Thursday, February 9, 2017


Designing your own shoes is a way of being a self-starter.
Getting a unique gift can be sometimes stressful especially when you have lots of options, limited funds or too busy to shop. Mrmonkies gives you a room to express yourself, putting words and thoughts into reality. 
Create an entirely custom and unique design, just like you want it. Including getting the marker pens for designing the shoes and tees. 
Wondering if its nice to customize your clothings, why not? it helps you in different ways, like expressing yourself, finding what your actual fashion sense is, improves your styling, gets you to an independent point, makes you stand out etc.
The street art was appreciated by MrMonkies, showing so much love and creativity.
The Season when love is celebrated is here, design something for someone. Unique gifts are hardly forgotten, well protected and most times cherished forever. I choose to design my Shoes with Love. Love is a beautiful thing, cant be described yet expressed by many in different ways. 
Red, yellow and Pink used not just to express love but for pop art.

Would you like to design your own shoes? All hand drawn by talented artists. Sales is on, get 30% off Mrmonkies collection, also available for kids.
Still confused? Visit Mrmonkies for full details and Create your own style. You have lots of options to pick from. Enjoy your day.

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