Sunday, April 17, 2016


For people to click on a link, you need to make the Link significant and visible, Using the following ways:
To make the link visible, color and underline the link. People do not have to guess the link, most especially for those who do not have the time to the read through. Do not underline or color any text that is not a link because this makes the user confused on what is not a link.

Do not use two different colors when linking, this is to help the users identify which links they have clicked on. The colors of the un-visited link should be bolder, vivid and bright, than the color of the visited links which should be a little faint but still visible.
 The use of shouty colors for your links  attract clicks, tho some people get interested in an item so they just have to click on the link.

Blue: Is the best color to use when linking, it is the strongest perceived for clickabilitiy, but other colors such as Red, Yellow, Green, Pink can also be used. Avoid coloring any text unless it is a link.
Do not place links too close to each other, (except for the summary of some details), you can make the link fonts bolder for people having issues visualizing letters (generally people with vision Defect).

               If the links you need to put up is so much,you can make the irrelevant links faint by coloring the fonts with a lighter shade of the same color which will be used for the relevant link fonts, which should be  more outstanding by making it bolder. This is to help create a focus on the important links to be clicked on and this also gives a more defined blog/website content.

Thank you, for reading, hope you understood and learnt something new? To see more of this please visit our Tips and Inspirational Page.

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