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Top destinations for United Kingdom city trips

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Monday, February 10

7 of the UK’s best-loved campsites : Travel destinations

Here are thousands of campsites to choose from in the UK, in rural settings that range from panoramic pitches in the Scottish Highlands to wooden pods with decks that jut out over the Lake District’s Windermere.
To help you whittle down the selection, here are the UK’s seven best-loved campsites according to global travellers – promising an invigorating break and the chance to enjoy Britain’s natural beauty up-close.

Orchard Farm Luxury Glamping in Somerset

Enjoy cider brewed from this campsite’s orchard on your pod’s private terrace
Enjoy cider brewed from this campsite’s orchard on your pod’s private terrace
This farm campsite can be found just outside of Glastonbury, a pretty Somerset town that has a lot more going for it than the nearby eponymous festival – namely mythical, medieval monuments, boutiques peddling spiritual wares, and pubs with beer gardens serving local mead. You can pitch your own tent or caravan in the campsite, or guests can ‘camp’ in wooden pods placed around the farm’s apple orchard (one for those who want to get closer to nature but with a little luxury and comfort thrown in). Guests are welcomed with fresh flowers, homemade apple juice and home-brewed cider from the farm’s orchard yield – best enjoyed in dappled sunshine on your pod’s private terrace.

Llethrau Forest & Nature Retreats in Mid Wales

Wake up to the sound of birdsong and wind whistling through the trees at this campsite
Wake up to the sound of birdsong and wind whistling through the trees at this campsite
This remote retreat promises a camping experience where you’ll feel totally immersed in nature, waking up to the sound of birdsong and wind whistling through the trees. There’s a range of accommodation available, from yurts and cottages to huts constructed within the woods, each with large decks that overlook the rolling Welsh hills. Explore the retreat’s four acres of wild gardens and 20 acres of woodland before enjoying a slap-up meal of local produce cooked on your cottage’s Aga and a lantern-lit soak in your hut’s wooden bathroom.

Thursday, February 6

Save a Doctor from Lassa Fever outbreak in Northern Nigeria starting from $3 : Airfunding X Melody Jacob

Sadly, Doctors are getting infected from treating Lassa fever patients. In Northern Nigeria, there is an outbreak of Lassa fever in more than three states and it is fast spreading to other parts of Nigeria.

Lassa Fever does not get the attention that Ebola does which is unfortunate because it is almost as serious. The symptoms get very serious for a lot of people, which include bleeding from the eyes, nose and gums. Being unable to breathe, pain in the chest, back and abdomen, hearing loss, swelling of the brain. Death after multiple organ failure after 2 weeks of pain and suffering.

Donations are needed to provide Doctors with adequate protective wears and tools to encourage them to save more lives and also protect themselves. It is very heartbreaking to lose a Doctor on a mission. We are calling on you to help us protect Doctors. By donating to buy more protective equipment so Doctors can help people in the rural areas who are less cared for.

Due to the language difference in some regions, we also need translators to help communicate effectively about prevention, reinfection and daily hygiene to the locals. Please help us protect our Doctors and healthcare workers while fighting this Scourge. 


Wednesday, February 5

BOOHOO.COM 80% OFF EVERYTHING: 8 winter coats to buy now

If you have been looking forward to purchasing a new winter coat this season. Boohoo.com is offering 80% off everything including teddys coats and jackets.

Here are my top picks from the sale.

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2. Plus Teddy Faux Fur Belted Longline Coat.

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Image result for Plus Teddy Faux Fur Belted Longline Coat

3. Brushed Double Breasted Wool Look Coat.

Product code: FZZ91087
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Image result for Brushed Double Breasted Wool Look Coat https://www.boohoo.com/brushed-double-breasted-wool-look-coat/FZZ91087.html Product code: FZZ910874. Oversized Teddy Faux Fur Coat.

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£45.00 (35% OFF) £70.00

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Sunday, February 2


Valentine's day is around the corner. If you are single and do not have a partner to celebrate valentine's day with, it is very normal, nothing is wrong, you are doing just fine. 
To some Valentine's day means a lot while to others it is just like every other day. This is a brief article on what some single ladies and men do wrongly on Valentine's month.

1. Answer every call and reply to every chat in the month of February.

Most single people tend to pay attention to almost everybody that texts or calls in the month of February hoping to be someone's valentine. They reply to everyone, act cool and nice just, so they can be asked out on a date.

2. You buy a gift for yourself, post it on social media, and lie that someone got you a gift
You really have time for shit and nonsense honestly. Image result for liar gif

3. Stop the whole Snapchat and Instagram post of  I am single, I don't have a valentine and I don't care.
Well, if you don't care then we also don't care to know, keep it to yourself, stop the cheap publicity.

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