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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Galaxy Fold : Samsung Galaxy foldable phone Cost

Samsung as a brand is really trying to stay at the top of the market, we find a lot of gadgets lovers comparing samsung to Iphone, well it all depends on what you like in terms of design, durability and functionality.

Well according to Yahoo Finance news Samsung's Galaxy Fold is the future of smartphones. At least that's what the South Korean tech giant would like you to believe. The Fold, available April 26 for $1,980, is the first foldable smartphone available in the U.S. from a major manufacturer. Samsung hopes to reinvigorate a slumping smartphone market. Despite debuting the Fold back in February, Samsung is only just now giving reporters their first hands-on experiences with the phone.

Honestly, the price is high but I know that the samsung market is strong and so buyers will still purchase the galaxy fold phone.

Here some photos of the Galaxy fold.
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