Tuesday, April 16

iphone is now a crime in Nigeria says Sars : End Special Anti-Robbery Squad Brutality

Nigeria is in a bad state at the moment; we can hardly hear about military or force power abuse to a Nigerian citizen each week. Nigeria is the only country where you cannot ask a police officer to show you his identity card without getting beaten. Luxury has suddenly become a crime in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government has set up a body to fight against internet fraud and crimes (the Special Anti-Robbery Squad), a unit of the Nigerian police. As we speak, the lives of the citizens of Nigeria are not sure; they are currently abusing and misusing power, stealing from the citizens, and harassing them. The Nigerian government has been turning deaf ears to its citizens. iPhones have suddenly become a crime in Nigeria. SARS officials accuse and beat up iPhone users, asking them why they carry such expensive phones.

The Nigerian police are one of the most corrupt systems in the world, with the maximum number of illiterates who cannot read or write and are asked to protect the people of Nigeria, not even knowing the law. Weeks ago, as seen on Instablog Naija, a police officer shot a man who had just returned from abroad, stating that he looked overdressed and should be questioned, which led to his being killed. The Nigerian police are full of brainless men who do not understand the law and, as such, cannot protect the people. It is a shame that our government has decided to ridicule Nigeria and allow these men to threaten the people of Nigeria with a state of sadness. We are not free to move around in our own country.

My cousin visited Nigeria, and just when his brother stopped his car, Sars officials arrested them and took them to the station, asking their parents to pay the sum of 20,000 naira without stating any crime. This happens so often in Nigeria and is being overlooked by our so-called government after all their families are not affected.

We are asking the government to speak out and stop these heartless killings and misuse of guns among Nigerian citizens, or we will start fighting back. We cannot be slaves in our own country and act in fear every day. #peroid


  1. I am so sorry to hear about these abuses of power. Praying for your country!



  3. It's only because the stupid SARS has not yet harmed someone from the govt. or their family members. That's why they are pretending not to see the blood shed by this animals. Great post fam!

    1. You are perfectly right, soon it will reach the people of the nigerian government.

  4. Thanks for sharing this dear.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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