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These ultra chic court shoes are a modern essential. In modern times these shoes can be styled in different ways. Every woman’s footwear collection needs some classic court heels, and these provide all the elegance of court shoes with a modern twist and a V-shaped cut at the toe for a chic finish. These faux leather heels come with a stiletto heel to ensure looking great doesn’t compromise your comfort. Dress from the feet up this season, starting with a pair of this Czasnabuty.pl super-stylish shoes. Take your pick from chic courts heels.



Unsplash & Dropbox : Unsplash for Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a beautifully designed workspace that helps teams stay productive while collaborating. It’s more than just a place for writing: it’s a space that lets us review our team’s latest articles, have meaningful exchanges around specific problems, create the next to-dos, assign owners, and set deadlines all in one place, in real-time. In just under a year, Dropbox Paper became the essential tool for planning the next set of features for Unsplash, and it’s now how we build our company roadmaps.

That’s why we're thrilled to announce a partnership between Dropbox and Unsplash, where you can now choose from 850K+ beautifully curated photos to add to your Paper documents. 
With the Unsplash integration, you’ll be able to find the perfect header image for your project scope, put together a grid of photos for your client’s mood board, or prepare a dynamic template for all of your next presentations. 
Because the Unsplash library is build from such a generous, global community, the Dropbox team made sure that each photographer was properly cited in the integration. You will find the photographer's name and a link to their Unsplash profile under each photo, allowing you to discover more of their work.
More information here.
Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

Newlook spring/summer faux snake print collection

Snakeskin Print trend is a hot one at the moment. Animal print fashion has taken a different level in this era. Personally, I find it difficult wearing snake print because I get easily irritated by the print but the styling on Pinterest and Instagram got me trying to overcome my fears. This green neon faux snake print from the newlook 2019 collection is trending and would be a good option for your spring/summer wardrobe essential.

Monday, February 25

Dropship dresses: White Off Shoulder Puff Sleeve Button Front Vintage Dress

Off shoulder dresses remain trendy and are still going to be hot on the top trendy dress styles in summer 2019. Dropship dresses are so cheap and affordable. This Women's summer casual white off shoulder dress can be styled in different ways. I am looking forward to styling more white dresses during the summer.  Just like the little red dress (LRD) and the little black dress (LBD), a perfect summer travel and vacation must-have are white off the shoulder dresses and bardot dresses. You look super fresh wearing an all white outfit dazzling in a whiter than white thread.

You can purchase this cheap White Off Shoulder Puff Sleeve Button Down Front Plain Midi Dress. It features a flowy A-line flare skirt and a button front down pattern.

Hydrating Face and Body Moisturizing Mist Spray For Summer beach days: Fresh Juice Ice Mint Освежающая вода Review

Keep it cool with the Fresh Juice Ice Mint face and body moisturizing mist spray (Освежающая вода для лица и тела "Охлаждающая мята"). Body and face mist do more than just cool off your skin. Do you moisturize your skin in summer?. The summer heat can be so crazy, the hot atmosphere is so disturbing making you sweat a lot. Most times we complain about extremely dry skin or very oily skin. I usually go from too dry to too oily skin depending on the season and what type of beauty products I am using at that point in time. I was trying to figure out my skin balance until I decide to try this ice mint moisturizer which changed everything and kept my face and body moisturized.

Pamper your skin with gentle refreshing water “Cooling mint”, which will become your indispensable “companion” on hot summer days. This is a natural cosmetic product produced by a Ukrainian brand. Fresh Juice mist will give your skin intensive moisturizing, tone, and coolness. The basis of the formula is the extract of mint leaves, which has a great softening and anti-inflammatory effect, refreshes, nourishes the cells with nutrients and charges with energy. Due to its properties, mint soothes, fights dehydration, relaxes and relieves stress.
During the summer this a beach essential which should always be in your bag. This ice mist has a light and pleasant mint flavor, does not leave a feeling of stickiness after application, fixes makeup and perfectly tones. The panthenol contained in the elixir will help soften dry skin and restore its elasticity. This product was introduced to me by a friend and I figured I could do more with it. This refreshing water will take care of your skin from morning till late evening, providing it with maximum comfort, giving shine and attractive appearance!


Friday, February 22

Dropship Dresses: Mustard Tiered Sleeve Cold Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Mustard yellow is currently trending and what better way to get into the mood and make more of all the street style inspiration and luxurious runway showcase by wearing dropship dresses
This dress is very cheap and affordable and the fabric is also very OK for the price. The shipping time took a little longer than expected, I guess that was because it was sent during the holiday period.


How to identify toxic and negative people in your life

Toxic people are simply negative people. In the year 2019, I want to reach out to people who need to build trust in themselves and love themselves more. The mind is a very important part of our daily living and what we feed it with is what it takes in. Never leave it void, feed it with positive thoughts and one way to do that is by being around the right set people, having the right relationship and marrying the right partner.

Do you know that toxic people are the worst people to be around? They are goal killers, destiny stoppers, unhappy people who think they are happy, proud and the list goes on and on. There are simple ways to spot toxic people in your life. Some of you might be very familiar with this type of people but have overlooked it thinking it's normal either because we are used to them or have been in long term friendship, situationship or relationship with them. It can also be because you are afraid of being lonely but in actual sense, you do not need all these toxic people with bad energy because it is not just about the physical but it goes deeper and can affect you spiritually.

Here are the three groups of toxic people you need to watch out for and get rid of.

Never in agreement with your life goals.
 They never say anything good or accept any suggestions/plans you bring up. This set of people are ever ready to discourage and make you feel your plans are impossible and can never work. They never give an alternative all they do is bring down and condemn every step you try to take forward. I call them goal killers watch out for them and get rid of them.

Non action takers support system.
 In my years of blogging, I have never met anyone who is as passionate as I am towards my blog. I have done it all on my own and I have fallen and gotten up all on my own and I am still moving on. You will say of course it's your business you have to be more passionate about it than any other person, that is totally right but if you do not have people in your life who are at least (5% energy) giving a positive passion and support towards your business or career then you have the wrong people around you.
Note: If the support is one-sided then you should not be that person life. 

I have lots of friends who talk about my blog but never try to share or promote it. Now, this is optional and can be seen from different angles. For me, I don't mind still keeping this person in my life because I have already zeroed them all but the truth is you don't need this type of people in your life. Your friends, family and partners should always stand as a strong support system to any positive thing you are doing.

The problem/issue procrastinators.
These are one of the most ignorant set people I have come across in my life. One thing you should understand about this set of people is that they use every opportunity they get to promote bad memories and bad energy. This mostly happens in friendship and relationships. When you have minor issues with your friend or partner which is supposed to be talked about and sorted out but they prefer to keep silent about it for more than 3 days, then believe me that person doesn't want you to be happy. Here is what a happy and positive person does, they try to fix the situation because they are not used to being in a toxic environment. They always want to be at peace with everyone and promote good energy.
Note: They leave that problem open and leave you in a toxic atmosphere. They go about their normal life because they feel stronger in this atmosphere.

Take, take but they never give
People who keep collecting from you and never give back or return are obstacles in your life. These are people who help demolish and destabilized your plans. You might want to keep this person in your life but if you have to do that then you need to learn how to say no to such people. 
Truth: You don't need such kind of people in your life. Cut them off.

They never compliment you
Now, this is a very easy way to spot jealous people in your life. No matter what you do or how gorgeous you look they will never say a complimenting word. They just stare and process pain and evil. This is common around young adults and youths. Get rid of them before the envy and jealousy becomes uncontrollable and they harm you.

Do not think you can handle any of these situations or ever managing it. When you try to manage bad situations your mind sees them as a practice (remember habits are formed by constantly doing the same thing). You psychologically unknowingly to yourself accept this bad energy and give space toxic behaviours which start seeming normal to you.

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Photo by Pixabay

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Cheap affordable shoes and bags under $100 on sales now

Fashion comes in different forms and styles. The expensive luxury fashion straight out from the runway to the cheap bags and shoes affordable and ready for purchase. Getting good cheap bags shoes can help you save money. There are online shops like Jessica Burman and which retails good bags and shoes with great sales.

Below is the Brown Muses lock embellished suede tote bag in size large. This bag is very classy and looks prettier than in the picture.
You can purchase these red classy pointy heels from Czasnabuty.pl. These shoes are so comfortable, affordable, and perfect for different occasions. It has stones around the heels the night look is wow.


Rumination : Practicing Emotional Hygiene

Rumination is obsessively over-thinking or replaying mentally a past negative event again and again but make no real progress toward what we are thinking about. Ruminating can also be said to be simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion. This is a clear symptom of depression. If anyone gets depressed rumination comes into play, it gives you a feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness. Nevertheless, this never gets issues solved and we all have one time in our lives gone through this stage of life and can testify that it feels really bad and sad.

Each time we have an issue with ourselves or other people we can't just stop thinking about it. The danger of this is that it can easily become a habit which is so unhealthy because when so much time is focused on upsetting a negative thought you are actually putting yourself at significant risk of developing clinical depression, alcoholism, eating disorders and even cardiovascular diseases.

The urge to ruminate can be very strong but one thing is sure, you are stronger because you can be in total control of your mind. One cure to negative thoughts is having a positive mind towards what you are thinking about. There are a lot of people who are physically healthy but psychological they are sick. Studies have shown that even a two minutes distraction can break the urge to ruminate. The very best way to overcome rumination is by forcing/distracting ourselves with other positive activities and by so doing, we are able to battle negative thinking.

Tuesday, February 19

10 premium men spring/summer streetwear 2019

Streetwear is a very good means to express yourself. Streetwear has revolutionized the area of fashion, and it has come to be a lifestyle. Streetwear is a vital part of the fashion and lifestyle industry alongside other styles. Men are getting more stylish in a more colourful way. Here is men's style inspiration which is trending in 2019.

How to dress in winter to look trendy, fashionable and stylish

Looking stylish in winter is not just about having the right winter cover up accessories but this also depends on your mood. Some people easily get bored during the winter period and adding colors to your outfit can give you a sense of vibrancy and help improve your mood making you even more active.  
There are different ways to look stylish during the winter period which depends on your winter wardrobe. I use to gather jackets but at this point I think very few good jackets are needed with some cute head warmers, gloves, winter shoes and scarves.

Monday, February 18

Refined coconut oil : Hillary Premium Quality Coconut Oil : %100 NATURAL

Different coconut oil brands online, your skin and hair suffers when you keep trying the wrong products. I woke up this morning feeling inspired and positive so I decided to share with you all one of my hair moisturizing  products which I have been using for months now and generally it has been the best coconut oil so far.

Obviously, I am into the natural hair style. I am growing my natural hair but paying less attention to it. I got this product from an online store which basically ships to your door step within two to three days. This is not a paid review I just want to share this so you all can enjoy this good product and purchase it.

Thursday, February 14

How to wear earth tones: 4 Essential Color Pairings for Rocking Earth Tones

Earth tones are naturally occurring colors that are the same color as Mother Nature. Earth tones are a winter staple. Whether you are adding earthy tones to your wardrobe to upgrade your look, accessorizing, or making the focus with a great coat, these earthy tones help to ground the bright pops of color and sparkle that were the cornerstone of your holiday wardrobe. Today we are going to show you four color pairings to really rock ”earth tones this winter! Let’s check it out!

Red and brown

Have you ever paired red and brown? If not, you must try this amazing match this winter! The earthy brown coat tones the whole look, making it perfect for every day, while the fun red top adds a bright pop of color. These two are the perfect complement to each other.
Many people don’t know how to wear a red leather jacket. Take some inspiration from the picture above and pair it with a brown suede skirt for an earthly southwestern look. It’s both beautiful and cool!
The easiest way to achieve this gorgeous red and brown combo is to pick some red accessories while keeping your main ensemble neutral, like in the photo above.

Photo from telegrah

Blue and caramel

Caramel-colored clothing has really risen in popularity over the last few years. If you don’t already have some, you should be planning to add some caramel-colored pieces to your wardrobe ASAP. Try pairing a lake blue sweater underneath a caramel coat for a totally unexpected and gorgeous look this winter.

A sky blue hoodie paired underneath a caramel coat is another fun take on the pairing. A hoodie has the added charm of school days, adding a casual and youthful vibe to your look.

Though we love the lighter blue pairings above, we have to say that royal blue and caramel may be our favorites! These two rich hues, paired together, create a show-stopping look.

Wednesday, February 13

Valentine's day beautiful special dresses under $50 to purchase from Ever-Pretty

It is almost Valentine day and everyone is happy and looking forward to showing and express love. I am also excited because I get to share some valentine inspo with you all. I am also looking forward to your special post and articles after valentine's day.

www.ever-pretty.com is offering a new markdown sales for the Valentine season this February.
Everyone has been sharing lots of Valentine day dress idea and I have something vibrate and quick for you all. The styles are simple and I suggest you keep it as simple as you can. Less is more like we always know.

Wondering if a sequin dress is a good idea for a Valentine date or night out with friends? like girl yes. You can shine all the way up. Nothing should ever stop your shine. Glitter and sparkle all night long and have the most wonderful time. 

Tuesday, February 12

How To Wear a Beret : The cold winter and your mental health

Beret gives you a whole different look from your usual look. It transforms your outfit and gives a sophisticated look. A fashion Beret is not only made to keep you warm but also a nice dress-up piece. Tho, it is more practical during the cold season as it shields your head from the cold. We all know how dangerous this cold can be to our health if we do not cover up the right way.  A beret is very important for those who want to cover up and yet remain stylish. The cold has a lot of influence on our health in general and most commonly mental health.

The weather can affect our mental health and this is why a lot of people get easily depressed in the winter period. If you are in this situation and need help, there are online therapists which can help you stay strong through this weather. Find a therapist here.

This is a comeback street trend that I love so much. One reason I always wished I could join the military is that I love the statement hats and Berets they wear. They are available in different head sizes and colors.

Red is the most worn color.
If you have not yet tried out the beret fashion trend that has been seen on celebrity and on runways. The daily magazine features beret styles and how it can be styled in recent styles. I have complied with different ways to style a beret, let me know which is your favorite style.
Purchase this red Beret from Szaleo.pl.

Red berets are the most demanded berets because of how beautiful and vibrant the color is. The vintage fashion to the modern street style.
Sunglasses by Giant vintage. 

Cheap White Berets

You can read more and view the full article by clicking on the link above.


Monday, February 11

Trendy Green Sexy Fitted Green Velvet Cocktail Dress (www.ever-pretty.com/us/)

This green velvet dress is a chic 90s come back style. I use to hate velvet but of recent the designs have been so much fun to try and I am getting really attracted. It actually reminds me of my childhood, the fabric or material used for covering the furniture's is a look alike. The velvet trend is one of the most worn come back trends, which have been seen on runways and celebrity red carpet events. This Chic velvet cocktail dresses is a staple you don't want to miss out on. The night outs, simple meet ups and dates, this dress is a perfect fit for them all. Get a head start on your fall and winter wardrobe and stock your closet with LVDs (Little Velvet Dresses)! available in different colors and sizes. This sexy velvet midi dress is perfect for homecoming, cocktail parties, and fall weddings. This dress is fully lined. It is padded in the bust for bra optional wear. A concealed zipper up the back secures the dress in place. This dress is highly stretchy and designed to hug your curves. The spaghetti straps are adjustable for a customized fit. On most women this dress will be short, reaching about mid thigh in length.

Sunday, February 10

Ever-pretty Love Sparkles Off Shoulder Floor Length Sequins Evening Gown

Introducing the Ever-Pretty Love Sparkles Collection! Shimmer and shine at all your special events in these gorgeous sequin dress. From fun and flirty cocktail dresses to stunning floor length evening gowns, this collection has it all. Wear these beautiful sequin dresses to prom, cocktail parties, galas, and balls. Or try your hand at the super stylish sequin bridesmaids dress trend that is taking Instagram by storm! No matter where you wear them, these sequin gowns are sure to make a statement!

Friday, February 8

DEXA SCAN: Body Fat, Muscle, and Bone Testing (https://dexascan.com/)

When last did you perform a body scan? can you remember? most of us tend to overlook our health. 
Lately,  there has been a lot of buzz about body scans and their use as diagnostic tools for early detection of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other issues. What better scan to use than the Dexa scan.

What is Dexa scan?
A DEXA scan, or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (the measurement of the amount of radiation absorbed (as by living tissue) especially to determine density), uses x ray technology to determine the distribution of lean muscle, fat, water, and bone in your body. Unlike any other body composition measuring tool, DEXA results are highly accurate and highly reproducible.

It works by passing two safe and very low dose x-ray beams at differing energy levels through the tissues of the body. The amount of radiation that passes through the tissue is measured by a detector. The computer then determines how much of your tissue is muscle fat water or bone and where it’s all stored.


Tuesday, February 5

Your personal Google+ account is going away on April 2, 2019

Photo by Pedro Sandrini from Pexels
This is a big announcement from google plus and in a way, I feel a little sad about it. A lot of share groups will be going off and it was a big traffic source for some of us. Anyways, we are all saying a big thank you to the google plus team and do have a great future ahead.

please read carefully.

Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 February 2019. 

Google+ widgets: Support for the “+1 Button”, “Google+ Followers” and “Google+ Badge” widgets in Layout will no longer be available. All instances of these widgets will be removed from your blog. 

+1 buttons: The +1/G+ buttons and Google+ share links below blog posts and in the navigation bar will be removed. 

Please note that if you have a custom template that includes Google+ features, you may need to update your template. Please contact your template supplier for advice. 

Google+ Comments: Support for Google+ comments will be turned down, and all blogs using Google+ comments will be reverted back to using Blogger comments. Unfortunately, comments posted as Google+ comments cannot be migrated to Blogger and will no longer appear on your blog.

You've received this email because you have a consumer (personal) Google+ account or you manage a Google+ page.
In December 2018, we announced our decision to shut down Google+ for consumers in April 2019 due to low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers' expectations. We want to thank you for being part of Google+ and provide next steps, including how to download your photos and other content.

On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. Note that photos and videos backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted.

The process of deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts, Google+ Pages, and Album Archive will take a few months, and content may remain through this time. For example, users may still see parts of their Google+ account via activity log and some consumer Google+ content may remain visible to G Suite users until consumer Google+ is deleted.

Sunday, February 3

Instagram winter fashion trends to try : Trending on Instagram

Of late, I have been enjoying some Instagram feeds and the dope street style trends fashion stars have been pulling off. I think fashion steps higher every year and this time everyone is diving into the fashion world. I love colors and I also learnt a lot from Instagram when it comes to editing your photos, best hashtags to use and the best time to post on Instagram.

This was two Sundays ago, I was asleep and my friend called me to remind me of our appointment which was in 30 mins time. No planned outfit I just picked up my ski track pants, the Zaful denim and track mix hoodie with my white mini heel shoes from Czasnabuty.pl.


Celebrity fashion trends: Patent Heels + Where to Buy? (Amiclubwear.com)

These heels are a great go-to for a bold look! Featuring; patent, clear, pointy toe, perforated, clear heel, slip-on, and a cushioned footbed. Approximately 4 1/4 inch heels.
Patent heels are my fave at the moment! The patent heel trend is a huge trend right now and adds glam to any look. 


Friday, February 1

Perfect white walking cradle pumps for office style : Czasnabuty.pl

This shoe reminds me of nurse Polina, a nurse who walked at our family company hospital. She was always so hard on everyone and wore this kind of shoes. I and my siblings nicked named this shoes "Polina". The funny part of this story is that if you have offered me this shoes then I would have never appreciated it but look who wants more low heels and a subtle looks. I guess that's me growing everyday and I am so glad and excited about the changes in my life.
 I always wanted to own a white pair of simple heels which fits into my daily wardrobe. The 1st pair of white shoes I owned also had block heels but a bootie design style with high block heels.. 

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