In Nigeria, most people from age 30-100 do not get the reason and style behind wearing distressed/ripped jeans. I went to the market and a man shouted from afar “you should have torn all your clothes”. I replied to him, mind your business”. People tend to see you as bad or sluty wearing ripped jeans in Nigeria. Honestly, all I see are pretenders looking for people to judge and feel more righteous than.

People are mostly judged by the physical which is not bad but it is one of the biggest contributing issues we are facing in Nigeria. People want to feel better than you just because they are dressed in a certain way which they think is more appropriate than yours. Religious nation yet so envious of each other. Most times, when I go out wearing ripped jeans more than 4 people seem to have issues with it but one question they fail to ask themselves is whose body is the jeans on?. Well, this doesn't affect me in any way because I don't pay attention to such people I wear what suits me.

Giving that I mostly wear Ankara prints that are formal I decided to pair this cold should top with my ripped jeans instead of just pairing it with the skirt that matches it. 
You can purchase items from this outfit by clicking on the links below.
Ankara top: MADkollection. Also, styled here.
Ripped jeans: RebelliousFashion
A perfect read for you: WHAT TO WEAR FOR A WALKING TOUR?
Bucket bag: Jessicabuurman
White heels: Casnabuty.
More outfit selections here

Growing up as a woman, has been a top challenge for me. I never knew how beautiful it was to be a woman not until I started trying to be an independent Woman.
I admire lots of women who showed power influence from the holy book of the Bible. So I want to use this medium to encourage all the women in the world, to learn to support each other, having in mind that each and every one of us have our different role to play in life, we should not be in competition with one another rather try to be a better person as the morning breaks. You all are appreciated.
Happy Women's day.
Today, I am wearing an absolutely amazing outfit of mine,which I love so much. Who knew waist-training could be so fashionable. Waist trainers and corsets are now for fitness and fashion and this is fun to try.
A corset is a garment worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing it or with a more lasting effect). Both men and women are known to wear corsets, though this item was for many years an integral part of women's wardrobes. ref:wikipedia.
Happy Friday Beautiful People.
To Purchase this piece, you can purchase each pair separately or as a pair.
Skirt only : Ankara maxi skirt.
Czasnabuty Shoes. Get shoes at the most affordable prices with good quality.
Thank God its Friday, so excited about it. 
Happy weekend beautiful people. What is up for the weekend?.

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