Friday, November 30

Cover of the AfroUrban Lifestyle Magazine :MELODY JACOB

Another way of exploring new contents is by reading magazines that has the gist of it all, from celebrity gist, to fashion and lifestyle articles, featuring the inside hot topics and top trending stories.
Magazines of recent are more in digital copies since technology is moving really fast, smart phones and notepads are more in use than actual printable books. 
 I like this cover of the AfroUrban Lifestyle magazine featuring me as the cover. It's a very lovely cover and I love the simplicity of it all.
Feed your eyes and have a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, November 28

Claudia Jessy's wedding : Joined in holy matrimony: The Ohia family.

So much to be thankful for in the year 2018. I can't get over how beautiful my friend who just got married to her amazing king looks. She is indeed a blessed woman and he is a blessed man to have such a beautiful warm hearted lady as a wife.
Just before the wedding we did a little wedding dress search and here we found this gorgeous dress, it looks really amazing on her, she glows in radiant joy. This union is blessed by God. I wish you both a happy married life and a beautiful home.


Tuesday, November 27

What to wear to a holiday Christmas party : MetisuBoutique.com

Today, I will not be sharing so much with you all. I am so busy and need to get back to work as quickly as possible. The holiday season is already here and just before you know it 2019 will be here and we will all be saying happy new year.
In the meantime, how is your christmas party preparation going? If you are going to attend a christmas party you don't want to look less than beautiful and outstanding. 
Get a dress like the The Metisu Wine Red Off  Shoulder Asymmetrical Mini Dress which is suitable for an evening party or wedding. The off-the-shoulder not only reveals your charming collarbone but also your beautiful shoulder line. The golden embroidery on the collar makes the whole dress grand and noble. The asymmetrical hem adds a touch of sensuality and charm to you. 

Monday, November 26

Dreamy shoot for Miami tattoos Ukraine 2018 : miamitats.com.ua/

How is your cyber monday discount sales shopping going? I want to briefly share with you all the shoot I did with this tattoo shop here in ukraine. Miami tattoos Ua says, our tattoo designs are the ideas of illustrators, tattooists, designers, as well as any other employee who has a good idea for drawing. Each store employee can bring an idea, inspired by traveling, visiting a cultural event, etc. For example, the Gypsy Soul collection of tattoos is dedicated to hippies, festivals and side-chic, and Henna Tattoos by Veronicalilu to the Indian art of henna painting.

We present to your attention the design translation tattoos Miami Tattoos, created from sketches of famous tattoo artists and illustrators. Unusual imitation of jewelry that will stay with you for several days, as well as emphasize the tan and give brightness to your image.

Even the most popular Hollywood stars such as Sarah Parker, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Alessandro Ambrosio cannot resist the beauty of temporary tattoos, and the release of their own collection was proof of that.

Sunday, November 25

Как сделать заказ из Макдональдса : how to order mcdonald's

My weekend started so early last week, the weather wasn't so friendly so I stayed indoors. No black friday shopping at the mall, just me on my bed getting all cozy, talking with my loved ones and watching the Wendy Williams show.

I stopped eating a lot of junk food and started eating healthy, although not completely healthy but sometimes I get really lazy to cook, most especially during the cold season. It makes me really lazy and all I want to do is stay in bed all day.

I want to briefly share with you something I never thought of, since Mcdonalds doesn't offer home delivery, which I think is very wise because in my own opinion and observation Mcdonalds contributes to one of the leading causes of Obesity.
I was so hungry and could hardly think of anything. I got talking with a friend who resides very close to me and he gave me this idea which I never thought of.

I was so tired and wanted something to eat immediately. I order a taxi directly to Mcdonalds and then back to my house. When the taxi got to Mcdonalds I called him and asked him to purchase what I wanted from Mcdonalds which was the big mac menu, he did and on reaching hear I paid for his service and also gave him back the money for the Mcdonald's he purchased.

Now this was pretty easy and nice but the problem is trusting someone you do not know with your food, but come to think of it, it is same with a pizza delivery guy. You do not know him yet he delivers your pizza, you might say he is a registered worker, o yes, the taxi drivers on Yandex app are registered with their full names and car details. 

So just in case you like mcdonalds you can use a taxi driver to deliver your fast food to your house. I will advise that you use companies like uber (uber eats app), yandex, taxify or uklon. If you are not in ukraine you can use any trusted regisited taxi company. 

Have you ever tried this method? or do you have a smarter way to order Mcdonald's let me know in the comments box below.
Photo by a befendo on Unsplash

Tuesday, November 20

How and where to shop on black friday 2018 : Shop from your comfort

Black friday is in 2 days and everyone is waiting for the super cool sales and discounts which sometimes isn't what it looks like, mostly here in Ukraine. Most shops tend to raise the prices higher and on the price tag, slash the price to the exact price of the item. In countries like America, Canada and the UK this sales are more realistic and practical. I went to the mall on a black friday few years ago, during a black friday sales here in Ukraine. It felt like a normal day just with more number people at the mall. Everyone just kept walking around. One thing I noticed over the years is that online stores are more practical with the black friday sales since some they don't get to pay shop rent.

Just in case you do not to know, you can keep track of the items that actually goes on sales in an online store. Simply add some items to your wishlist in an online store, when the price goes down you are notified and you get to see the price difference.

I will list some shops that offers the best black friday sale prices that will benefit you.You will be home and just enjoy the comfort of your home as you shop online. Nevertheless, these online stores are known for good quality products so you have to be very smart when adding to cart.

Here is how to shop for black friday online.
You already know your favorite shops and you know those items that you always wanted. Add them to your cart or wish list and ones it's friday, all you need do is compare prices and buy. Stay in your budget.
So this black friday will be chilled for you, with a glass of wine or fresh juice, sitting in front for your laptop and just clicking, adding and shopping. No rush like in the mall and pushing people or getting injured. Let the credit cards be ready, do not also forget to set a limit on that card. Don't be carry away, not all sales are meant for you.

Here are the top online stores that is black friday worthy.

Metisu is a young and rapidly growing brand offering a wide selection of dresses for free and independent women all around the world. Our team consists of creative, energetic, progressive, and stylish young people. We create accessible fashion for ladies who value classic, elegance, decency and high quality. Therefore, we have no doubt that even the most refined ladies will be able to find something to their liking. Our style focuses on casual, work, and formal wear. So, be it a casual occasion or a formal event, contemporary women will surely feel beautiful and confident in our dresses.

For any type of shoes both male and female, adult and children, this is one of the best retailers online. The prices are affordable on the normal and the quality is very good. The holiday sales I going to be super good.
Starts on 20/11/2018 
1. Promotion -30% for the second pair is valid on November 20, 2018. 
2. The promotion includes a women's, men's and children's collection (including products already discounted) 
. 3. To activate the promotion, add a minimum of items to the basket. 2 products 
4. The -30%  rebate will be charged to a cheaper pair 
5. Within one order, you can purchase a maximum of 10 pairs with a discount of -30% 
6. All products purchased in a promotional offer are subject to refund, exchange and complaint on the terms compliant with our general terms and conditions.
7. The promotion is not combined with other rebates 
8. The promotion does not include products from the outlet
In an industry that’s left us wanting more, we’re committed to raising the bar and setting new standards for natural products. To us, the future of naturals is in quality, groundbreaking plant-powered formulas — without compromising on ingredients or user experience. We’re here to make natural products fun, accessible, and rewarding for everyone.
Shop the good natural deodorants and toothpastes.
Photo by David Jorre on Unsplash

Christmas gifts under $50 to buy for your female friends this holiday season

Stop those excuses and start buying Christmas gifts for your girlfriends. It is a season of love and kindness, hoping we have a white christmas like the ones we used to know, come back late at night feeling so cozy, covered up in a big blanket, Singing or listening to christmas songs, taking lots of tea and unwrapping your gifts. Let's show as much love as we can this season. Our friends are important people who play a fantastic role in our lives. The good girl friends, the sneaky girl friends, the troublesome and the sticky girl friends all deserve a gift this season. Whether it is an expensive gift or a low priced gift, lets try to put a smile on the faces of our girl friends this holiday season.

Thinking about it, I am so guilty of this, but I have decided to change and I will be gifting my girl friends this year. We all know that they might have been good or naughty, but this santa Melody is going to look pass all that and gift as much as she can.

One excuse we always get is, I don't know what to buy, I do not have enough money, it is almost Christmas day, I am not feeling the season. Now if this is your problem then start getting the gifts early. Buying the gifts early puts you in the holiday vibe/mood, you look forward to Christmas day and get so excited to present the gifts to each of your friends. I am planning on making mine a little formal. Tho, I know where my girlfriends stay, I have decided to send handwritten cards alongside a couple of gifts to each of them via the post office.

Wondering what are the best gifts under $50 to buy for your friends, hey....I got you right there. Click on the link to purchase each of the gifts mentioned below or you can purchase similar in a local store where you reside.
                                                             Enjoy the holiday season.

 What are you planning on gifting your female friends?

Monday, November 19

Top 5 most wanted travel bags : https://www.cabinzero.com/

What makes travelling more fun is not just about the place we visit or what we carry long but also but how comfortable and easy for us to carry along our stuffs and be sure it is well protected.
CabinZero is a top brand to purchase the best durable and price friendly travel bags to any destination. They come in different variety of styles. They range from different sizes and have pockets and zippers for storing smaller items. Most importantly, purchase a bag that you find attractive – these are just as much statement pieces as they are practical items of luggage.

Sunday, November 18


Пуховик может многое о тебе рассказать! Сочетание цвета, принта, длины, фасона✂️ Все будет говорить о твоей уникальности, остаётся только определиться с любимчиком?

Тебе не грозит слиться с толпой, если выбрала пуховики GOVYADINA🔥 Яркие модные оттенки, контрастные детали и лучшее качество!

Saturday, November 17

How often should you wash your bra? How to maintain a long lasting bra quality.

My blog has been mostly on hygiene because of how important it is. Today, I will be sharing with you, the keys and tips to long-lasting bra maintenance and hygiene. Honestly, this is one hygiene a lot of ladies skip, in as much as bras are worn underneath, we should keep in mind that we need to always wash our bras. Thinking about it and seeing a comedy skit which was shared by a guy in the media about ladies wearing dirty bras and how dirty looking it can be, I decided to share this article about how to always keep your bra clean and maintain a high hygiene standard while doing it.

Some ladies take good care of their shoes better than their bra, just because we don't get to see it. Some ladies are in the habit of wearing a bra for months and until the corners start looking brown they don't care to wash it. Anyways, if you are in such a dirty habit you need to stop it. While this depends on your lifestyle you should wash your bra after 2-3 wear. If you sweat way too much then be sure to own more bras and wash even more often to prevent body odour, bacteria and skin infections.


Wednesday, November 14

How to be on time when you are running late : keeping to time.

Timing is very important in every aspect of life. Even tho, some people set alarms, the deep sleepers never get to wake up at the sound of the alarm. Sometimes you switch the alarm off, hoping to get some 1-5 mins sleep and here you are one hour gone. I dislike late comers and the act irritates me because it shows disrespect, but nevertheless sometimes we can't help it. If you find yourself chronically late, what steps can you take to be more prompt? read more on? 9 TIPS FOR OVERCOMING CHRONIC LATENESS.
 When you are running late there are things you can do or steps to follow that will help you be on time or speed up your dressing especially in the morning.

For example you wake up late and it's almost time for work, get going with the following steps.
1. Grab your tooth paste and tooth brush, then immediately get into the shower. While you are scrubbing as fast as you can, brush with the other hand. Time yourself to shower for about 3-4 mins, don't get carried away by the calmness of the morning shower. Off from the shower, clean up,cream up and apply deodorant.

2. If you haven't prepared any clothes or ironed any the previous day, pick out anything that doesn't need ironing, wear your clothes and shoes. At this point neutral colors and one piece clothings will be the best option.

3. Now you are dressed up. Call your taxi for those who do not own a car yet, while waiting for taxi if you are gonna use makeup keep it really simple, apply foundation and powder to brighten your face. Your hair do should also be simple, a ponytail or messy bun is a good idea. The taxi is here, off you go. Carry along your lipstick or lipgloss, with the help of your phone mirror or screen you can apply them on your lips. (Car owners follow the same step, apply your lippy in the car when the traffic light is red).

Have a nice day.
What do you do and how do you get ready when you are running late?

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash.

Sunday, November 11

5 Best bras for women with small breast : Newchic.com online store

Finding the right Bra for ladies with small breast type can be difficult sometimes due to the fact that most ladies with small breast are likely to be in search of bras that can give them a little push up or cleavage. One of the good things about having small boobs is that you can wear a wide variety of clothing and even go braless on occasion. I am glad to know that the options are limitless, whether you want full-on push up, a light lift, simple soft molding, or striking sexy detailing.

I received some bras from Newchic and they are very affordable, made of good quality fabrics and serve different purposes. They are really nice, tho I have not yet washed any.

If you want to have an instant cleavage look, then this is the bra to purchase, I like the comfort it gives and the front hook style makes it easier to wear.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Nylon
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,T-shirt Bra,Sport/Fit/Yoga Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Pattern: Printed,Lace,Embroidery
Strap Type: Non-Convertible Straps
Closure Type: Overhead
Bust Built-in: 0.3CM Padding
Color: Black,Nude,Wine Red.

This bras wasn't exactly my size but the fit is still very ok. The space between my breast and the cup was a bit much but I like the design and the material used in making this bra. This is a good bra to own.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Nylon
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Full Cup
Pattern: Printed
Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
Closure Type: Back Closure
Bust Built-in: 0.3CM Padding
Color: Blue,Grey,Pink,Beige,Watermelon Red,Cameo
Cup Size: B,C
Band Size: 34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90.
Red is a hot color. I like red underwears because of how they look on my skin. I recommend red underwears for married women because of its altitude.
 Reaffirm your style with this classic and comfortable full-coverage wireless bra that will provide all day comfort and prevent dig-in. Great quality and gives cleavage. Stretch fabric that smooths the back for a sleek look with no bumps or lines. Seamless sides and an invisible neckline offer a smooth look under your favorite T-shirts and silky blouses.

Specification :
Material: Polyester,Spandex
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Strap Type: Adjusted-straps ,Convertible Straps 
Closure Type: Drawstring,Back Closure
Color: Black,Red,Grey,Pink,Purple,Navy,Rose,Nude,Wine Red
Cup Size: A,B,C
Band Size: 32/70,34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90
This feels like I am wearing a bra-singlet, which is always what I want when I wear a bra. Most times I wear a bra and singlet because I am use to covering in that form. This bra is very comfortable and the lace embroidery design makes it so beautiful. 

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Spandex
Lining Material: Cotton
Bra Style: Non-wired bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup)
Pattern: Lace,Embroidery
Strap Type: Adjusted-straps 
Closure Type: Back Closure
Bust Built-in: 0.1CM Padding
Color: Blue,Green,Nude
Cup Size: B,C,D,E/DD
Band Size: 32/70,34/75,36/80,38/85
This bra is perfect when wearing shirt and sweaters. Personally, I hate tight bras because they are so uncomfortable. When comfort is lost the purpose and function of a clothing is not valid to me.
The bra feels so good on my skin, I could hardly remember I was wearing a bra. The polka dot design gives it a little vintage look. This is one of my favorite bras from Newchic at the moment.

Specification :
Material: Cotton,Spandex
Bra Style: Seamless Bra,T-shirt Bra,Sport/Fit/Yoga Bra,Non-wired bras,Push Up Bra,Plunge Bras
Support Type: Wireless
Cup Style: Full Cup
Pattern: Solid Color
Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
Closure Type: Front Closure
Color: Pink,Beige,Nude,Cameo
Cup Size: B,C,D
Band Size: 34/75,36/80,38/85,40/90,42/95,44/100

Camel Pointy Close Toe Single Sole Chunky Heels by Amiclubwear

Rock these cute single soles with an office outfit. The featuring includes a bold color with a faux suede fabric, pointy close toe, v-shape vamp, sling back, chunky heels followed by a cushion foot-bed. Approximately 4 inch heel.
This shoe is very comfortable and has the best feel ever. I embrace fashion with comfort because comfort is key. In recent times, fashion has gone so twisted and vintage fashion is what we are gradually going back to. I love vintage pieces and style, so I will gladly go back to wearing those pretty stylish  handmade items.

Saturday, November 10

5 things you shouldn't do during winter : Read carefully

This might be too much for some of us, but these are ways to protect ourselves during the winter period from a lot of bacterias and promote good health. When it gets cold what comes to our minds is how to cover up wearing jackets and boots. The hygiene that is needed in winter is a lot, but I will start by sharing some major mistakes we need to avoid.
 1.Coat rack: A lot of people do not have the habit of washing winter jackets due to its thickness and sometimes the bacteria that inhabits inside some jackets you don't want to know. When hanging your jacket in a restaurant or public place, make sure your coat or jacket is hanged on one separate hanger. There are people with bad body odor and the smell can be transferred to your jacket if kept together for a long time. Also, bed bugs can transfer from one person to the other by this means . 
2. Doors: I wrote a post on personal guide to excellent hygiene which is very important for everyone to follow. Do not open any door with looking at the handle. Winter is a period when people have running nose, cough and sneeze a lot due to the change in temperature and harsh weather condition. This help to avoid touching any person's mess by mistake. Use your gloves to open the door or carry along a spare gloves for this. I am talking out of experience, I didn't touch the mess but I wasn't myself when I got home.
3. Snow eating: For those who are in the habit of eating snow/licking snow you can do it in a better way. Do not just pick snow from any area because no one was matched on it, saliva does leave it's Mark on snow, you might end up taking in saliva or any bacteria. if you want to eat snow, do yourself well but putting a clean bow outside your window when it starts snowing and get clean and neat snow.
4 Do not start a relationship because it is winter. Over the years I have heard sayings like, I can't be alone it's winter... ladies and gentlemen if you start a winter relationship what about summer? don't be used as the seasons body/bed warmer.
5. Keep fit. In my previous post I explained a lot about winter fitness, you can read more here.

What to wear to a fall wedding : Colors and tones with Metisu Boutique

I published an article about the things you need to consider before planning a fall wedding, which also involves what to wear. If you are attending a fall wedding there are colors that suits Autumn and have a lot of tendency of fitting into the theme of the wedding. Neutrals and pastels are good options for fall weddings, because the bride is always on white most times, pastels colors few times and neutrals Less often.
Fall and Winter weddings are a great opportunity to incorporate jewel tones such as sapphire,emerald, ruby, topaz and amethyst to your attire. Festive colors like burgundy, sage, forest green, and navy are great colors to wear also. Fall is tricky. It could be gusty and cold, or sunny and warm, all depending on where you are and what the weather feels like that day. It’s more chilly in fall, but nothing’s better than a wedding in the open air with all those beautiful fall colours, tall yellow trees and leaves on the ground around you. 
The pastel light blue delicate buttons bodycon dress looks really beautiful and compliments my skin so well. This is a simple dress, made with good material and very comfortable. The style is unique and my red heels from czasnabuty.pl and bag by Jessica Buurman really compliments it.
Add a hint of gold accessories and you’ll be ready to go. I opted for a gold and silver mix, I wore a gold wrist watch and silver dangling earrings. What is your best color for fall and what would you prefer to wear to a fall wedding?.
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