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Save a Doctor from Lassa Fever outbreak in Northern Nigeria starting from $3 : Airfunding X Melody Jacob

Sadly, Doctors are getting infected from treating Lassa fever patients. In Northern Nigeria, there is an outbreak of Lassa fever in more than three states and it is fast spreading to other parts of Nigeria.

Lassa Fever does not get the attention that Ebola does which is unfortunate because it is almost as serious. The symptoms get very serious for a lot of people, which include bleeding from the eyes, nose and gums. Being unable to breathe, pain in the chest, back and abdomen, hearing loss, swelling of the brain. Death after multiple organ failure after 2 weeks of pain and suffering.

Donations are needed to provide Doctors with adequate protective wears and tools to encourage them to save more lives and also protect themselves. It is very heartbreaking to lose a Doctor on a mission. We are calling on you to help us protect Doctors. By donating to buy more protective equipment so Doctors can help people in the rural areas who are less cared for.

Due to the language difference in some regions, we also need translators to help communicate effectively about prevention, reinfection and daily hygiene to the locals. Please help us protect our Doctors and healthcare workers while fighting this Scourge. 


So this year, I decided to help raise funds for doctors in the rural area in the northern part of Nigeria. I travelled to Northern Nigeria and during my medical training there was an outbreak of Lassa fever which has been spreading so much and this is due to lack of basic equipment for doctors to be able to go into the rural areas without getting infected. 

Unfortunately, the natives are suffering and doctors are also at risk. I opened funding on different platforms and I will be so glad if you just click on this link which I partnered with Airfunding to help raise some money to support the project which includes buying protective equipment, organizing seminars for the natives on preventive measures and also providing translators.

Read more about this medical emergency here.

Please help by Sharing and Donating to this Campaign

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Thank you.
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  1. I hadn't heard of this, how scary! it's great you are able to raise money for it!

  2. This is so sad! Thank you for shining a light on this problems. Sending prayers.


  3. Great cause to support. Way to spread the word!


  4. Wow, there is so much going on in this world. Thank you for bringing this very serious and scary outbreak to my attention. Did not hear about it until now.


  5. There are lots of viruses out in the world, it is so unfortunate when even the doctors who are trying to help their patients end up suffering as well. It is amazing that you're raising money to help the doctors in Nigeria. Sending you all of the positive wishes to keep your mission strong!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. So scary, thanks for sharing!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. This is really scary, there are lot of viruses out in the world. It's great that you are raising money to help the doctors. My best wishes for those who are suffering with these diseases.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Such a great initiative for a great cause, Melody. This is super scary especially for the medical professionals trying to treat patients. I shared to social media.



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