and as we get busy with our lives we tend not to have as much time as we use to have to talk and interact with our mothers. Purchasing good books with interesting storylines will not only keep them busy but also keep them updated and focused. No one is asking you to buy books and forget about them,  this can only serve as a mini way to keep them busy. Movies also come in handy for does who are not educated enough to read but can understand spoken words. Never get too busy to check on your parents.

4. Fitness Routine instructor: At first they might not fully accept this but if you keep presenting it to them in the right manner they will try it out and get to love it. Let it be an all-around fitness guide that includes body training and a proper diet plan. This can improve their health and prevent lots of illnesses. It can also help them opt out of a sedentary lifestyle and build a new level of confidence. 

5. Wardrobe change: It is normal and very traditional for a Nigerian child to purchase (Wrapper) Ankara of any type for his/her mum. This is highly appreciated as this is what some mums love to wear. Introducing them to fashion styles that suit their body will improve their mood, looks, and personality. They will feel brand new especially when the compliments start coming in. They won't want to look less after this and it will push them to try and explore more.

6. Properties: For those that can afford it, buying the properties that have value will give them a new insight about living and kind of fulfillment. This can improve their way of life and make them more active.

What are your plans for this Christmas? Are you purchasing any item for your mum, if yes what are you purchasing?


  1. Wow, can't believe we have to start thinking about Christmas gifts already. Never too early to start I say :) My mom would be happy with anyone of these gifts. Not sure about my holiday plans yet. But I need to start working on that. Thank you for sharing. Have an amazing day.


    1. Oh it wasnt so long we celebrated a new year. Now Christmas is almost here. Feels good.

  2. cute ideas..

  3. fantastic ideas!

  4. A vacation is such a wonderful suggestion! What a great post.

  5. It was really interesting! Thank you for writing such wonderful posts!

  6. They won’t cost a human head! I am laughing out loud! These are all great gift ideas. I always love a good book or a pretty accessory. They are inexpensive and I cherish them. Thanks for sharing and linking up.



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