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BABYONLINEDRESS.COM IS A FRAUDULENT WEBSITE !!!: Bloggers stop writing false reviews for them.

Now take a look at this email, Babyonline dress is always seeking for false reviews to mislead people. Bloggers need to create authentic reviews and tell the truth. Babyonlinedress sends emails to a lot of bloggers asking them to create false posts and reviews for cheap prices. 
People are complaining, this website is stealing credit card info, sending wrong dresses both in size and fabric wise. 


Note: All the (good) reviews on trustpilot, sitejabber, about babyonlinedress are not real, majority of them are published with false accounts. Some are paid for and written by bloggers who never received any item from babyonlinedress. Most reviews are written using fake emails and fake profiles also.

Models and people wearing the dresses on this website are not aware that they are on this website. The images are stolen images !!!

This is the email I always receive from Babyonlinedress.
This brand also owns 27dress.com and Suzhoudress.com

This is the email I was sent and I have been receiving this email since last year. 

Bloggers how do you even accept such price?

These are reviews from different people about this site: 
You can read more here

Dear All,
I kindly suggest you not to place any order from Babyonlinedress.de!
The dress I ordered did not at all look like it was on the pictures. Quality was really bad!
But what made my consumer experience extremely terrible is the way how they handled my request to return the dress. They have absolutely horrible customer service. For my detailed email describing my problem with pictures they just wrote me back: “das ist schön”, later “Wenn Wir die Spitze auf dem Rock Addieren, dann wird es nicht schön, es wird Falten”. They do not accept my return request and stopped answering my emails. Phone they do not answer either.
This is a terrible company, I will even try to contact Verbraucherschutz.


I ordered a dress and received the worst dress ever. They are saying it is the same dress in the picture, which you can clearly see (if I am able to post a picture I will post them). DO NOT ORDER A DRESS FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!! You either get a pretty dress or one that is so horribly made that it falls apart, why chance it.


I order my daughter at prom dress from here. The dress came in and the dress looks nothing like the picture. The dress is poorly made and the sequences are falling off every time you touch the dress. You can see the glue for wear they glue the sequences with on. Just so upsetting because her prom is in 3 days and now she doesn't have a prom dress because she refused to wear this dress that they sent. Very very disappointing because this is my daughter's senior prom.


I ordered a dress for my daughter. Unfortunately it didn't fit, which can happen if you don't order a customized dress. So I asked to return it.
They just told me that they don't accept return and refund and wrote "So we hope you could go to your local tailors and check if they could make alteration for you". Incredible!!!



I order a dress and the size doesn’t fit , so I ask for the steps to return it . The store answer was this :
“After check, your size is larger than the us size 2. So you feel the dress is small. 
Normally we accept return and refund due to quality problems, wrong size or wrong color. As all our dresses are made-to-order and they are not in stock. If we make the dress according to your size and color, but it turn out to be wrong, we couldn't accept return and refund. Hope you understand. 
I never had problems In others online stores ,if you don’t need the products even size or quality they immediately return the money. These dress isn’t the dress that i need . The worst online dress. You are not a recomendable online dress store.


extremely bad customer service.
They would not return my email, phone call or online message. I made a simple mistake in my order and they refused to understand , change or help me. 
After four days, they finally emailed me and said they would not help in any way.
I recommend not buying from this company.
If anything with your order including dress size or color or anything, they do not care and they will not help


This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They shipped me the wrong size dress and would not replace the dress unless I send them the dress back, pay for the return shipment at which time they will measure the dress and if they determine they shipped the wrong size then I will get a refund. My original request was for the company to replace the dress. There solution is not acceptable. As a consumer you have many choices. Do not choose this company. If you have to deal with customer service for any reason, you will not be satisfied.


Horrible customer service.I was send the wrong color of dress.I ordered silver and they send me pink.The package came from China so i emailed the seller.The reply i got is to send it back to them on my own and they will refund the shipping fee i paid once they got the dress. I asked for a return label but told that they dont have so i went and send it back on my own expense.Then I got a delivery message from USPS 2 days after that they can't access the address the seller gave me in Las Vegas.So i tried to call the phone # the seller gave me in one of her/his email in case i have questions but the asian sounding angry guy yelled at me "why are you calling me? I don't get paid for answering your call! You contact the seller!." Before i can speak back ,he hang up the phone.I was just calling to let them know that USPS tried to deliver the wrong dress i'm returning and they need to pick the dress in at the post office .In the first place, they are the one who made a mistake and i got stress dealing with them.I should have read the reviews first before i ordered.Lesson learned.


I purchased a $99 dress that looked nothing like the picture when it arrived - fabric was two different colors from each other and from the advertised picture, and there was a stain on the top. Contacted company to return and they asked for pics of the dress, and then offered a $20 coupon credit towards another purchase (and after much back and forth) their final offer was a $10 refund. They suggested I sell it to someone else. Absolutely ridiculous, I’ll never order again.


The dress they sent me looked NOTHING like the photos online, it wasn’t even the right color. I paid extra for custom measurements and it didn’t fit me right at all the dress was so unproportional. Ruined my senior homecoming. Do not order from them it’s a scam.


Never ever buy from here. They will help you buy but that's it. Once you receive your order they will never come in contact with you again.
Impossible to return. You won't even be able to log into your account and order won't show.
It's a SCAM!! Beware!!!
I'm not angry because dress didn't work. Just really upset at scam company.


Please do not purchase anything from this company, especially if you need to send it back. Purchased 2 dresses from this company back in May. One of the dresses l need to send back because of size issue. No return address came with the dresses, and the info on the packing is written in Chinese. I have been emailing them since May for a return address and they refuse to send it to me, they either don’t answer the email or they send a return policy that doesn’t make sense , or they keep asking , Why do you want to return the dress. They never answer the phone either. Also paid extra for faster delivery and that didn’t happen either. Do not think anyone speaks English very well by the emails. Someone by the name of Kimmee answers the emails, who is useless to say the least. This company is horrible. They won’t send a return address, because they don’t want to return your money. BEWARE!!!!!. Reporting them to agency that deals with companies overseas😡😡😡


This site has great looking dresses, however the customer service is poor and the items don't look the way they do online once you receive them. Additionally, when you request a refund or further assistance, the customer service reps ignore you.


This company is a SCAM! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! They will take your money and not send you what you ordered. They will give you a runaround! They do not adhere to the policies on their website. I ordered a dress and changed my mind on the color. Their website stated that any changes had to be made within 24 hours. I made my change in less that 12 hours. They refused to change it! Then they wanted additional money for the dress I initially ordered! This company should be banned from selling online!!!!!


They are frauds. DO NOT order from these people, these frauds. I ordered and got no information from them after I purchased I tried contacting the frauds via email and online messages chat. I post under an IG picture and sent a DM, and they reply to me via social media. Stupidly unprofessional. Still there was no information sent to me. I called my card company to stop the transaction.


I have prom April 28th but I ordered my dress on the 2nd of April. When I ordered I got a response then but after April 3rd haven’t heard from them since then...they have really bad customer service I called, emailed, and texted numerous times I had to force to call the police to get a response. it’s been about a whole month and now they say my dress isn’t gonna come until May 2 and I ordered fast shipping. Just a big disaster


This dress came in looking nothing like that picture , ITS A SCAM IM TELLING YOU DONT WAIST YOUR MONEY I paid 216 total and I asked for a refund they said they will give me $30 back the sewing was horrible and everything . If you would like to see pics email me @ ddunn771@gmail. com


I ordered a wedding dress from this site knowing I would need to get it tailored to fit exactly as I'd like. I ordered up a few sizes and that was as expected. No problems with the size. My issue is with the dress itself. I ordered an off-shoulder lace appliqué beaded off the shoulder wedding gown. The dress is not as advertised. It's not off the shoulder. They give two lace arm bands to create the illusion the dress is off the shoulder, but it is not. The material is very sheer and the train originally pictured with this dress is completely different. The material is flimsy and there's no way for the dress to sit up on it's own; some type of strap is required to hold the dress up and cover breast.


I ordered my daughters dress on March 31,2018 however i got it on April 16,2018. Once I opened the package ive notice the color wasnt what the website showed, then the material wasn’t right it look like a costume not a prom dress. I then contacted customer service and a lady Named Kimi contacted me back being very rude and refuse to send me a return label so i can get my money back. I then contacted BBB. Upon doing a little research ive came across the real people who makes this particular dress and they stated Babyonlinedresses compied their dress and posted on their site. I WARN YOU ALL DONT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY IN CHINA AND THEY A FRAUDS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Realized this is not a legit website, canceled my order before 24 hours and STILL haven’t got my money back and they refuse to answer to any of my emails. DONT USE THIS WEBSITE!


This is a horrible company. Buying any items from this website as well as “Wish” is a big risk. I purchased the same dress twice as they said I couldn’t get a refund on the first one because ordered the wrong size. Second time it came with a broken zipper. No company would fix it because it was hand made and not properly fitted. They still refuse to give me a refund. This obviously is a China company that probably has their children making these dresses. They are terrible.



  1. Wow...thanks for telling us about this. I can see why people get worried about online buying when this happens,

    1. People need to be more careful. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. thanks for your post!
    I just received an email like this one!!

    thanks a lot!


  3. I also got an email like this! I just ignored it and didn't really think about sharing it...but I am so glad you did. People need to know that online reviews aren't always authentic.

    1. Well, we all need to stand up and stop all these fake websites.

  4. Wow thanks for the heads up. I will NOT be buying from them. So many scams out there. I am sure you head of the Pipdig controversy. I just switched to them on April 4th not knowing I am livid and today I filed a complaint against a telecomm company for aggressive telemarketing and phising. You can never be to careful.

    Allie of

    1. Oh my Gosh, pipdig, for real.. wow, so much going on in the world right now.

  5. Thank you for sharing this terrible site! I will never shop there.


  6. Thanks dear for sharing this information.

  7. Thanks dear for sharing this information.


    Ariadne ♥
    De volta ao retrô | Facebook | Instagram

  8. 6 dollars... I even do not know should I cry or should I laugh! And evyrthing more I have read is spooky! So great you published it :-)

    1. Hahahahahahahaha, trustpilot need to shut them down

  9. I got a few mails asking for fake reviews, at first I ignored them but then I answered no and asked for them to stop mailing me. I'm not sure what company, maybe this one was also one of them. I don't understand how any company can ask for fake reviews, it will only hurt them in the long run.

    1. This company runs three online stores that they always ask for fake reviews.

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing. As a blogger, I feel like it's a responsibility to recommend products I truly love.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  11. A great thing to bring to everyone's attention. Have a great Monday!


  12. excellent post dear, I am not familiar with the store, fortunately

  13. Wow cant believe they are doing this - so bad!



  14. $6 ke? For what? It's better to write a free honest review than be paid $6 for anything.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  15. Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for. edupeet

  16. Yes, yes, yes!

    They've offered me the same thing not only once but many times. No to fake!

  17. Ohh my gosh, I so sorry to hear the bad shop experience.
    tight prom dresses


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