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6 ways to stay connected during self-isolation

Self-isolation can be frustrating, you start feeling bored and sometimes you even become mentally affected. Personally, I broke down two days ago everything got really tough thinking about my loved one in the front line. It's no surprise that at the moment you might be feeling bored and distant from your family and friends that are isolating as on the other side of the world. 

Some people have been glued to their tv set, subscribed to different movie platforms but even at that it can get really boring, come to think of it your eyes are at risk. 

In other to stay connected and close to your family members while self-isolating here are ways to keep them close.

 1. Book club: Reading and discussion group.
I started a book club on telegram with a friend ( nalianka). This is a perfect time to read more. You can start reading books with your friends and family, discuss it over video chat. This keeps you going and helps you look forward to something hereby keeping your brain active and staying socially connected in a positive way.

2. Playing online games

Trust me this helps a lot, you are not just active but you also feel challenged and it also takes your mind off the issue the world is facing at hand. I play ludo king and spelling Scrabble games.

3. Work out together on video chat.

Exercising is a very effective way of staying active, positive and keeping your mental health intact. Because we are all on lockdown doesn't mean that you can't work out with someone. You can work out with your friends and loved ones on video chat.

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4. Regular video chat.

Download any video chat app that best suits you. Skype, WhatsApp video, Zoom are perfect for keeping up regular communication with your loved ones. This will stop you from feeling lonely because seeing your family and loved ones regular is another level of satisfaction and happiness.

5. Make a collaborative playlist

Music streaming services such as Spotify, Qup and Apple Music allow users to make collaborative playlists, anyone can contribute to the playlist. This helps you stay active.

6. Sing together: Download karaoke apps with duets.

Sing with your loved ones because positive music heals the soul. Music can make you feel good. You can get competitive in a healthy way. 

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