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How To Make The Best Homemade Ice Cream in 2019

Ice cream flavors to try in summer 2019.

Ice cream is a creamy delight that is made with the perfect mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and other flavoring ingredients.
Do you like ice cream, how do you like your ice cream? Well, I will be sharing with you all a list of ingredients I add to my ice cream to make it tastier.

1. I go to the store and I purchase 1000 gram of ice cream, I prefer chocolate flavor so most times I always get the light chocolate flavor.

2. Get groundnuts with little or no salt. You can get any nut type of your choice.

3. Sugar-free biscuits.

4. Bread without flavor.

5. Coconut.

How to make your ice cream more delicious.
After getting all the mentioned ingredients, add the quantity of ice cream you would like to have to a bow. Blend your groundnuts or just add it to the ice cream (Depending on how you like it). Blend the coconut and add it into the ice cream, mix them together. Use your sugar-free biscuits as a spoon. 
For the bread, microwave it a little then add the ice cream you already mixed in between the bread, close wait for 10 secs then bites.

Photo of style at life.
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