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Monday, February 06, 2017

The Skirts Over Pants look is one of those unstoppable trends that loves to argue against one of the oldest and most basic fashion conventions. It is because of the oddity and strange appeal that this trend changed the face of fashion.

This trend might sound intimidating, but it looks really fine and gorgeous to me. By the way, it’s very easy to pull off, just play with textures, colours, prints and embrace layers. The trend is not new and can be styled in different ways, including dressing it up and going formal.
The reason I like this trend pairing so much, Is because it looks so cool and trendy. A street photograph was just this best option for this look.
This trend has been seen on so many runways and is perfect for those who loves layers. You will agree with me that it has a 90's touch. This is the second time I am wearing a skirt over pant, tho this Denim skirt is totally attached to the Denim pant.

It was so cold and I wanted a simple statement look, And this was what I came up with, 
A cut out knit cable sweater from Zaful, ripped skirted jeans, My good to go Adidas ZX. I wore a blazer Blazer by Gregory Arber for an extra warmth tho I carried a parka and covered my face with this cute casual pom Ball Pleuche Baseball Hat by zaful.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment in the box below. Happy Monday.

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