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My experience with Max Air a domestic and international airline based in Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian that travels frequently by air you must have noticed a lot of new airlines, some succeeded while some airline companies didn't make it to the top. Nigerian flights are mostly direct flights. If you have been to Kano state from Port Harcourt city, then you should be aware that there are no direct flights from Port Harcourt to Kano. The 1st time I travelled from kano to Port Harcourt I used Azman air. It was pretty fast and kept to time. It was not a direct flight so when we stopped at Lagos state, we were directed to stay at a particular place while we wait for the time of our take off to Port Harcourt. We got port Harcourt on time and it was a smooth flight.

photo by https://www.ch-aviation.com/

I needed to book a flight back to kano from port Harcourt, so I began the search. I came across air Peace which was available but was ridiculously expensive price-wise, it was more than 60,000 naira for the local flight and it was being offered by a third party booking website. I got discouraged and decided to book a flight going to Abuja or Lagos then book another flight from there to Kano state, meaning I had to book two direct flights and flight timing in Nigeria is very delicate because most airlines fly around the same time. I closed my laptop that night feeling a bit sad about the situation. I woke up at 4am to search for flights going to Kano, I just wanted to give it one more try before taking the final decision. I went on Wikipedia to search for all the flight companies in Nigeria, that was how I discovered Maxair. I followed the link to the website and I searched for a flight going to Kano from Port Harcourt and it was available tho it wasn't a direct flight but it was a cheaper option. I booked the flight immediately to pay later in the morning.

I booked the flight without payment on the 21st of December 2019, 4:39am.
I paid for the flight in the morning and the payment confirmation was sent to me via email but the flight itinerary wasn't sent to me. I called all the numbers on their website severally but none went through. All the numbers were either switched off or the call was forwarded which never went through. I got worried and called a friend of mine working with the Nigerian immigration service to confirm if this airline actually exists and he confirmed that it does. I reached out to other people to help me try the numbers on their website and only one person was able to reach out to them later that day. The lady who answered the phone said she was at another branch and that we should call the Port Harcourt branch which wasn't going through. We insisted that she looked into the issue and explained to her that all the numbers on Maxair website are either not connecting or not available. She asked that my flight details and payment confirmation be sent to her via WhatsApp chat. It was sent and she said she was going to get back to us. We waited and also sent an email but no reply. The email was replied the next day which was the 22nd of December 2019,  the day I was supposed to fly to Kano state.
All endeavour to sort out my ticket issue failed. I decided to go early to the airport because my flight time was on a Sunday. I left home by 12:15 and got to the airport by 13: 25. My flight time was for 
DateSun 22 Dec 19All Times LocalFlight-NumberCabin (Book Class)
From:Port HarcourtDeparture17:30VM 1621 (HK)Y (R)
DateSun 22 Dec 19All Times LocalFlight-NumberCabin (Book Class)
From:AbujaDeparture20:35VM 1601 (HK)Y (R)
On getting to the airport I went to Maxair stand at Port Harcourt international airport Omagwa and tabled my complaint about my flight itinerary not being sent to my email and I was asked to wait for an hour for my details to be sent to the manager in charge of flight bookings. After an hour I went back to the max air stand and they asked me to wait a while which I did. In less than 3 mins after waiting for 1-hour a man walked up to me, he works with Maxair,  he had a big smile on his face. He said to me smiling "you won't be flying today because we didn't receive your payment".  He was smiling like it was good news and that provoked me so much. I asked him how can my account be debited, payment confirmation sent to me via email and you tell me you didn't get the payment. He said I needed to contact my bank for my money.

Here are the payment confirmations.

Immediately another man working with Maxair shouted from inside, with no professional approach, just buy another ticket and ask your bank for your money, I had no choice, I needed to fly so I did. The ticket price on the 21st December 2019 which I paid for was 
Price NGN 34999.00
AP TAX QT NGN 1000.00
Fuel charges YQ NGN 3000.00
Total Price NGN 38999.00
 But I was asked to purchase another ticket on the 22nd being the day of my travel, which costs more for
Price: NGN 38999.00
AP TAX QT: NGN 1000.00
Fuel charges YQ: NGN 3000.00
Total price: NGN 42999.00


Sunday, December 22

Golden rust dresses for special occasions 2020 : Alamour The Label

Incredibly flattering dresses. Golden rust speaks elegance and class. These gowns that do everything for your figure. Shine through any event with a Silky rusty dress. Rusty dresses are sophisticated and flattering.
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It's 5 days to Christmas, are your Christmas Holiday Greeting cards ready?

Everything looks really good this Christmas tho it might not be as perfect as planned but common who cares I just want to enjoy every moment until the end of the year. Giving Christmas cards is a tradition that a lot of people follow. Here are Christmas card ideas before it's Christmas day. Read more about Christmas.


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Hailey Baldwin oversize fit teddy coat style inspiration for winter

Teddy coats are so cozy and classy. They are an all-around fashionable everyday coat. Teddy coats have been trending and if you want to purchase a teddy coat, here are fabulous teddy coats styled by Hailey Baldwin to purchase this winter. 

coat faux fur coat long coat white sneakers denim jeans turtleneck knit hat hailey baldwin belt celebrity

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The cutest teddy coats and jackets every girl should own

Its cold outside and the best way to enjoy the weather is by covering up properly to stay warm and healthy. Affordable list of the cutest and warmest teddys coats can be found below. Some winter teddy coats are on sale.

1. Pink teddy coat

coat teddy bear coat white boots ankle boots cropped jeans crossbody bag black belt pink top

2. Red teddy coat

Red Statement Coat, Red Teddy Coat, Teal Tights | Colorblocking for Winter

3. Yellow teddy coat

Yellow teddy coat - Ellie / The Elle Next Door (@ellenextdoor) on Instagram

4. Blue teddy coat

Blue Teddy Coat - White Classic Chanel - NYC Street Style - Winter Outfit Inspo #streetstyleteddycoat

5. Golden rust teddy coat

@lomolife in our By The Fireside Jacket. The coziest comfiest teddy bear coat in a burnt orange color! Perfect for winter! #winterclothes

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What are you wearing to prom in 2020? Fashionable prom dresses

1. Modern Arabic Light Blue Formal Evening Dresses 2018 Elegant Off the Shoulder Front Split Long Evening Prom Dresses

2. Ball Gown Prom Dresses, 2020 Evening Dresses, Flowers Prom Dresses, Navy Blue Prom Dresses, Puffy Evening.

3.Charming Spaghetti Straps Sexy Blue Prom Dress, Evening Dress

4. Red structured dress.

5. 2020 Fashion Ball Gown V Neck Sparkly Satin Long Prom Dresses with Pockets, Cross Back Evening Dresses ML25.

6. Orange Prom Dresses 2020

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Clear Light Bulb on Black Surface1. You can never change the past; you have to forget your past experience because the past can hurt don't waste your time thinking about what you cant change.

2. Peoples opinions towards your dream can never define your reality; there are many defeats in life and peoples opinions are one of them. But never let yourself be defeated.

3. Everybody has his or her own race to run; the way our faces our different that's how our dreams are different.

4. You find your happiness within; Everybody has something inside of them that gives them that happy vibe.

Tuesday, December 3

Not every food can boost your mood, here are 8 foods that can make you happy instantly.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "eating fruits gif"

The word happiness is easily used everyday but the reality is that not everyone is happy. Happiness does not only depend on earnings, achievements, properties, and marriages, what we eat can contribute to our happiness. You want to be happy? keep reading.

1. Coconut

Coconut contains high levels of triglycerides. These are fats that aid your mood and also promote brain health. Do not take any form of processed or preserved coconut. The best form is unsweetened, natural pieces of coconut or coconut shavings.

2. Berries
Blueberries and Strawberries in White Ceramic Bowl
Berries are antioxidants and have been proven to regulate mood. They also help in the reduction of inflammation. Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries contain anthocyanidins and anthocyanins which help reduce depression and stress.

3. Avocado
Sliced Avocado Fruits on Round White Ceramic Plate
Apart from the fact that avocado is very good for our skin, hair, and nails they also make us feel good. They contain tryptophan which is an essential amino acid which when produced is used by the brain to produce serotonin a chemical also called the happy chemical because it contributes to our well-being and happiness.

4. Almonds
Almonds are rich in tyrosine which have been found to decrease our response to stress.
Brown Peanuts on Silver Steel Tray

5. Spinach
Bowl of Spinach
Spinach is an instant mood booster. Eating spinach and other leafy green vegetables will help to keep your serotonin levels up and improve your mood.
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