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It is very important to care for your underwear's, most especially for the ladies.
I will briefly take you through some rules and guild on the management of your underwear, BUT before i start let me introduce you to my latest sets from LOUNGE, they are super comfortable and sexy. 
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Caring for your underwear's
Underwear's are delicate and fragile, it can be lace, cotton or silk. 
Caring for your underwear is very important as it prevents you for infection, keeps you comfortable and protects your sexual organ.
 Keep them separate from your clothes, this is for protection and easy access.

  Separate the different colors from each other before washing. 
My dear, it is 100% wrong to wash your underwear in the washing machine, for Christ sake these are your underwear's, the surface touches your sexual organ, hand wash them, get the specific places and apply that manual friction. They are delicate and so that speed of the machine is too much for it, it makes it lose the elasticity and quality, not also hygienic.
Soak them inside vinegar for 10-15 mins after wash, then rinse again with warm water, now this helps to keep the color.

Dry your underwear naturally, it is better. Do not use dryer or heater to dry them.
Use underwear hangers. Never spread your underwear on a wooden surface.
 This depends on the texture of the underwear (the material used). Softly iron your underwear with low heat. 

Some of us are guilty of wearing some specific underwear's, keeping them on rotation. That is not good because it fades away very fast. Bring out sets for the week, Do not repeat them next week.
It is good to change your underwear a two (2) to three (3) times a day, depending on the situation it can be more.
After every 6 months i get new underwear's, but some people say 1 Year is OK.

PS: Ladies, keep some specific underwears, that you should be worn only during your menstrual cycle.
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