Tuesday, January 31


 Retro is officially defined as “imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past”, meaning it is not actually vintage or from the past, but inspired by it, just like all of our jewelry! By blending modern color trends and silhouettes and the aesthetic of years past, retro clothing and jewelry are a fun way to really express your personal style!

Flaunt your classic style and dazzle in this Sleeveless Boat Neck Ball Gown Dress which features a mini flare, lace design with lined under cotton sateen and round neck. Well Finished off with a back zipper for an added authentic vintage touch. The cotton sateen has a slight sheen giving it a touch dressier for a dinner outing, but still relaxed enough for an evening spent with friends.

How To Style a Retro Look:
Bright shades are a signature element of the retro style. Especially when they are combined in a gorgeous way. I believe I am not the only one who loves anything vintage. Most vintage dress has an adorable collared A-fit mini style, which looks absolutely stunning; yet, when it is designed in such an engaging color palette, it becomes absolutely impossible to fight its overwhelming power. The length of the frock is perfect to show off the beauty’s legs and cover what is necessary. I always love when its styled with Magnificent pumps, coupled with stylish handbags, gloves and trendy sunglasses that complements the outfit.

Saturday, January 28


Its crazy how fashion walks into our wardrobe and style changes everything. This nightwear outfit trend is one trend I will never agree with, most especially the satin texture. It Features a lazy quick out of bed look. It is a street style which has been approved.

Well I’m sorry to disappoint myself, but the trend, which has replaced the traditional suit, appears to be hotting up, because celebs and fashionistas are loving the easy just-got-out-of-bed look which pays homage to Hugh Hefner’s favorite attire, says red carpet fashionawards.

What is a Pyjama? a loose-fitting jacket and trousers for sleeping in.

Thursday, January 26


Happy New Month Beautiful People.
THis is a simple outfit review.
I am wearing an 
Buttoned Striped Embroidered Blouse from Sammydress.
Fashion Women Suede Solid Clutches Bag from Newchic.
Blue-and-white stripes are a classic. Stripes in a neutral form should be among your best print choice because they go with anything. I added the jeans oversized pants for a more comfortable look and my mesh heels by :Solewish.

Wednesday, January 25


Happy Friday Beautiful People.
To Purchase this piece, you can purchase each pair separately or as a pair.
Skirt only : Ankara maxi skirt.
Czasnabuty Shoes. Get shoes at the most affordable prices with good quality.

Tuesday, January 24


JD Williams are experts in size and fit clothing's for every body type both male and female. They have made available clothing's from different brands to fit different body shapes in a unique form. This has helped to bring fashion that fits and flatters your figure at amazing prices. 

Monday, January 23


Since Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday and it is not a holiday, let me give you some tips and ideas on what to wear from work to home.

Valentine dress adds a fascinating charm to your Valentine's day. The red color is associated with love and romance. Red-colored valentine dressing, accessories, and decorations make it feel more special with your valentine. Valentine dresses bring a sexy and romantic look with their unique styling.

To get more dresses, you can check out Everpretty.com. Here is the link to my fitted floral print long mermaid evening dress. This dress is neither lined nor stretchy. This dress is slightly padded in the bust. This dress does not have a zipper and is instead secured in the back with a lace-up corset design, allowing for a customizable fit. For most women, this dress will be floor-length. Material: 100% polyester; dress care: hand wash in cold water. It arrives really quick, safe, and well packaged.

You can always wear any color of dress or outfit to your Valentine's Day date with friends and loved ones.


Sunday, January 22


The shoes of the GUGU Style mean light sports shoes and immortal flip-flops. We put full print on them with a few very interesting themes that are perfectly visible and clearly communicate what you expect from each other and from the environment. Are you in? We hope yes, so put shoes on your feet and travel the world.

Saturday, January 21


Are you starting to get bored with classic prints and patterns and you’re looking for something unique to spice up your look, novelty prints are perfect for you. These prints are more interesting than regular run-of-the-mill prints and patterns that you usually see every day and a quick fix to bringing some quirky, funky, and personalized touch to your street looks.

There are lots of Novelty prints to try, such as the pop art print, food print, Geometric print, fruit print, lip print and the popular animal print.

Novelty print trend is a great way to express your love for your favorite things like anchors, cars, teddy bears, keys, telephones, and even flowers. Better opt for a novelty print dress, shoe or maxi skirt as it is meant to be noticed in a creative and quirky way. Novelty prints are great means for expressing your uniqueness, quirky nature, and friendly personality. So, be artistic and creative with your street style and be bold showing it off on the streets.

Show your love for novelty prints, visit Mr Gugu to purchase the Humburger sweater which is One of its kind, unique fully printed sweater, Stylish, warm and comfy - no matter how often you wash it, it won't fade away or loose it's shape. Get my Butcher shoes to complete your look.
Jeans : Loose Frayed Destroy Wash Harem Jeans by hit.

Friday, January 20


Winter can get really cold and that can really effect styling. Whether you agree or not, summer styling is the best. Winter is really challenging because you are not just trying to cover your body but you are also trying not to fall out of being stylish and not looking puffy. 

I decided to share this quick post, which has always worked for me, 6 accessories I wear to cover up in the cold but still look smart an sexy.

Coat : This is the number one statement marker for any winter outfit. Long coats makes you look fab in winter. They keep you warm and knee length coats gives you an attractive look. Woolen or slim leather coats look good with dresses and even tight fitted jeans. 
Tip : Always go for a black military coat or Grey coat.

Thigh high boots : Boots are what women prefer the most in winters. They are comfortable, stylish, and protects you from the cold. Thigh boots suits most occasions and to keep that sexy speaking this is sure a weapon. 

Layering : The layered look is quite a cool, trendy and quirky one for winters. It keeps you comfortable, and makes you look attractive too, and you can wear or take off as required. For example, it can start from full or half-sleeved tee or shirt, then a light jacket and then a front open sweater and couple with a muffler or a scarf and a cap and boots. However, this generally works well in really cold and snowy climate.

Mini Skirt : Showing a little skin sometimes can be safe in winter depending on how you go about it. Your panty hose is sure a back up plan, I mean wearing a panty hose which is very close to your skin color instantly gives that natural skin show. 
Besides not only miniskirts, fitted dresses,
Bunnies and Hat: Just before wearing your lipstick, add a hat or a knit bunny that suits your outfit, let some hair out and watch the look 

Red Lipstick : Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it. ‘It’s a symbol of prowess,’ says King.

Thursday, January 19


what I truly love is a pair of shoes that can be worn across multiple seasons. You know, one that’s neither too “summery” nor “wintery” and can move with you seamlessly from climate to climate with the simple switch of an outfit or addition of socks or tights. This versatility not only brings down your cost-per-wear but also simply adds to your quantity of shoe options year-round.
Sometimes changing and purchasing new shoes for every season can be a little stressful and pricey. 
Here are some Shoes that can take you through winter and spring. Some boots that have less fur coverage which serves as winter shoes can also we worn in spring.
To Purchase all the shoes Visit Casnaboty.
Here is a Link to all my shoes, follow this link and view all my shoes from Casnaboty.
Here is my latest warm tracker red boot. To purchase follow the link.
What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 17


Camel-colored pieces add instant luxury to your style. In the early 90s, camel hair became a beloved fabric among the Edwardian era dressmakers and it made its way to the U.S. Since then, it has weaved itself in and out of the preferred color as an understated luxury.
Embroidered Frayed Over shirt : Sammydress.
Bershka Top.
Striped Printed Harem Pants : Rosegal.
Do you want free shoes ? I mean nice shoes, with good quality, Then Casnaboty is the best online shoe retailer to visit.
Check out this block heel eyelet shoes in white, how pretty and dope it looks. To get this shoes please click on the link and head over to the online store.


New collection of dresses for all occasions. From floor-sweeping maxis, cocktail and bridesmaid dresses to race-ready dresses and work-to-weekend styles are all available. Designs include wrap dresses, strapless dresses, cap-sleeve dresses, A-line dresses and fitted dresses with a variety of lace, floral and polka dot prints and detailing.

Monday, January 16


Orange is such a lively and vibrant color. Orange is a flattering color for most of the skin tones as it instantly adds a natural glow to your skin. It could be the best ornament for your outfits. This post describes how to light up your over all look with orange color.

Sunday, January 15


The double monk strap shoe found great popularity in Europe. Specifically, the monks were most notably known to wear these shoes during this era, which resulted in the naming of the shoe. Monks wore these shoes for the additional level of protection they offered compared to the sandals they normally wore. The durability of these shoes made them the top choice for monks as their signature work shoe.

Originally, The monk strap had a difficult time being placed in either the formal or casual ends of the shoe-wearing spectrum. Considered too casual to be worn with a suit and too formal for many casual environments.

Saturday, January 14


This athleisure trend is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, you can easily achieve a chic casual look by wearing a hoodie. The new spin on what it means to look “Russian” in fashion: The designer tracksuit returns. Says VOG.
Hoodie gives sophisticated street wear a retro edge. The hoodies’ badges and appliqué details are a sporty take on the label’s characteristic embellishments. Those patches paired with bold block colors, add a playful vintage element to these pullover hoodies. This piece will complete any look, no matter if you wear sporty or preppy outfit. Make sure to design your hoodie with a twist. For example, you can layer your hoodie with a structured blazer and trousers for a funky-formal look. That way you can mix and match them with a maximum number of clothes.
Some of them involve an inversed collar that functions as a kind of scarf, it looks wicked under a coat. There’s a lot of work gone into these collars but they remain nonetheless fairly tricky to pull off.

Purchase this
Graphic Patched Hoodie and Pants Gym Suits.
Material: Cotton Blend
Clothing Length: Regular
Sleeves Length: Full
Pattern Style: Patchwork
Weight: 0.670kg
Package: 1 x Hoodie 1 x Pants.

Natural straight bangs remy human hair from RPGSHOW, It is a full lace wig,
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