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How to make coffee without coffee maker : 2 easy ways.

Coffee for some people is a day starter pack, while some have coffee based business shops where they sell coffee. Whichever is your part, a coffee lover or a coffee maker you should know how to make coffee and enjoy it to your taste? I like a good and delicious well-made cup of coffee. People make coffee in different ways, but locally made coffee to me is the best because of its little burnt smell mixed with the firewood smoke. The aroma is everywhere and all you can think of at that moment is coffee. Well, this also depends on the kind of coffee you use. We all know top coffee beans can be gotten from Africa and brands such as Jacobs monarch is a top notch.

Make coffee without a coffee maker.
Boil water.
Put 2-3 spoons of coffee into a coffee mug.
Dissolve the coffee with hot water using a teaspoon to stir.
Allow the coffee to settle below the mug, then carefully pour the water out into another mug.
Add Sugar, milk or cream if you're not a fan of black coffee.
Stir your coffee and serve it.


You can Set a burner to medium-high and bring your coffee to a boil. Stir occasionally to avoid burning the grounds on the bottom of your pan. Boil your coffee uncovered for two minutes.
Remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for four minutes. This allows the grounds to settle on the bottom. Carefully, pour the coffee (Brewed coffee into a mug) without taking any grounds with it. If you don’t have a ladle, you can pour the coffee from your saucepan very slowly. The grounds are heavy and will mostly stay on the bottom.

We all drink coffee in different ways, for me I add coffee milk and sugar. I like my coffee a little creamy so I add more milk.
How do you like your coffee?

Photo by JACK REDGATE (Pexel photo)


  1. Mira Davis4/23/2019

    Having a cup of coffee and it is so creamy.

    1. I enjoy creamy coffee. I should go kaoe one right now. Lol

  2. Ivana Kev4/23/2019

    Started my day with a cup of coffee.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Simple easy methods to make coffee. I use a coffee maker it is much more easier.

    1. Well, a coffee maker makes it much more easier and faster.

  4. I like a creamy coffee, but of late I decided to stop taking coffee.

    1. Coffee can be addictive so we have to be careful and watch how we take it.

  5. Who doesn't like coffee? I make my coffee by boiling it and Americano happens to be my favorite. I had very nice coffee when I travelled to thailand for summer.

    1. Thailand is a lovely place to visit. I hope to visit some day.

  6. Thailand is a lovely place to visit. I hope to visit some day.

  7. Americano is so bitter, I can't even, lol girl


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