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Quora Answers: What's Better For Weight Loss: Diet Or Exercise?

Jim Reid former Toronto Top Level Athlete & Coach

Hi Melody
To the majority of people exercise is better for us than dieting to lose weight. But the majority is wrong about significant weight reduction by exercise. Exercise is better for fitness, but very inefficient and ineffective for weight reduction. Also, the minority who believe dieting is better for weight loss are also wrong. Dieting involves all sorts of commercialized schemes, which are unhealthy in the long term and so shocking to our bodies, we have huge cravings after the weight went down that cause us to go back to our old everyday diets of eating everything we feel like when we feel like and how we feel like. The pounds come back like bad thoughts.

The TRUTH is that we will reduce weight steadily by self-control over what we eat for the rest of our lives. Once we learn the knowledge about our metabolism systems and nutrition knowledge and change our eating lifestyle, we will control our body's metabolic balance and recover the perfect metabolic fitness our inner body will manage for us every single day.

The other ingredient is our self-control. Our human spirit can control the thoughts and feelings generated in our minds by our bodies along with our carnal spirit, which we are born with.

Once we choose to put our maturing spirit mind in control to learn about our body and how it uses what we feed it, we can begin to overcome all the temptations, cravings and addictions, which make up our carnal natures.

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Or fall for the either/or proposition, or think you should be able to concentrate on one to the exclusion of the other.

Diet and exercise work together to form a virtuous cycle.

Of course, it’s the reverse of the one that leads to inactivity and loss of fitness.

The more you exercise, the greater the strength, and the greater the ability to burn calories.

So if “weight loss” is the goal, both are necessary.

But why should “weight loss” be a greater goal than strength, fitness, health and vitality?


Monday, July 27, 2020

Wine Cut Out One Shoulder Diamante Trim Dress

Yes, girl, you can't tell me nothing about this Femmeluxerefinery wine cut out one shoulder diamante trim dress, like looks time sis....ahhhhh. This my first time wearing a dress with this style of front and back cut out and I couldn't be bolder. At first, I felt a bit comfortable but as I relaxed and got into the night I caught up with the night and boom every eye was on me. I got compliments. This Wine Cut Out One Shoulder Diamante Trim Dress is totally gorgeous and trendy.

This dress is available in different sizes:

This dress features one-shoulder long sleeve design, cut out front and sassy diamante split trim.


Cut Out

One Sleeve

Split Leg

Diamante Trim

Available In Size 6-12

Mini dresses are very versatile, I have been wearing lots of mini dresses this summer which is because I like how I can dress them down to look simple. My little red dress from Femmeluxefinery is very affordable. You have lots of products to buy such as trending trouser styles, sexy corset dresses, Black lace bodysuit, in fashion jean styles and lots more.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Femme Luxe Silver Metallic Strapless Flare Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Hoban

Show me a grey mini dress more beautiful than this silver metallic strapless Bardot satin mini dress. I like how this dress flatters my body. When the sun hits the dress it reflects in a lovely way. After a long-wear, my skin felt uncomfortable due to the type of satin material used. This is a lovely little grey dress which suits a simple meet up, evening outing, party etc. You can choose to tuck in the hands of the dress to give you a full strapless look instead of off the shoulder look. 

Add some sparkle to your 'fit this season and make a serious statement wherever you go in the Silver Metallic Strapless Bardot Satin Mini Dress. Featuring a metallic pink pattern in a gorj' bodycon mini fit, we've got major heart eyes over this mini dress.

Mini Dress
Available In Sizes 6-12

Mini dresses are very versatile, I have been wearing lots of mini dresses this summer which is because I like how I can dress them down to look simple. My little red dress from Femmeluxefinery is very affordable. You have lots of products to buy such as trending trouser styles, sexy corset dresses, Black lace bodysuit, in fashion jean styles and lots more.

Silver Metallic Strapless Flare Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Hoban

Regular price£39.98 £8.99 (78% OFF)
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Rose Gold Metallic Strapless Flare Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Hoba
Silver Metallic Strapless Flare Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Hoban


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Rise of Holistic Wellness in America

Embracing Natural Options for Life and Health

Sixty-six per cent of all adult Americans rely on prescription medications to help keep them healthy. In total, Americans spend $3.4 trillion on medical care every year. 
As more and more people realize they are captive to a medical system that responds to illness rather than prevents it, holistic wellness has become a popular way for people to meet their overall wellness needs, including the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional ones. Holistic wellness complements modern medicine while providing nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit.

The idea of holistic wellness is an ancient one, which became popularized in the United States starting around the mid-twentieth century. Much of the health-related activities we seek out today can fall under the category of “holistic wellness.”

Where to Find Opportunities for Holistic Wellness
You can practice holistic wellness in the comfort of your own home, but to learn about how to do this most people join a wellness club in their area. Wellness clubs often offer programs and educational opportunities for their members to master meditation and yoga, as well as grow spiritually and enhance their physical wellness. 

If you’re new to the world of holistic wellness, joining a wellness club helps you become familiar with concepts so you understand how to approach practices in a way that is beneficial for you and your family. 

Holistic Wellness Offerings
Some wellness treatments we regularly receive fall into the category of holistic wellness, and we don’t even realize it! Others are more obvious to us. For example, massage therapy is a prime example of holistic wellness. Many people receive massages to help cure their aches and pains, while others simply get one to relax and tune out the world. Both reasons fall into the holistic wellness category because they address the health of your body and mind.

Yoga and the meditation that accompanies it are also holistic wellness practices. Meditation requires you to train your brain to achieve mental clarity and feelings of calmness. Mindfulness, one meditation technique, is the ability to be present and attuned with what is happening at that given moment. Yoga incorporates meditation techniques, and both require you to regulate your breathing. Yoga also improves your physical health. Practitioners note their muscles are more toned and their bodies feel stronger.

Energy healing is another component of holistic wellness. It comes in many forms, and many people credit it for relieving their stress and physical pain. One such practice called Reiki works on your personal energy field to aid in healing and promote wellness. 

For seekers of holistic wellness looking for a slightly less spiritual approach, life coaching can address all facets of their concerns and help them grow as a person. A quality life coaching program helps you discover the best ways to manage daily stressors and take a mindful approach to all that you do. Life coaches hold you accountable for reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. Individuals who receive coaching, especially in group settings, tout the benefits of working in a supportive and compassionate community of wellness seekers.

Modern medicine aims to treat illnesses as they arise, while a more naturopathic approach emphasizes prevention and optimizing your health. Rather than suppressing symptoms with prescription drugs, naturopathic practitioners employ natural methods to promote healing, including things like acupuncture, chiropractic care, nutrition, herbalism, and reflexology. Naturopathic medicine complements your general practitioner’s treatments on your journey to holistic wellness.

Some wellness clubs offer unique additional services to their communities. For example, a holistic wellness club in Kansas City is known to offer beauty treatments, including hair styling and facials, because your exterior beauty should match how beautiful you are on the inside. Clients enjoy that the wellness club is a one-stop-shop for all their wellness needs, including self-care options.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bonnyhill Moisturizing Mask Sheet - Skin Matching and Hypoallergenic Mask

Тканевая маска с экстрактом кокоса Bonnyhill Coconut Mask Pack.

I am having a lazy Saturday. I was working on the blog, I needed to fix somethings and so I ended up going to bed very late. My Saturday routine is a must so I got up and applied my facial mask.

Today I am using the Bonnyhill coconut moisturizing mask pack. The mask isn't so fitted on my face but it is better than a lot I have used in the past. When I applied the mask on my face it felt cold. It is said that coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin, provides moisture and nourishment which the skin needs. Tho, generally it helps to keep the skin healthy.

The instruction on the mask says: After using your face, use a toner to prepare your skin. Apply the mask sheet on your face leave it for 10-20 mins and pat leftover essence lightly until fully absorbed.

What I did: After applying the masking for about 20mins, I remove the facial mask and use the sheet to scrub my face, slightly massaging my face to increases blood circulation.

 Sin care  routine

The effect on my skin
Honestly, this is one of those facial masks that give you the moisturising benefits of using a mask. I felt moisturised but I did not see much difference. If you want to see an instant facial skin difference after using a mask then use


The main ingredients in the composition of the product are coconut oil, aloe extract, kiwi extract.

Coconut oil is an antibacterial, antifungal, deep nutrition to the epidermis.
Aloe leaf extract is an anti-inflammatory,  provides hydration.
Kiwi extract - contains vitamin C to combat pigmentation, even out skin tone.

Where to buy the Bonnyhill coconut moisturizing mask pack.
If you are in Ukraine you can purchase it from Eva, bigl.ua, Alchemy.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Femmeluxe Red Square Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress

Oh my, can you love this dress less? is it safe to say red looks perfect on my skin? I glow in red, oh wow. Honestly, I just love how femmeluxefinery makes dresses for women. It always fits perfectly, shows off our curves in the right places and flatters our body. They produce affordable, chic and trendy dresses. I felt so sexy wearing this dress. This is my best dress from Femmeluxe. Gosh, this shade of red is so attractive and beautiful. I was having a bad day but after wearing this red square neck ruched bodycon mini dress I felt prettier and my mood improved. 

Mini dresses are very versatile, I have been wearing lots of mini dresses this summer which is because I like how I can dress them down to look simple. My little red dress from  Femmeluxefinery is very affordable. You have lots of products to buy such as trending trouser styles, sexy corset dresses, Black lace bodysuit, in fashion jean styles and lots more.

Red Square Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress - Gina

Regular price
£43.98 £18.99 (57% OFF)

£16.14 after EXTRA 15% OFF With Code: TKE15



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