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Hi Melody
To the majority of people exercise is better for us than dieting to lose weight. But the majority is wrong about significant weight reduction by exercise. Exercise is better for fitness, but very inefficient and ineffective for weight reduction. Also, the minority who believe dieting is better for weight loss are also wrong. Dieting involves all sorts of commercialized schemes, which are unhealthy in the long term and so shocking to our bodies, we have huge cravings after the weight went down that cause us to go back to our old everyday diets of eating everything we feel like when we feel like and how we feel like. The pounds come back like bad thoughts.

The TRUTH is that we will reduce weight steadily by self-control over what we eat for the rest of our lives. Once we learn the knowledge about our metabolism systems and nutrition knowledge and change our eating lifestyle, we will control our body's metabolic balance and recover the perfect metabolic fitness our inner body will manage for us every single day.

The other ingredient is our self-control. Our human spirit can control the thoughts and feelings generated in our minds by our bodies along with our carnal spirit, which we are born with.

Once we choose to put our maturing spirit mind in control to learn about our body and how it uses what we feed it, we can begin to overcome all the temptations, cravings and addictions, which make up our carnal natures.

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Or fall for the either/or proposition, or think you should be able to concentrate on one to the exclusion of the other.

Diet and exercise work together to form a virtuous cycle.

Of course, it’s the reverse of the one that leads to inactivity and loss of fitness.

The more you exercise, the greater the strength, and the greater the ability to burn calories.

So if “weight loss” is the goal, both are necessary.

But why should “weight loss” be a greater goal than strength, fitness, health and vitality?

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