Thursday, December 22

Gele styles and traditional outfits are perfect for a Christmas village party.

Wait, do you want to give that rich anty vibes, in the midst of all the eyes watching you in the village? We are going to give you all the styles you need to achieve that, but when you do, don't forget to say a big thank you to us. All eyes will be on you because of our traditional Christmas attire. You will be the talk of the party, and I know that's what you want since you are traveling to the village to celebrate Christmas. 

If you are a Nigerian, you will already know that during the Christmas season, people visit their homes to celebrate Christmas, and you know how competitive that can be. Growing up, my dad used to take us to the village to visit my cousins and grandma for Christmas, but that was after the Deeper Life December retreat, and it was always a lovely time. I will say that this helped me better understand my roots and allowed me to communicate with my grandmother and extended family.

Today, I'll be sharing the latest gele styles you can wear to stand out at your village party, but remember to keep it low and not overspend because January is coming and there's still a new year to celebrate. So, for all my people visiting villages in Nigeria for Christmas, here are the latest stunning gele styles for your village party.

Outfits by Jenrewa.

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