I had a delightful trip to Edinburgh and enjoyed some fun activities just before the cold season fully set in. Edinburgh is quite a bustling city with its historical buildings, Christmas market, and the captivating castle all in one spot, attracting many tourists. Since my schedule will become busier soon, I wanted to revisit Edinburgh and captured the moments through numerous photos taken in the cold. Walking around the mall, I tried out a new powder sample and blush, which I ended up buying. Overall, I cherished this little trip to Edinburgh. 

Went for a brief stroll to Edinburgh Castle, but decided not to explore the interior. Edinburgh Castle, a historic fortress in Scotland, is perched on Castle Rock—a site with human presence dating back to the Iron Age. The specifics of the early settlement remain somewhat mysterious.

This is me at the Edinburgh Art Gallery. I only explored the first floor before leaving. One enjoyable aspect, as I mentioned earlier, was experimenting with various makeup products and even making some purchases.

Troon, a small beach town in Ayrshire, is just a few miles from Prestwick International Airport and has a view of the Isle of Arran.

Approximately eight miles north of Ayr and three miles northwest of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Troon is a town in South Ayrshire on the west coast of Ayrshire in Scotland. A goods port and a marina for boats are both located in Troon. P&O ran a seasonal ferry service to Larne until January 2016.

Troon is a beautiful town that you will enjoy if you plan to relax and rewind. You can visit Troon Beach among other activities like Troon Yacht Haven and the Royal Troon Golf Club.

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