Tuesday, February 28


 Lounge underwear is available is different sizes, from small to large. Let me start by sharing how comfortable and sexy this pink collection is. I am sharing this so late but nevertheless, this is a must have. It sits differently on my waist and fits perfectly, The comfort is what I Love the most.

This Pink underwear set, is perfect for your lounge time. Go for breathable comfort and a sexy look with Lounge's chic underwear style. Pink and white dual tone style made to build the ultimate stylish look. Loungeunderwear designed with bold contrasting colors and a flattering fit.
No color shading, no itching and gives a nice feel.

Monday, February 27


The feelings that comes along visiting the memorial Complex is so strong, Something just felt so calm in my spirit, lots of thoughts dancing around my soul. This is 3rd time I am visiting the memorial complex of glory but that same fresh feeling keeps coming each time I step into the that arena. It is such an honor for everyone who fought for freedom. This is sure a place to visit in Kharkov Ukraine.

The memorial complex of Glory is located in Lisopark, which during the war years became a place of mass executions of inhabitants, guerrillas and soldiers. One of its fields was a huge common grave – exactly at this place later was built The Memorial of Glory. Alley framed by two pylons is leading to the Motherland statue, and at her foot an eternal flame burns. Further, there are tables engraved with the names of people who rested there. In this place sounds the heartbeat of the people who fought for their land and their people to victory. On the Victory day here are coming thousands of Kharkovites, to lay flowers in memory of the victims.

The stately Glory Memorial was unveiled in the Forest Park in 1977. It immortalizes the undying exploits of the Soviet people fighting the Nazism (which is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party and Nazi Germany, as well as other far-right groups).
The Complex of Glory immortalized the immortal and unforgettable feat of Soviet citizens in the fight against the Nazi invaders. At this northern city limit the Nazis executed and shot tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers, partisans and underground fighters, prisoners of war and patriots, who refused to submit to the enemy. 

During the Great Patriotic War the residents of Kharkov showed the enviable courage, bravery and heroism. They stoically fought against the oppression of the conquerors, together with other citizens of the former Soviet Union and gave their lives for the peaceful life of their descendants. In honor of these soldiers there were erected three steles with dropped down cast banners. On one stele there is the inscription, which is to remind present and future generations about the great feat of the Soviet people: "In the battles for Kharkov 186 306 Soviet soldiers died a hero’s death".

Friday, February 24


Tho spring is just around the corner its still cold and I cant stop dreaming of summer, it just gonna be the best summer ever.
Wearing leather and stripes is such an easy way to dress more for less. A leather jacket is a timeless piece which is versatile and can be styled in difference ways.

Thursday, February 23


Fashion has a thing in common which is the minimalist style trend. This goes beyond fashion extends it hands to architecture and interiors.
This look is mostly composed of plain and simple fabrics. It can be so basic.
Minimalist style is very basic so paying attention to details is very important.
shape and a seriously practical spectrum of utilitarian colors that go with literally everything you own already. If your fashion approach has always been "less is more," join the gang.
Styled this look, layered up but looks really light and simple, this is a basic key to minimalism.

Tuesday, February 21


The well known Ukrainian architect, Ukrainian SSR's Honoured Artist, Aleksey Nikolayevich Beketov was born on 19 February (3 March) 1862, in Kharkov, in the family of Nikolay Nikolayevich Beketov - the founder of physics and chemistry, the member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Father's brother Andrey was a scientist, too: he had become known as Darwinist botanist, he was a Corresponding Member and an Honourable Member of Petersburg Academy. Aleksey Nikolayevich passed his childhood in communication with the Mechnikovs and the Alchevskiys families.
Location : Kharkov
Country : Ukraine
Address : Davina 25, "Quiet’ Downtown.
Aleksey Nikolayevich received an excellent education. At the same time he attended M. D. Ivanova-Rayevskaya's Artist School and after that in Petersburg Arts Academy. His education was topped with the dissertation thesis completion, which in 1894 brought him the title of Architecture Academician.

Beketov died on 23 November 1941. He left us about one hundred various buildings, and one of the most magnificent of them is the building of Kharkov research institute of microbiology and immunology named after I. I. Mechnikov.
The first Beketov building, which decorated Kharkov, was the Commercial School. After this work, which brought success to the novice, the young architect constructed a whole series of bank buildings. The projects were ordered by the leaders of the roughly developing Kharkov business and industry -- today's buildings of the Automotive Technical School, The Houses of Techniques, the Puppet-Show and others.
According to the status of Petersburg's Academy of Arts, an architect with 3 years construction experience could choose an item and work on a project to receive the rank of Academician of Architecture. Beketov decided to take on the project of a public library with 1.5 million volumes, with reading halls, an art gallery, storehouse and numismatic hall. Beketov completed this grand work in only 9 months. In 1894 the Scientist Soviet gave him the rank of Academnician. The building of the library can be called a gift to Kharkov of "a perfect creation.
The creative works of Beketov were noticeable not only in Kharkov; his buildings also decorate Belgorod, Dnipropetrovsk, Simpheropol and other cities - but the most monumental buildings he built are in Kharkov. During his life he completed 64 different architecture projects and all of the buildings were individual masterpieces. Here, in his native city, this outstanding architect ended his life.
Buildings Created By Beketov1889 - Medical office (Poltavsky Shlyakh, 12)
Darvina (Darwin) Street was established in the mid-19th century and was initially called Sadovo-Kulikovska, as named after its landlords, the Kulikovskys, who owned vast lands in this area. When the massive construction started here, as the Technological Institute was being built, they sold most of their land to the city. In the early 20th century a range of mansions was built in the street, including the Governor’s Mansion and Governor’s Office.
The buildings in Darvina Street have been well preserved and are of special interest for those fond of old architecture.
Built in the style of Neorenaissance, 9, Darvina Steet is a former house of merchant Ryzhov (designed by V. Velichko, 1912). This is one of the few mansions of the city which preserved its initial outlook. During the early years of Soviet power, it housed the Extraordinary Commission for Fighting Counterrevolution, Speculations and Sabotage. Later it became home to the All-Ukrainian Society of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Since 1934 it has become the House of Architects.
Situated next to it is a former mansion of English Consul Charles Blacky, now housing the House of Artists (designed by V. Gaush, 1911).
13, Darvina Steet is a mansion previously owned by D. Alchevsky, biology professor of Kharkiv University. The designer (A. Beketov) described the style of the building as Mauritanian. It used to house the Society of Working Women Mutual Help, the first mixed gymnasium for boys and girls and now it is home to Ukrainian-British College.

Further on, the architectural complex of the street resembles that of a small European town. 21 and 23, Darvina St. were designed by A. Beketov in 1901–1903 in the style of Neorenaissance. A very interesting building designed in the style of Modern by V. Rzhepyshevsky for a stage director N. Sinelnikov was built in 1914. Close to it (31, Darvina St.) is the house designed by V. Velichko for his family. At the end of the street there is a mansion designed by A. Beketov in 1912 (37, Darvina St.). Besides A. Beketov, painters M. Pestrikov and N. Samokish used to live there at different times.
Buildings by Beketov.
1893 - Lenin House of Culture (Sovnarkomovskaya, 13)

1893 - Law Academy (Pushkinskaya, 77)

1896 - Secondary School N1 (Darwin, 1)

1896 - Arts Museum (Sovnarkomovskaya, 9)

1896 - "Znaniye" Society (Nezavisimosty pl.)

1896-1898 Autotransport Technical College (Nezavisimosty pl., 28)

1896-1899 - Technical House (Nezavisimosty pl., 26)

1899 - Medical Society (Olminskogo ul, 11)

1900 - Scientists' House (Sovnarkomovskaya, 10)

1891-1901 - Korolenko Library (Korolenko, 4)

1902 - Court Offices House (Rudneva pl.)

1906-1907 - Puppet Theatre (Nezavisimosty pl., 24)

1912 - Arts Museum (Sovnarkomovskaya, 11)

1913 - I. I. Mechnikov Institute (Pushkinskaya, 14)

1914-1915 - KhSKhM SKB (Pushkinskaya, 84)

1914-1916 - KhIMESKh (Artyoma, 44).


Monday, February 20


Embroidery has been around for years – it is a craft that originated centuries ago and managed to keep itself alive in various forms. Embroidery is art and when it integrates into fashion, it creates something utterly unique and classic that never goes out of style. Embroidery on clothing gives a traditional look that is highly sought after these days – people want something different than the chic and modern styles that are prevailing, and embroidery offers just that.

This lovely, Floral Embroidered Drop Waist short Dress has 3/4 length set-in sleeves with a gathered shoulder, a flowing drop-waist cut, and a classic crew-shaped neckline. The black woven fabric is slightly sheer and adorned with symmetrical vines creating bright pink and blue blooms. Very refreshing. Size Medium. If you’d like to wear embroidered clothing, here are a few picks you should definitely get for your wardrobe to wear anytime, on any occasion. You can get them from Zaful.

Here are embroidery outfits I styled in different ways:
  3. AGBADA.

This is what I wore:
Oneposhcloset, Purchase these Amber Khaki knitted high boots by Solewish. The UK gets free next-day delivery, and you also get 75% off all orders. Fashion Women Suede Solid Clutches Bag from Newchic.


Friday, February 17


The spirit of the '80s continues via the runway's adoption of the more literal aesthetic codes as well as the decade's DIY culture—this is a season where you make the rules. Want to be a punk princess in one of the hundreds of see-through, peekaboo dresses designers have dreamt up in clouds of tulle and embroidery? Then you can—every day of the week. Fancy the idea of wearing whatever, whenever and however you imagine it in that moment? Then the radical mix 'n' match styling seen at some of the most influential fashion houses on the block will give you the confidence to do so.

Wednesday, February 15


Yah. Its Val's day Beautiful People, Enjoy your Day and love wisely. I have a class at 1 o'clock today, so let me quickly drop this before leaving.

Allow me to introduce the girl from the south. Her shoes are Speaking Fire. Perspex heels are my favorite at the Moment. Perspex is a huge trend right now which adds glam and style to any ankle boot, chunky heel or thigh-high boot. What's better with fashion, than wearing a Perspex boot on your feet? Right now.
Keep the heels chunky but the shoe classic with see-through barely-there styles and wrap-around-the-ankle detailing or a simple metal buckle. Don't be afraid of pairing them with color, coral and even denim work so well with this trend. Keep your look casual with jeans or dress it up in that figure-hugging bodycon dress.

Be careful while trying to a give boyfriend Jeans and Thigh high boot a try, you can get so hooked up with the sexy simple look. Let's just say T-shirts are competing with dresses. The trend has been seen with many celebrities, on runways and even on the streets of  Ukraine. 
Most People Like being simple yet want to make a statement, This is what you need.

Tuesday, February 14



Hello, Beautiful people, How are you? How is the Sunday going?. 
Guess what? I have a lot to show and tell you about Ukraine. This is something so interesting for me and can help any one who wants to visit Ukraine or Know more About Ukraine.
I visited the Most popular churches in cathedral in Ukraine Kharkov. What Interest me the most is not just how beautiful and well maintained these churches/cathedral are but how long they have been. 
The oldest church is the Annunciation cathedral which was created with such  a candy design that calls for easy attraction. Mironositskaya Church - Orthodox Church is also beautiful built with a modern standard, The white color makes it so noticeable and loud. Keep reading to know More.

Name :Annunciation Cathedral
Ukraine Translation: Благовещенский Кафедральный собор
Location : Kharkiv Ukraine.
Address: Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, 61000
Phone: 057 712 4737

This cathedral is Situated at town's historical center, the grandiose Annunciation Cathedral - is one of the most beautiful Kharkiv churches - rivets attention by its original forms and uncommon striped patterns. Built in Russian and Byzantine style, it is recognized as unique architectural monument of the early 20th century and inevitably remains in the center of tourists' attention.


Transparent Flared Pointy Toe Clear Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots are made from plastic ( Patent)
I love wearing thigh high boots, they fit with an everyday easy look. 
If you are interested in purchasing this thigh boots, click on the link.
Note that this boot is  statement piece so get ready for those eyes.


Sunday, February 12


Compliments of the season, Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year. I took a short break to celebrate and enjoy the holidays and right now I am back. I feel really far from you all but the rest was so needed. Thanks for all the wishes I really appreciate. God Bless You.

To get some tips on how to step up your look in your photos but before we dive into that let me share my outfit details with you. Get my lookLayla Denim Jacket by Fearless: Discount Code - 15% Discount. Your code will be MELODY15. Jump on the badge trend in this super gorgeous denim jacket. With three quarter length sleeves, an oversized fit, and gorgeous badge details to the front. Style with or Joy Ride Pumps to get the look. The length is 74cm. 100% Cotton. 

Bag: Purchase this Jarva Snakehead color black tote bag by Jessica Buurman and enjoy the classy details of this bag. Round circle sunglasses from Emblem eyewear
Magnum Sweatshirt. Embroidered flower RADEL Flower Embroidery Lace Up Ankle Boots By Jessica Buurman. Broken Hole Loose-Fitting Harem Jeans from Sammydress. of course I always double during the winter by wearing a pair of jeans. BB SUE FULL ZIP HOODIE GREY MELANGE: Slip into this comfortable women's hoodie.

1. Use natural lighting The first and last hour of sunlight during the day, aka the “golden hours” are deemed the best time to shoot. The soft and diffused light makes for a more flattering photo. If your shooting indoors, aim for a room with plenty of windows and natural light.

2. Get focused Use a manual focus on a mark, or place an object where you’ll be standing (i.e. a rock, tree, or purse), before setting the timer and stepping into the frame. You can also try to autofocus on the object before switching to manual. If you want to blur the background in order to bring out the outfit, you can use a wider lens or higher aperture to do that (ideally f1.8, but f2.5 can work if your zoom lens does not go that wide). 

3. Take lots of test shots Most experienced photographers only use 1 out of every 7 photos they take, so patience is key! Get to know your camera and try a variety of poses, movements, shots, and angles to discover what is most flattering for you and your look. You can also set the self-timer to take multiple shots if that setting is available on your camera. 

One pose to practice is to center yourself and cover about 2/3 of the frame. It can take a little bit of time and effort to get just the right photo but no mastery happens in a single day’s work. It’s all about practice, practice, practice! 


Thursday, February 9


The puffa style is back. Puffer coats and jackets are great for the winter weather because they keep you warm and they’re perfect layering pieces.
Today, In Ukraine (Kharkov) We are experiencing an extreme cold temperature, it didn't take my hands up to A Min to get frozen while trying to pick a phone call.

Originally puffa jacket always gives a 90s + modern shake up to a look. Some are made excessively oversized and some are designed the off-the-shoulder style, which I think will be best worn in countries with lesser cold climate.
Designers got really concerned about the cold weather and sure this was the outcome. What could be better than walking around warm and snuggly in a wearable duvet this winter?. This puff jacket style has been seen in so many runways, and the fun about this trend is how easy you can dress it down.

So how do you wear them? A puffa jacket can work with pretty much everything this season. They come in every autumnal shade. They can be worn with trousers, skirt or even a dress; layer sportier puffas over skirts and dresses for a fresh take on evening wear and off-the shoulder versions over a roll-neck with jeans and trainers for the day.

Wednesday, February 8


Designing your own shoes is a way of being a self-starter.
Getting a unique gift can be sometimes stressful especially when you have lots of options, limited funds or too busy to shop. Mrmonkies gives you a room to express yourself, putting words and thoughts into reality. 
Create an entirely custom and unique design, just like you want it. Including getting the marker pens for designing the shoes and tees. 
Wondering if its nice to customize your clothings, why not? it helps you in different ways, like expressing yourself, finding what your actual fashion sense is, improves your styling, gets you to an independent point, makes you stand out etc.

Monday, February 6


The Skirts Over Pants look is one of those unstoppable trends that loves to argue against one of the oldest and most basic fashion conventions. It is because of the oddity and strange appeal that this trend changed the face of fashion.

This trend might sound intimidating, but it looks really fine and gorgeous to me. By the way, it’s very easy to pull off, just play with textures, colours, prints and embrace layers. The trend is not new and can be styled in different ways, including dressing it up and going formal.
The reason I like this trend pairing so much, Is because it looks so cool and trendy. A street photograph was just this best option for this look.

Saturday, February 4


Výrobce: ADIDAS. Shop from Casnaboty.
Kód výrobku: S82884

Friday, February 3


This look gets you feeling cool and pretty. It has such a lovely vibe for both summer, spring and winter, which depends on the styling and accessorizing.
Generally prints are fashion statements and can be dressed both up or down. You will agree with me that floral prints are mostly worn in summer and spring as it suits the atmosphere better. Not so many people will purchase a floral print winter jacket because you have to consider your everyday look.

Some dresses are super versatile with styling and this is one dress to purchase because your closet needs it. Styling this dress is pretty easy.
I Paired it with a knee high boot by Solewish for a more official or serious look. Its winter so a thigh high boot is one simple trick to look sexy.
 Getting the casual vibe together with a Red Casnaboty boot, Embroidered denim jacket by Sammydress and cute Newchic purse. 
Sure this is a perfect less stressful look to hang out with friends for coffee in the evening.
Actually you can always style this dress in so many ways including a vacation look, for a fashion show or even a bridal shower this dress will fit in.
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