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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Как сделать заказ из Макдональдса : how to order mcdonald's

My weekend started so early last week, the weather wasn't so friendly so I stayed indoors. No black friday shopping at the mall, just me on my bed getting all cozy, talking with my loved ones and watching the Wendy Williams show.

I stopped eating a lot of junk food and started eating healthy, although not completely healthy but sometimes I get really lazy to cook, most especially during the cold season. It makes me really lazy and all I want to do is stay in bed all day.

I want to briefly share with you something I never thought of, since Mcdonalds doesn't offer home delivery, which I think is very wise because in my own opinion and observation Mcdonalds contributes to one of the leading causes of Obesity.
I was so hungry and could hardly think of anything. I got talking with a friend who resides very close to me and he gave me this idea which I never thought of.

I was so tired and wanted something to eat immediately. I order a taxi directly to Mcdonalds and then back to my house. When the taxi got to Mcdonalds I called him and asked him to purchase what I wanted from Mcdonalds which was the big mac menu, he did and on reaching hear I paid for his service and also gave him back the money for the Mcdonald's he purchased.

Now this was pretty easy and nice but the problem is trusting someone you do not know with your food, but come to think of it, it is same with a pizza delivery guy. You do not know him yet he delivers your pizza, you might say he is a registered worker, o yes, the taxi drivers on Yandex app are registered with their full names and car details. 

So just in case you like mcdonalds you can use a taxi driver to deliver your fast food to your house. I will advise that you use companies like uber (uber eats app), yandex, taxify or uklon. If you are not in ukraine you can use any trusted regisited taxi company. 

Have you ever tried this method? or do you have a smarter way to order Mcdonald's let me know in the comments box below.
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  1. This is so clever. I haven't eaten a Mcdonalds for years now, but from time to time do enjoy a great burger.


  2. Mia figlia adora andare al mc donalds e per lei l'happy meal è immancabile!!


  3. Back in college I used to survive of their fries and burger same with burger king, they stomach filling and easy on pocket. This reminds me I should be grabbing a bite from them soon
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