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How to Style a Bodysuit this Winter

When you think of bodysuits, it may conjure up an image of you walking down the street on a summer’s day wearing one paired with shorts. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Bodysuits are certainly not exclusively for warmer months. There are so many different options, with various arm lengths and necklines, so they can be worn all throughout the year. A simple bodysuit goes with most outfits, so is a great staple to have on hand month to month. Here let’s have a look at how to style a bodysuit in the winter.

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More Coverage

If you live somewhere that has extreme seasons, in the winter you’ll want to make sure you protect yourself from the cold. The more flesh you cover, the warmer you’ll be. Not only will this keep you happy, but it’ll also decrease the likelihood of you catching a chill. So, consider a full bodysuit - you can find long-sleeved, high-neck options that will insulate your body wonderfully. Save the spaghetti straps and backless numbers for when it’s warmer!

You can also find turtleneck bodysuits to keep your neck warm in the winter months. Try out this bodysuit in neutral colors and pair it with a blazer or long coat to create a chic, effortless, smart casual look for the daytime.

Layer Up

In a similar tone, to make sure that you keep extra toasty, layering up is the way forward. If done well, you can also look super stylish with layers that go well together. So grab your favorite jacket, get your winter woollies and complete your look with some beautiful accessories. If you have a bodysuit that is a neutral color, it’ll be super easy to match up with other items in your wardrobe.

Layering your outfit is also a great idea when the seasons are changing. In the dead of winter, you’ll probably find it more comfortable to cover your bodysuit with a hoodie, sweater, or coat, but as spring approaches, you can experiment with lighter jackets and removing layers when you need to. Since you’ll be wearing your bodysuit underneath, which is guaranteed to not ride up or become untucked, you can easily put on and remove layers with confidence.

Consider the Whole “Look”

If you want to make a statement with what you’re wearing, then consider different parts of your outfit. As bodysuits are typically simpler than the rest of the outfit, you can do the talking with the rest of your look. Grab your statement boots, pull on jazzy trousers, or dazzle in your party season jewelry. Bodysuits can be dressed up or down due to their versatility and the way they are easily matched up with other clothing items. If you’d rather go for a simpler look, then this is also something you can easily achieve. That being said, if you want to show your bodysuit off, all you have to do is make sure that you’re wrapped up warm in other areas - socks and boots are always a winning combo in the winter. This is particularly important if you do opt for a skimpier bodysuit.

During winter, and especially the festive season, you’ll be looking for showstopping party outfits to turn everyone’s heads. This is when lace bodysuits, velvet bodysuits, sequin bodysuits, deep v-neck bodysuits, and off-the-shoulder bodysuits will really come into their own, especially if you choose gorgeous jewel tones or simply an elegant black. Then, during the daytime, you can revert to muted, neutral colors in comfortable styles, such as long-sleeved bodysuits with blue jeans. Bodysuits really are unmatched when it comes to versatility!

Choose Material Wisely

Bodysuits come in many different material options for these days, so you’re going to want to go for a thicker, good-quality material that traps the heat in. If you live somewhere that gets extremely cold, then you can even look into thermal bodysuits to make sure you beat the chill. To find out which materials are great for the winter, check out this article.

The fabulous thing about bodysuits is that you can wear them time and time again, all year round. These timeless pieces are staples for your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to get plenty of wear out of them throughout the years. Despite their lightweight and form-fitting nature, they can easily be adapted for use during the winter months. If you usually grab your bodysuits as summer approaches, then why not try out some of the tips in this helpful article to start making the most of them in winter too?
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