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Instagram Fashion winter trends to try : Trending on Instagram

Of late, I have been enjoying some Instagram feeds and the dope street style trends fashion stars have been pulling off. I think fashion steps higher every year and this time everyone is diving into the fashion world. I love colors and I also learnt a lot from Instagram when it comes to editing your photos, best hashtags to use and the best time to post on Instagram.

This was two Sundays ago, I was asleep and my friend called me to remind me of our appointment which was in 30 mins time. No planned outfit I just picked up my ski track pants, the Zaful denim and track mix hoodie with my white mini heel shoes from

Below are some styles I will like to try out this season. Vintage with a modern touch. I know it will look good on me. I tried the jumps trouser style and it looks really, cant wait to share with with you all.


  1. All of these styles are so bold and fun. I love your look in particular!

  2. It's fun to try new looks. Enjoy!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  3. I can totally see you rocking those colorful styles!! Esp the puffer one!

  4. You Have Such a good styling ideas looking good in this pictures.
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  5. Very interesting winter trends but my favorite is yours! I like combination of colors and your trousers!

    Blog -
    YouTube –


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