Thursday, February 2


 It is very great that the winter period gives us some really good holiday cheer, but the inconveniences it comes with can be so crazy.
When the snow starts melting, we are all tempted to start wearing fancy shoes, because the weather gets really warm sometimes during this period.
The end of the cold weather can be so messy, everywhere looks really dirty and wet. The best shoe to wear is this leather  Buty trekkingowe by Sokolski which is a series from the autumn /winter collection.
The leather is genuine, the comfort is what makes me wear it the most. No wet feel on my feet, so cozy and has a nice grip preventing you from falling. Doest get wet even after matching n the snow.

Here are the 6 worst things about winter that I worry so much about. 
1. Time : This is my top issue, because I have to work with a bright weather while taking pictures. It gets dark by 3. Shorter days.
2. Depression : I have mixed feelings. Struggle to work and keep up with everything.
3. Wearing heavy coats, hats and itchy sweaters. You hardly can even feel comfortable sometimes.
4. Running nose, fever and chapped lips
5. Taxi gets really expensive.
6. Falling down.
7. White out: This is mini blizzard when you can not see far. That can be very risky while driving.
I hate winter, but one trick is covering and wearing the proper clothings during this period.
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