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Super Shine Short Bob Curly Human Hair Wig

Read the reviews before purchasing any items from AliExpress. Reviews can be of good help sometimes. If you are not the first person to buy a product, it is always beneficial to know what other people think about it. For this hair, I had a lot of reviews, which I carefully read to determine if the product was what I was looking for. For this Curly Deep Wave Lace Front Bob Wig 13x4 It was way easier to make a decision since there were lots of reviews from different buyers.

When I decided to buy this hair, I already knew what I wanted: short, curly hair for every occasion that wouldn't be difficult to put on and run off to work in. Comfort comes before beauty for me. I dislike sleeping with a wig on my head because I feel so uncomfortable, and I always use wigs that are easy to wear without glue so I can be able to remove it at night and have a good sleep. This is all about personal preference and has nothing to do with the wig's quality for me.

So, when I ordered this wig, it arrived within two weeks. To me, it didn't matter; I just wanted good hair. I wasn't around when the hair arrived, but I opened the package myself when I got back from my mini vacation, and it was well packaged and delivered without damage. There was no extra gift inside, so let's dive into what you have been waiting for, which is, is this wig good or bad?

I went out with a friend to the Glasgow Christmas Market close to St. Enoch Mall, and I rocked this hair with subtle makeup, and I had this guy who kept looking at me in a beautiful way. This hair is amazing, so if you want a short, curly wig that is easy to style and wear without stress, this is the wig for you.  

This hair doesn't require many products; simply spray it with water and any product to achieve more defined curls. A scissor was used to cut the lace. You can cut it to your desired style to suit your needs. I don't care about baby hair; I prefer my hair to be simple in front, so I didn't leave the baby hair part when I cut the lace.

I also had to use my face powder to blend the wig part with my skin. Even though it blends well with my skin, I'll need to purchase a darker foundation to make it blend properly, but even so, this is a good wig. You are free to read the reviews.

I've been wearing a wig for about two weeks, and each time I get better at styling it. To define the curl even more, spray water on it and enjoy the wet curl look. It doesn't feel wet; it just looks even better. Someone even said she thought it was my hair because my afro can also look like this when styled, or she didn't realise it was a wig. I didn't use glue because I am not comfortable with the feeling. The wig is tight and well fitted; I didn't have to sew a band for it to fit.

I've been wearing this wig for about two weeks, and I'm getting better at styling it each time. Spray water on the curl to further define it and enjoy the "wet" look. It doesn't feel wet; it simply looks better. Someone even stated that she mistook it for my natural hair because my afro can look like this when styled, or that she didn't realise it was a wig. I didn't use glue because I don't like the way it feels. The wig is soft, full, and well-fitting; I didn't have to sew a band to make it fit.
It is available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. Curly Human Hair Wigs for Women Pre-Plucked 5x5x1 Closure Front Transparent Lace Frontal Short Bob Wig from "Super Shine" is perfect for you. I like short wigs in general, and this one is a 150% denim, 10-inch T-part wig.

Texture: Deep Wave
Origin: BR(Origin)
Material Grade: Remy Hair
Cap Size: Average Size
Base Material: Swiss Lace
Bulk Buy: 1Pcs/Lot
Lace Color: Transparent
Suitable Dying Colors: Darker Color Only
Human Hair Type: Malaysia Hair

Do not get confused the AliExpress store is different from the direct store. If you want to see how it looks in a video, click here.

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