Friday, May 22


Red Nose Day is a campaign to end child poverty, one nose at a time. Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises money and awareness to ensure children who need our help the most are safe, healthy and educated in America and around the world.Save the children

Save the ChildrenWant to help us end child poverty?

Help change the story for children and tune in to NBC on 5/21 at 8 p.m. ET for special programming in celebration of Red Nose Day! This year, the three-hour programming block features a very special episode of "Celebrity Escape Room" followed by the sixth-annual "Red Nose Day Special." There will be laughs, there will be celebs, and there will be money raised to help children safe, healthy, and educated.

Wednesday, May 20

8 practical ways to make money during the lockdown

It is not new that the lockdown is hitting hard on our finances. Acting smart and doing what can profit you in the right way, keep money flowing into your account is the smartest move to make. It doesn't matter how small because that little accumulates into usable funds.
I am sharing 8 practical ways you can generate income during the lockdown. Be very patient to build on whichever you decide to go for.


1. Convert your shop to an ATM
This is for Nigerian citizens, find out more about it in your own country.


Monday, May 18

Femme luxe : White Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress - Malia

So I have been wondering if I was the only person that got contacted by people that never keep in touch. I believe that care should not be conditional especially when it is not taking anything away from you. People who want you or value you will always find a way to say hi, even if its ones a week. During this lockdown a lot of people I mean old friends have contacted me and I believe it is because they are having some kind of boring moments due to the ongoing quarantine. I find it difficult to reply to such messages or return such calls, especially when it is someone I tried following up on but the person gave the so busy vibe.

This lockdown is bringing people together but I feel people who haven't been in touch and all of a sudden they start writing to you during the lockdown are only doing it because they are extra bored not because they are really concerned. There are levels to selfishness and I feel like this is a period in which you see so many selfish people. 

Due to the quarantine, I tried my best-taking photos of me with my phone in the evening and here is the result.  I really like the White Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress - Malia. It is very simple and easy to style. Keep it classy in our White Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress. This must-have cowl neck and gorj ruched design are to die for. The elegant bardot neck and midi length are perfect for you next classy night out. 

This dress is available for purchase on Femmeluxe for just £33.98 £16.99 (50% OFF)

£15.29 after EXTRA 10% OFF With Code: TKE10


Thursday, May 14

Sending gifts that speak love through the lockdown.

While this lockdown is still on in some countries shopping online has been my way out to get most items I need. Sometime, two weeks ago I started feeling a bit down and all, I broke down and I felt a bit off from just having to do same routine everyday. I guess I got tired of the whole situation and the way the world is focused on the Coronavirus. I called my loved one and I got consoled and felt better. Honestly, I know I am not the only one who has gone through that stage but I am sharing this to encourage someone that all is gonna be well. 

I started developing other skillful part of me and also shopping online due to the massive bonus and sales lots of shops are offering to clear up items from the winter collection and welcome to summer collection. While all this is still on and our health care workers and other front line workers fight to bring a lasting solution, keeping in touch with our loved ones will help us stay psychologically stable.  We are still hoping to have a fun-filled summer in 2020. One perfect way of making your loved ones feel better is by communicating with them regularly, sending gift items and handwritten notes. 

Gifts can go a long way in making someone feel even better. There are different gifts options that top the list. You can send food items, music playlist, protective materials, personalized jewellery sets and lots more. These are items that everyone will appreciate and feel good about. Gnoce jewellery is offering a big discount sales, you buy 2 jewellery and get 1 for free. This will definitely safe you a lot of money in gifting more than one person. Take advantage of their 5th happy birthday sales.

Generally jewelries are timeless gifts you can give to anyone at any point in time. You can give pieces of jewellery at any occasion, weddings, bridal shower, birthday or even as an anniversary gift. Jewelries always come in handy because they never go out of style. What makes them even more special is when you personalize them to fit the persons style or send words that will pass a beautiful message to your loved one. Personalizing jewellery charms makes it even more special and unique. 

Wednesday, May 13

Shapewear bodysuit for all body types.

Body shapers are the instant game-changers. Not everyone is familiar with body shapers. Body shapers are a piece of clothing in which you wear to give your body an illusion of curves, flatter or slimmer body depending on which body sharper you are going for. There are different types of body sharper, it covers a wide range. Apart from the confidence, you gather from wearing a body shaper especially the ones that are smoothly designed to give a more natural and curve look they also enhance your look in general and correct bad postures.

During my university school days, I tried a lot of clothing items which includes body shaper bodysuit. I remember wearing a body shaper to lectures which I always wanted to try and I was actually a bit excited about it. I got up that morning prepared for my classes and then dressed up wearing my body shaper. I got to the university feeling fly and all but after few minutes I started feeling really uncomfortable, I tried adjusting it but that didn't help out, I actually had to leave my lectures to go and remove the body shapers. 

For me body shaper are amazing but comfort always comes first. Love beauty body shaper gives it all, which also includes a wide range of body shapers for women. There are body shapers that I totally recommend being that it is well needed and highly durable and comfortable. People wear body shapers for different reasons and these are highly important body shapers for women.

Loverbeauty shapewear is restructuring beauty in a natural form producing shapewears that are affordable yet features high-quality materials and well-marked shapers. When purchasing body shapers be sure to purchase from a recommended and trusted shapewear company, this is because shapers produced in mass without considering the human body shape deeply can give you a bad result.

1. Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper.

After undergoing surgery, body shapers are needed to also help form and give those curves and tummy a firmer and natural look. Using a postpartum surgery tummy shapewear would come in handy as even surgeons recommend it.


Tuesday, May 12

Inspirational Tuesday Quotes : Instagram Picks

Inspirational Quotes

I like to pin quotes on Pinterest. I found some inspiring quotes on Instagram and Pinterest. Follow my Pinterest for more beautiful content compilation. Quotes are amazing words that can give us a new insight towards a better or nee beginning. 



Friday, May 8

Outfits I am loving from the way runway : Pinterest spring fashion picks

Who else loves browsing through Pinterest for fashion, decor, quotes and lots more. Pinterest rates as one of the highest search engines. I am beginning to love it even more. These are lovely outfit I will like to recreate in my own way. Let me know your best?. More on how to style.


Wednesday, May 6

6 ways to stay connected during self-isolation

Self-isolation can be frustrating, you start feeling bored and sometimes you even become mentally affected. Personally, I broke down two days ago everything got really tough thinking about my loved one in the front line. It's no surprise that at the moment you might be feeling bored and distant from your family and friends that are isolating as on the other side of the world. 

Some people have been glued to their tv set, subscribed to different movie platforms but even at that it can get really boring, come to think of it your eyes are at risk. 

In other to stay connected and close to your family members while self-isolating here are ways to keep them close.

 1. Book club: Reading and discussion group.
I started a book club on telegram with a friend ( nalianka). This is a perfect time to read more. You can start reading books with your friends and family, discuss it over video chat. This keeps you going and helps you look forward to something hereby keeping your brain active and staying socially connected in a positive way.

2. Playing online games

Trust me this helps a lot, you are not just active but you also feel challenged and it also takes your mind off the issue the world is facing at hand. I play ludo king and spelling Scrabble games.

3. Work out together on video chat.

Exercising is a very effective way of staying active, positive and keeping your mental health intact. Because we are all on lockdown doesn't mean that you can't work out with someone. You can work out with your friends and loved ones on video chat.

Cheerful surprised woman sitting with laptop


Monday, May 4

Goli Nutrition: World first Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies -1 Month result

Hi everyone, I shared a video on my youtube channel talking about the Goli nutrition dietary supplement I used for both weight control and skin glow. I want you all to go check out the video on youtube and let me know what you think about it. Don't forget to subscribe. Use the code (melody) for your purchase.

 Use the code (melody) to get a huge discount for your purchase.

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Saturday, May 2

How To Style Femmeluxefinery Red Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica

Happy new month. 
This is really a tough period to be alive. Everyone is trying to hold on and stay in good health. I personally try to stay active in different ways rather than just seeing movies and sitting in one position. I started having back pain and this made me start working out. I also started learning more about photo edit and makeup. I hope you all are keeping to the rules and staying safe. Do not forget to wash your hands and do the needful.

Have anyone noticed that there have been lots of discounts flying around and femmeluxefinery is not leaving us out on this. I am going all sexy ish this summer and my list is countless. 
This dress is an absolute stunner. It goes from classy to sexy. I love red dresses because of how simple it is to style. Red is such a passionate and dramatic colour, it attracts attention with very strong emotions, love and strength. Wearing red dresses gives a stimulating vibrant, and exciting look. 

My red belted bodycon midi dress is from Femmeluxefinery, belted style, V neck with a bodycon fit. This dress suits both summer and winter fashion. For summer pair it with nice strappy heel sandals, styling it in winter pair with black thigh high heel boots. I love the fit on me. This luxe Red belted bodycon midi dress hugs my body so well making me feel even sexier. 


Friday, May 1

Sign the thank-you card now to show your support for community health workers

Save the Children’s community health workers are in communities around the world saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic. In honour of World Immunization Week, they deserve to know they have our deepest gratitude and support during this difficult time. Sign our card to say thank you for all these dedicated workers who are risking their own health and safety for others.

As we observe World Immunization Week in the face of a global pandemic, we recognize the lifesaving efforts of community health workers around the world.

While we may not yet have a coronavirus vaccine, community health workers are dedicated to providing children with the resources and care to combat other deadly diseases and make sure they're as healthy as possible.

These heroes deserve to know that as they are risking their lives to save others, we are supporting them. That's why we need 3,217 more members of this community to sign our card of gratitude to health workers everywhere as they respond to the coronavirus.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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