If there are words for him I don't have them but what I do have is good news. He sent his son Jesus Christ as the word living proof, an image of the invisible God. The 1st born of all creation, but by him, all things were created, he is before all this and overall things he reigns. The humble son of God becoming the perfect sacrifice, he willing stood in our place, he is everything that was promised. Praise the living king.




Yah. Its Val's day Beautiful People, Enjoy your Day and love wisely. I have a class at 1 o'clock today, so let me quickly drop this before leaving.

Allow me to introduce the girl from the south. Her shoes are Speaking Fire. Perspex heels are my favorite at the Moment. Perspex is a huge trend right now which adds glam and style to any ankle boot, chunky heel or thigh-high boot. What's better with fashion, than wearing a Perspex boot on your feet? Right now.
Keep the heels chunky but the shoe classic with see-through barely-there styles and wrap-around-the-ankle detailing or a simple metal buckle. Don't be afraid of pairing them with color, coral and even denim work so well with this trend. Keep your look casual with jeans or dress it up in that figure-hugging bodycon dress.

Be careful while trying to a give boyfriend Jeans and Thigh high boot a try, you can get so hooked up with the sexy simple look. Let's just say T-shirts are competing with dresses. The trend has been seen with many celebrities, on runways and even on the streets of  Ukraine. 
Most People Like being simple yet want to make a statement, This is what you need.
The fav thing about this Trend, you spend less achieving this look, its simple. The Few tricks and tips to wearing this look are
1. For a basic office, look wear a blazer, pant and a statement necklace to add alongside a feminine touch.
2. Street look wear with Distressed Jeans and a Nice Pair of sneakers, preferably white. Adidas will do just fine.
* Tuck your shirt in your pant.
3. For a relaxed or loungewear: Seriously, I wear boyfriend tees most times, I love the look on me. On weekends, boyfriend tees are seriously the best PJs and loungewear to wear. 
* Fold the mini sleeve
* Make a simple knot on the side of your shirt. It looks really cute and casual. A little higher to form a crop top.
Humm, I see you are loving this trend already, Why wear mine, when you can have yours? Get this Transparent Flared Pointy Toe Clear Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots. Can't remember where I got my tee, Pull and Bear I guess.

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