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Happy New Year and welcome to 2023!

On behalf of Melody Jacob Brand, I would like to express our gratitude to you for your support throughout the course of this year. Because of you, we are able to write, review, and publish content; without you, none of this would be possible.

I give thanks to God for the wonderful year that has just passed and I look forward to 2023. I want to guarantee you that I will provide the finest service and response possible. I'm looking forward to building a long-term relationships with bloggers, readers, publishers, and brands that will benefit us all.

Please accept my best wishes for a prosperous and successful new year.

Yours faithfully
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Elegant Rhythm Brown Straight Bob Human Hair Wig With Bangs

Do you think this hair suits me?

I am not used to buying wigs, but when I do, I rely on reviews to purchase any product on AliExpress. Let’s talk about this wig.

I wanted a wig out of my comfort zone, and even though I didn’t really know that the brown colour of this wig would be even brighter than this, I still didn’t mind when I saw the wig.

This is my first time wearing this wig and my second time purchasing a wig from AliExpress. I wore the wig straight out of the bag, and here's the result in case you were wondering how it looked without styling.

This wig can be straightened, curled, or coloured to your preference. I purchased it during a sale after Black Friday, and even though I slightly delayed the purchase and the price increased, it was still a reasonable price for me because I got 12 inches and 180 lbs., plus shipping, for $30.

I placed my order for this wig on December 3, 20222, and it was delivered on December 23, 2022. It has a nice smell and good hair. The wig's hair quality and cut are excellent. My expectations were surpassed. Since the density is realistic, I can wear this wig every day, and I adore it. It's full, never tangles, and doesn't become crunchy and dry. maintains its pattern and volume. The hair doesn't shed and has a wonderful texture.

I've already written about a wig that I recommend to people who like simple everyday wigs.

I'm happy with this wig. This product is really lovely! The hair is silky and delicate. The entire description is accurate! It is soft, the right thickness, and simple to use. My new favourite wig is this one! I'll place another order from this supplier. This product is made of Brazilian Remy human hair and is incredibly soft and silky. It's very bouncy and just fits my head perfectly. A free gift of lashes and glue was included in the pack.

Do you like this Straight Bob Human Hair Wig With Bang?

Bob wig specifications
Brazilian human hair, 100% unprocessed, machine-made wigs a type of hair.
Smooth and silky, clean and Shiny, Healthy and Soft.
Each wig weighs 150–200 g of hair.
Full and thick, with a strap that can be adjusted, it is suitable for most women and easier to instal.
180% hair density.
Hair Advantage: Comfortable and breathable machine-made short bob wigs with bangs.
No knots, shedding, lice, chemically produced hair, or hair from animals.
With proper hair care, hair can be dyed and permed as desired and is soft and healthy with no smell.
Colour, Dyeable, Curable, and Restyleable Like Your Own.
Medium Cap: 22-22.5 inches Wig Cap (Average Cap Size).
Combs and alterations Straps can be fixedly intertwined and altered to fit various head sizes.

This is my last post in 2022. It's been a difficult year, from leaving Ukraine due to the war to moving to the UK. I was not so active this year in reading blogs and learning much due to settling in and setting up my mental space, but I will be in the coming year.

I want to use this medium to wish everyone a happy holiday and a lovely new year. Thank you for supporting my blog.


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How high is too high a fever?

Everyone gets a fever now and then, but when does an elevated temperature require medical attention?

True, fevers are extremely common, and COVID-19 certainly brought its fair share of high-temperature days to those infected. Fever, like COVID, is your immune system's response to an infection or other invader. It is defined as a temperature of 100.4 °F or higher. Your elevated temperature is a clear indication that something is wrong.

Most fevers will go away if you take an over-the-counter fever reducer like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). If yours does not, speak with your doctor.

A fever that is too high is determined by a number of other factors. If you're over the age of 65 or immunocompromised, especially if you've been exposed to COVID-19, call your doctor if your fever rises above 101°. Anyone with a fever of 103°F or higher should take the same precautions. If your temperature rises above 105°F, go to the nearest emergency room.

Pexel photo

Benefits of Fo-Ti (Hé Shǒu Wū)

A Quick Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Shang Dynasty, around the 16th century BC, was a time of shamanism, and this is when early Chinese medicine first emerged. It was essentially demonic, attributing ailments to the occult forces of deities and ancestors.

Chinese culture grew and developed during the Zhou dynasty's Spring and Autumn Periods (770–446 BC). Notable philosophers and poets of the time included Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Mo Ti, and Tao Chien. Philosophy and science combined at this time to explain the illness in terms of the world's natural occurrences. The "Hundred Schools of Thought" refers to the numerous philosophies and schools of thought that emerged during this period. Taoism and Confucianism are two of them.

During the Zhou dynasty, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) underwent modernization and systematization. During this period, the Yin and Yang Theory, the Five Element Theory, and other fundamental theories that form the basis of TCM were developed.

The Huáng Dè Nèi Jing, also known as The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, is the earliest Chinese medical text on the theoretical system of medicine of TCM. It was created in the first or second century B.C.

By the third century, other works were probably assembled and written, including the Shén Nóng Bn Co Jng (Divine Husbandman's Classic of Materia Medica), Shng Hán Lùn (Discussion of Cold Damage), and Jn Gu Yào Lüè (Essentials from the Golden Cabinet). These and other well-known classical Chinese medical texts are still taught in colleges around the world that teach TCM.

The eight branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, bodywork (Tui Na, cupping, and moxibustion), meditation, Tai Qi/Qi Gong (exercise), Feng Shui, and cosmology. TCM is a comprehensive system of medicine. TCM observes how the laws of natural order govern human health and disease by looking at the natural world.

According to TCM, disease patterns can develop in the body, organs, and meridians in a variety of ways. The disease develops if the organs and meridians that carry the "energy" or "Qi" are stagnant, insufficient, or overactive. The TCM doctor uses different ways to diagnose to come up with a diagnosis, a prescription, and a treatment plan for the patient that includes all of TCM's branches.

Chinese herbal medicine is said to have originated with the Chinese farmer Shén Nóng. Shén Nóng created the plough and cart around 6000 years ago, and it appears that he accidentally discovered tea at the same time. The story goes that he put together a book called The Divine Husbandman's Classic of Materia Medica, or Shén Nóng Bn C Jng, which is now known as The Divine Husbandman's Classic of Materia Medica.

The benefits of Fo-Ti (Hé Shu W) include support for the immune system, healthy hair, and more.

Fo-Ti: What Is It?
Fo-ti, one of the most widely used traditional Chinese medicines, is found in a variety of formulations and prescriptions. It has been used in China for many years to treat a number of ailments frequently linked to aging. Many of the hundreds of prescription drugs that contain fo-ti are patented.

Polygonum multiflorum is the scientific name for this traditional Chinese herb. Additionally, it goes by the names fleece flower root, flowery knotweed root, and Hé Shu W in Chinese. It first appeared in the 10th-century book Materia Medica by R. Huá-Z.

Many regions of China and Japan cultivate this plant. Fo-ti is a plant that grows between 200 and 3000 meters above sea level in forests, valley shrubs, and rock crevices. It is a quick-growing vine that has only recently begun to spread throughout the West.

Fo-ti is typically consumed either raw or in its prepared (steamed or stewed) form. When used in these different forms, it has different reactions and indications.

Differences between Raw and Prepared Fo-Ti
Herbal flavors are connected to various qualities in TCM. Zhé Shu W, or prepared fo-ti, has a mildly warm, sweet, bitter, and astringent flavor. The liver and kidney organs and meridians are the primary targets of its therapeutic effects.

The herb fo-ti is regarded as nourishing. It preserves the essence and feeds the yin and blood. When there is a pattern of yin or blood deficiency and symptoms include vertigo, tinnitus, early greying of the hair, soreness in the back or knees, blurred vision, insomnia, and constipation, fo-ti is used. Bones, ligaments, and tendons are strengthened by fo-ti.

Fo-ti, also known as Shng Hé Shu W, is available in raw, unprocessed form and has a variety of flavors. It enters the channels of the liver, heart, and large intestine. In addition to treating malarial disorders, it moistens the intestines, eliminates toxicity, and lessens sores, boils, abscesses, goiter, and scrofula (a condition that causes tuberculosis). The stalk and leaves are used to treat itching and various skin conditions, as well as insomnia. The raw form of Fo-ti is used in TCM to treat toxicity and fire.

The benefits of prepared fo-ti, or Zh Hé Shu W, are the main topic of this article.

The Fo-Ti Hair Health Legend
The literal translation of Fo-Chinese Ti's name, Hé Shu W, is "Hé's Black Hair." According to an ancient legend, General Hé was found guilty of a serious crime and sentenced to death in a solitary underground cell without access to food or water.

His executioners went back to his cell after a year of imprisonment to remove his remains for burial. They were shocked to discover that General Hé had not only survived but had also recovered. Even his hair had returned to its usual dark shade. Without access to food or water, General Hé was compelled to subsist solely on a vine-like herb that grew in the cracks of his cell. The herb was given the name "Hé Shu W" in honor of General Hé's resilience and physical renewal.


Dry January: no drinking beer, wine, or spirits for one month

According to a survey on alcohol use during COVID-19, many American adults claim to have increased their consumption of alcohol since the pandemic started in March 2020. If you're one of them, you might want to start the new year off right by joining the millions of people who abstain from alcohol during Dry January, which starts in March 2020. If you're one of them, you might want to start the new year off right by joining the millions of people who abstain from alcohol during Dry January. Your memory, liver, heart, and other organs might all benefit from it.

What did this study discover?
Over the course of a typical 30-day period, the researchers questioned 832 people in the US about their alcohol consumption. The participants estimated that they drank alcohol for 12.2 days and had nearly 27 alcoholic beverages during that time. More than a third admitted to binge drinking (consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women in about two hours).

Additionally, nearly two-thirds of the participants claimed that their drinking had increased from their pre-COVID consumption rates. their causes? greater stress, easier access to alcohol, and boredom

However, we cannot solely attribute an increase in alcohol consumption to COVID. Alcohol use among older adults had been on the rise even before the pandemic.

Why attempt a dry January?
Join the Dry January challenge by deciding not to consume any beer, wine, or spirits for one month if you recognize your own behavior in this survey, want to reduce your alcohol consumption, or simply want to start the new year off right. As a public health initiative, Dry January was launched in 2012 by the British charity Alcohol Change UK. Every year, millions of people now participate in this health challenge.

While moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to health benefits for some individuals in observational studies, heavier consumption and prolonged drinking can worsen physical and mental issues, particularly in older adults. Common problems include damage to the heart and liver, an increased risk of cancer, a weakened immune system, memory problems, and mood disorders.

However, abstaining from alcohol for even a month can improve your health significantly. According to a study published in BMJ Open, regular drinkers who abstained from alcohol for 30 days experienced improved sleep, increased energy, and weight loss. They also reduced the amount of cancer-related blood proteins in their blood, as well as their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


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Health benefits of garlic.

A species of bulbous flowering plant in the genus Allium is garlic (Allium sativum). The onion, shallot, leek, chive, Welsh onion, and Chinese onion are among its close relatives. It is a common seasoning used all over the world and is native to Central Asia and north-eastern Iran.

Allicin, which is found in garlic and may protect against cancer and heart disease, can help the immune system work better.
People with type 2 diabetes may benefit from garlic's ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, lower fasting blood sugar levels, and improve blood sugar control.

potential negative effects
Garlic consumption may cause heartburn in people with gastroesophageal reflux disease, so they should speak with medical professionals about this.

Garlic may interact with blood thinners, so people who are thinking about increasing their intake of it should seek advice first.


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Three simple ways to eat healthier

While many individuals may not be making formal New Year's resolutions this year, others may resolve to improve their eating habits. But this motivation is frequently focused on an overly ambitious or restrictive diet. Without a
solid plan, it is possible to fail quickly. Consider a compromise: Begin by incorporating these three simple methods for a healthier diet.

Aim only for real food.

Note what is processed and what is unprocessed on your plate. Maybe it's the entire meal (like a frozen dinner), or perhaps it's just a portion (like the bottled dressing on your salad). Consider where you can replace processed foods with healthier alternatives. Ideas comprise

eating whole-grain pasta instead of enriched white-flour pasta, quinoa instead of white rice, and making homemade snacks like baked chickpeas instead of opening a bag of potato chips.

Chronic inflammation and other health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, are associated with the consumption of processed foods. A Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, fish, poultry, and low-fat dairy products is one of the healthiest diets you can consume (milk, yogurt, and small amounts of cheese).


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The 43 Most Creative Cake Designs by a Nigerian in 2022

In the world of cake design, everything is becoming possible. We applaud people who find a way to be creative while doing business and putting smiles on people's faces in places where cake designers have a little or more difficulty getting all the things they need to be even more creative.

Today we will be sharing a Nigerian male cake designer and baker who made a very symbolic cake, a cake that looked so real, and that’s what we're here for. In 2023, cake designs will be more exclusive, as you all know. The cartoon cake design is not trending on Instagram, and yes, I love it because it is simple yet so colourful and looks so yummy.

So, without further ado, here are the most unique cake designs in Nigeria, produced by none other than
tee.blac_yummies a Lagos-based cake designer.


Gele styles and traditional outfits are perfect for a Christmas village party.

Wait, do you want to give that rich anty vibes, in the midst of all the eyes watching you in the village? We are going to give you all the styles you need to achieve that, but when you do, don't forget to say a big thank you to us. All eyes will be on you because of our traditional Christmas attire. You will be the talk of the party, and I know that's what you want since you are traveling to the village to celebrate Christmas. 

If you are a Nigerian, you will already know that during the Christmas season, people visit their homes to celebrate Christmas, and you know how competitive that can be. Growing up, my dad used to take us to the village to visit my cousins and grandma for Christmas, but that was after the Deeper Life December retreat, and it was always a lovely time. I will say that this helped me better understand my roots and allowed me to communicate with my grandmother and extended family.

Today, I'll be sharing the latest gele styles you can wear to stand out at your village party, but remember to keep it low and not overspend because January is coming and there's still a new year to celebrate. So, for all my people visiting villages in Nigeria for Christmas, here are the latest stunning gele styles for your village party.

Outfits by Jenrewa.

Vanilla Christmas Cookies Recipe 

Christmas cookies or Christmas biscuits are often sugar cookies or biscuits that are cut into various Christmas-related shapes. However, other flavours may be used depending on family customs and personal preferences.

Modern Christmas cookies can be traced to recipes for mediaeval European biscuits, when the west was introduced to many modern ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds, and dried fruit.

Are you looking for the ideal designs for Christmas cookies? Don't look forward. Find the tastiest Christmas cookies that Santa would approve of and become the talk of the cookie exchange. from shortbread to sugar biscuits and gingerbread cookies.

Something about baking during the holiday season makes you feel even more merry. Baking will not only make your house smell wonderful, but it will also make you very well-liked.

Make these delectable cookie, biscuit, and mince pie recipes for yourself or as Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Try these recipes for Christmas desserts and Christmas puddings if you're searching for a more substantial treat.

Christmas cookies Vanilla Recipe

140 gram of sieved icing sugar
Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
one egg yolk
250 g butter, diced up small.
375 g plain sieved flour

For decoration
200 g of icing sugar, sieved edible food colouring, and optional edible gold and silver balls are needed for decoration.
2 metres of thin ribbon, cut into lengths of 10 cm.

Put the butter, egg yolk, vanilla extract, and icing sugar in a mixing bowl and mix with a wooden spoon. Make a hard dough by mixing in the flour. Two flat discs of dough should be formed, then wrapped. For 20–30 minutes, chill. Set two baking sheets with non-stick baking paper in the oven and preheat it to 190°C/fan 170°/gas 5.

On a surface that has been lightly dusted with flour, roll out the dough to a thickness of about two £1 coins. Use a cutter if you'd like to cut out festive shapes and arrange them on the baking sheets. Make a little hole in the top of each cookie using the skewer's point. Bake until gently browned, about 10 to 12 minutes.

Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool. Make a thick but still runny icing by combining the icing sugar with a few drops of cold water in the meantime. If you'd like, colour using edible food coloring. When dry, spread it over the chilled biscuits, add edible balls for decoration, and thread with ribbon.


Most beautiful Christmas cake designs

It is not yet beginning to look like Christmas, but it is Christmas time, and the festive spirit is in the air. We've got you covered if you want to get into the holiday spirit. Read this article on how to get into the festive spirit.

Well, for those who are already set for Christmas and are looking for the Christmas cake that will suit their Christmas party table, we've got lots of simple and beautiful Christmas cake designs. If you want to bake the cake yourself or give it to a baker, these cakes are well decorated, and to even make your Christmas table more beautiful, adding a cake will be a perfect idea.

It is a tradition that every year we share Christmas cake ideas, and this year hasn't been different. While enjoying Christmas songs and food, a cake completes every Christmas party.

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have a Christmas cake? Here are the most beautiful Christmas cakes.


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Good molecules yerba mate wake up eye gel review

I believe that there are still good products in the market that can do the job. Today, I will be sharing a product I like and I will tell you why you need this product so just keep reading because this article will be very beneficial to you.

Some times seeing is believing so I made a video about this brand but today I am sharing specifically about the eye gel. This product is called the Yerba mate wake up gel and the purpose of this product is to help revitalize and energize your eye area. Are you still on doubt? let me explain to you.

How does the Yerba mate wake up gel and what does it contain?

This product helps with the puffiness under your eyes, especially when you look tired or just woke up and want to rush out and do not want to look like you've been in bed just use this product. It is suitable for all skin types, and it was not tested on animals, so vegans can use it.

This Wake Up Eye Gel is suitable for use both in the morning and at night. If you want to wear makeup, you have no worries; it blends in perfectly.

  • It contains natural antioxidants and polyphenols that shield the skin from UV rays and sun damage.
  • It also contains acetyl tetrapeptide-5 and caffeine which reduces puffiness. Caffeine tightens the skin and is considered safe for all skin types.
  • It contains three types of hyaluronic acid which help to plump the appearance of fine wrinkles. Multiple phenol units characterise the broad family of chemical substances called polyphenols, which are found in nature. Plants produce a variety of them, and they are widely distributed. Flavonoids are polyphenols. It protects your skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution and radiation and works best when combined with a serum or moisturizer.

Yerba mate is a renowned South American tree recognised for its ability to stimulate the mind and body. Additionally, it is a natural source of powerful polyphenols and antioxidants. When used in skincare products, yerba mate aids in the slowing of premature ageing caused by the sun's harmful UV radiation. Skin that seems younger, more radiant, and energetic as a result.

Revitalize and energize tired, puffy eyes with this soothing eye gel from Good Molecules. Yerba Mate Wake Up Eye Gel is rich in yerba mate extract, a natural source of antioxidants and polyphenols for brighter, more radiant skin.

The eye gel comes in a  Size: 15 ml / 0.50 oz, with a pH: 5.2 and has No added fragrance.

How to use the Yerba Mate Wake Up Eye Gel
Apply a small amount of the gel under your eyes. Avoid direct contact with your eyes and pat until the gel cream is fully absorbed.

The perfect little black dress for a Christmas party

So, here in the United Kingdom, the streets are all lit up for Christmas, and everyone is already in the Christmas spirit; part of the celebration is looking good, attending office parties and Christmas events, and the small but important question is, "What are you wearing for Christmas?"

I already started celebrating Christmas, and I am loving every bit of it and enjoying the moment. It’s not news that I wear Femmeluxe.co.uk, and for a while, I didn’t really like wearing cut-out dresses, but I decided to try out this little black mini cut-out dress, and I must say I like the look.

I wore it to my first girls' night out here in the UK. Since I haven’t had the time to find new friends, I am pretty open to meeting new friends, but I want to keep my circle small, and I had a great time with these great women.

I pretty much recommend wearing a black dress with sequins, sparkles, or cut-outs for Christmas. Black looks good on everyone, and it is a good idea to always wear black when you aren’t sure or feeling so confident because it covers up everything. On this day, I was feeling confident and just decided to still wear a black dress.
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