Saturday, October 31, 2020

How do you handle friends that get into a relationship, stop calling, texting, and keeping in touch?

Black girls

I believe that real friendship is timeless. I have been opportune to experience real friendship and I am grateful to God because in today's society finding a good friend is like playing politics in Nigeria. 

Today, mental health clarity is focused on friends that are conditional in away. You must be familiar with friends that are seasonal, no this note the question is...


14 Christmas home decoration ideas.

How to decorate your home for Christmas.

It is not early to start planning and buying your decoration for Christmas. I can feel the calmness everywhere. The year has been so rough and we are yet to feel the vibe of Christmas. Nevertheless, we will all catch the vibe so keep buying your decorations and gathering your decor ideas because Christmas is here already. 

A Christmas decoration is any of several types used at Christmas and holidays. The traditional colors of Christmas are pine green, crisp white, and heart red. You do not need to stress much, you can do it yourself. Watch Youtube videos, use photos as instructions.

Blue and White Decoration

Christmas home decoration ideas

Simple Christmas decoration
Image of Crismatec

Image of IndiaMART

Cozy Christmas decoration
Image of sand sasai

How to decorate your living room
Image of homedit

Christmas Tree


Friday, October 30, 2020

The best faux fur coats to wear this winter

The faux fur coat is pretty stylish and warm. When purchasing winter coats and jackets always put the weather, thickness, and health during the cold season before fashion and style. There are lots of beautiful coats that exposes you to the cold and have less comfortable covering for your body. The faux fur jackets are fluffy, shields you from the cold while you still look fashionable. 

The faux fur coat is available in different colors which makes it more fun to wear. Black will always be a great first choice due to its versatility. 

Faux fur coats for winter
Image of Chicglamstyle

Faux fur coats under $250

Brown faux fur coatImage of the noblegoods

Purple fur coat

Color blocking in fall

Thursday, October 29, 2020

8 trendy ways to wear puffy sleeve dresses.

How to wear puffy sleeves
Puffy sleeve dresses are one of Instagram's fashion famous styles. They are sexy, extravagant, and beautiful. This style of dresses isn't going out of style any time soon. If you are planning on investing in buying an off the shoulder puffy sleeve dresses are 8 beautiful dresses with a modest proportion of puffy sleeves to buy.

Puffy sleeves are one of the biggest trends in 2020 because you can easily find puff sleeve blouses, shirts, tops, blazers, dresses but for formal and casual occasions. Puffy sleeve wedding dresses are one of the best creations so far. They are totally elegant and stylish. 

Where to buy sexy hot puffy sleeve dresses.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A healthy guide to your first vegetarian meal - BlendJet

I started my journey as a vegetarian and I must say, this is not the easiest journey for me. I have been reading more about it and finding a lot of information to guide me in the right direction and diet plan. I started really happy and I am counting on my journey. I got inspired by a documentary that made me decide to change my meal. Anyway, I am super excited to share my first vegetarian meal. I do not know how long I will go but let's see how it goes. If you see me eating chicken please it's the devil work.

Preparing my meals have been a lot easier using my Blendjet blender to blend fresh fruits and vegetables. This is one of the best reinventions in recent times. It makes my cooking process easy and helps me stick to freshly made meals helping reach a realistic diet goal. This blender is portable and does not require a plugin wire to use it. It is rechargeable and works just fine. It makes making my shakes fun as I experiment with mixing different fruits. After use, BlendJet blenders practically clean itself. Just add water and an optional drop of soap, and run your BlendJet until, “Presto,” it’s clean!

If you will like to purchase BlendJet for less, here a discount link to follow (Discount on Blendjet blenders)

An easy vegetarian start with Blendjet


Monday, October 26, 2020

26 fashionable ways to wear a white boot.

How do you wear white boots?
White boots come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. No matter which type of white boots you are looking to style, ankle boots, white thigh-high boots, white high heel boots, white black heel boots, combat white boots, white sock boots, you have lots of outfit inspiration to pick from. White boots are trending right now and if you will like to join the trend and showcase your style there are lots of fashion style tips on how to wear a white boot which I have put together.

Image of Ciarabeo.

 Blue mini dress and white dress

Lady wearing white boots with skirt
The image belongs to Cosamimetto.net.

Trench coat and long white boots
image of babicatarine

Image of lissyroddyy.

Skirt, long sleeve skirt and white boots
Image of Emily Oldham

Plaid suits and thigh high boots
Image of Martina.favaro.

How to style an all white outfit

Image of chriztinejordal.

White dress
Image of Maliha alicic

Long white boots and white sweater
Purple sweatshirt and white boots
Image of jetsetpretty.

Image of itslejules.

All white outfit
Image of Sam and co.


What to wear to a business meeting with Shein Premium

Are you getting bored with your work outfit style? thinking of what to wear to the next business meeting What you wear to work can sometimes influence your mood. Generally, when we look good our confidence is more outstanding. Finding and putting together the perfect work style closet that sits your job is important. This outfit idea consists of what to wear to the office. There are lots of office style ideas but here you can shop the Shein Premium collection.

Purple plaid suit

Denim dress

Trench coat

Purple blazer dress


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Rihanna on how to style bucket hats

Rihanna wearing bold floral print bucket hat

You can not agree less that Rihanna is an all-time fashion diva. She is in fact a fashion icon. Lately, I have been into bucket hats. At this point, I will say my style feels more like a kind of craving. I just crave to look a certain way or just start liking a particular fashion accessory. It just happens and I am currently into bucket hats.

Do you like bucket hats, what are your thoughts about wearing bucket hats?

Rihanna looking like a barbie

Camo fashion

Rihanna wearing snake print


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Zaful guide to purchasing fashionable bucket hats

Bucket hat

Wearing a bucket hat is just as cool as wearing a wig in my opinion. Most times I have cornrow braids on and so wearing hats is so much fun for me. Hats have evolved so much and depending on what occasion you are attending there is a hat for every type of occasion. I never use to link bucket hats until recently I came across some cool buckets hats Zaful and I just wanted to have them all in my closet. The fun fact is that most of them are pretty cheap and affordable. This is not just streetwear it has been seen on runways, celebrities, and fashionistas. 

Cow print bucket hat

A bucket hat (variations of which include the fisherman's hat, Irish country hat, and session hat) is a hat with a wide, downward-sloping brim.

Bucket hat

Where to purchase bucket hats

White and black bucket hats


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Beachside Inn Santa Barbara Hotel

Beachside Inn is so comfortable and homely, it is the perfect oasis in which to begin your Santa Barbara adventure! The atmosphere has that idea of relaxation that gives you the right vacation urge and fell. You get to enjoy a range of spacious rooms and suites, each offering a unique view of our secluded heated pool, Plaza del Mar park, or the famed Santa Barbara Harbor. Santa Barbara Beach Hotel Location is a waterfront location that has convenient access to the beach, as well as Santa Barbara's top shopping and dining destinations. Explore all that the area has to offer from the Beachside. 

Experience perpetual spring in the coastal city of Santa Barbara from our perfectly located hotel! Sitting just across the iconic Santa Barbara Harbor and with 69 newly renovated guestrooms, the Beachside Inn blends contemporary beachy chic d├ęcor with classic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.

Take in the splendor of the American Riviera, with its famous beaches, Santa Ynez Mountains, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, and revel in the laid-back Southern California culture. Explore the popular Stearns Wharf, State Street and Downtown Area, Santa Barbara Zoo, the trendy Funk Zone, West Beach, and many more of the city’s top attractions located in close proximity to our hotel!

Ideal for romantic getaways, family or group vacations! Santa Barbara hotel near the beach provides a deluxe complimentary breakfast served in the breakfast lounge each morning, allowing guests to start their day off on the right foot! Don’t feel like a day at the beach? Take a dip in the hotel’s outdoor heated pool or bask in the sundeck! Our amenities are designed to ensure each guest of the Beachside Inn has the best possible experience while visiting luxurious Santa Barbara.



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