Tuesday, April 23

Facebook is a dating app in disguise: Black Americans and Facebook

If you live in America or you watch paternity court, divorce court or couples court then you will understand what I mean by black Americans and facebook.
Allow me to air my observation please, Black Americans misuse facebook. Facebook is a social media platform which has its negative and positive effect which depends on how we use it.

Watching these programs and listening to a lot of stories and how much impact Facebook has on relationships and families is alarming. Some Black Americans basically put out everything about their lives on Facebook. You talk about how a man or a woman met the person who broke their home or relationship the answer is always '' we met on Facebook''. Issues such as she didn't tag me and he didn't comment on the picture I posted comes up when watching these tv shows and I keep wondering why grown-ups can't control how they use a social platform?.

Facebook is a dating site in disguise, believe me, it doesn't have to be given that title before people understand it. Black Americans need to learn how to use this tool in a good way.

In my opinion, people should filter what they put out there, two grown-ups appearing before the court and sharing shreds of evidence of how they fought on Facebook, how about you all just get physical?. My point is, learn to balance everything you do, don't let the Negative side of the media influence your real life.

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  1. Ruth Abi4/23/2019

    Understanding how to use social media is very important.

    1. Very important. People misuse it alot.

  2. I don't have facebook because I don't think it's healthy the way people share every detail of their life there.


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