Friday, January 20


Winter can get really cold and that can really effect styling. Whether you agree or not, summer styling is the best. Winter is really challenging because you are not just trying to cover your body but you are also trying not to fall out of being stylish and not looking puffy. 

I decided to share this quick post, which has always worked for me, 6 accessories I wear to cover up in the cold but still look smart an sexy.

Coat : This is the number one statement marker for any winter outfit. Long coats makes you look fab in winter. They keep you warm and knee length coats gives you an attractive look. Woolen or slim leather coats look good with dresses and even tight fitted jeans. 
Tip : Always go for a black military coat or Grey coat.

Thigh high boots : Boots are what women prefer the most in winters. They are comfortable, stylish, and protects you from the cold. Thigh boots suits most occasions and to keep that sexy speaking this is sure a weapon. 

Layering : The layered look is quite a cool, trendy and quirky one for winters. It keeps you comfortable, and makes you look attractive too, and you can wear or take off as required. For example, it can start from full or half-sleeved tee or shirt, then a light jacket and then a front open sweater and couple with a muffler or a scarf and a cap and boots. However, this generally works well in really cold and snowy climate.

Mini Skirt : Showing a little skin sometimes can be safe in winter depending on how you go about it. Your panty hose is sure a back up plan, I mean wearing a panty hose which is very close to your skin color instantly gives that natural skin show. 
Besides not only miniskirts, fitted dresses,
Bunnies and Hat: Just before wearing your lipstick, add a hat or a knit bunny that suits your outfit, let some hair out and watch the look 

Red Lipstick : Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it. ‘It’s a symbol of prowess,’ says King.

Outfit details : 
Coat : I am wearing the Shein Grey Long sleeve Trench coat, its pretty long and stylish, two sided pocket, has back slit and collar.
Top: Sammydress.
Grey boot: Shop : CASNABOTY.


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