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How do you handle friends that get into a relationship, stop calling, texting, and keeping in touch?

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I believe that real friendship is timeless. I have been opportune to experience real friendship and I am grateful to God because in today's society finding a good friend is like playing politics in Nigeria. 

Today, mental health clarity is focused on friends that are conditional in away. You must be familiar with friends that are seasonal, no this note the question is...

How do you handle friends that get into a relationship, stop calling, texting, and keeping in touch? Even when you reach out to them they hardly reply, but immediately their relationship has issues or is over they call you and want to hang out?


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  1. You build yourself a bigger better life, make more friends - do more stuff so you’re not reliant on poor quality friendship as your only option. Don’t feel disgruntled and unhappy because people don’t treat you the way you want to be treated then go back to them ie. let them back in when they snap their fingers (relationship over).

  2. Some friends can get caught up in the excitement and drama of a new relationship and that is their world everything else goes by the wayside.They have good intentions towards their friends but cannot seem to get their focus off the intensity of the relationship.When it is over they expect to pick up with you right away because they still had good intentions towards you but they were swallowed up in the the moment.

  3. It's common with friends but not good

    Cut off can happen when in a relationship but that is not healthy

    Healthy relationships involve both still seeing friends

    Not suprising it breaks

    You can tell them what you think/how you feel and tell them how it must be in the future

    Otherwise you will be frustrated and it wont be a true friendship

  4. and when that relationship is over you do the same thing. They are using you fir their convince. When they call I wouldn’t answer any calls or texts just like they did you. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

  5. Tell them you have moved on, not interested because your interest/friendship is now with someone else, that will not abandon you.


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