Sunday, July 31, 2016


Make an entrance with our Sophie heel. This gorgeous heel has a zipped heel and peep toe with cut out straps. Reaching calf height, we wear ours with a two piece. All sizes are available (Flingfootwear)

Saturday, July 30, 2016


This is not my 1st time visiting this city but I love sharing my pictures so just sit back and enjoy. As for whether the city is boring or not keep reading to know my opinion. 
Zaporozhye or Zaporizhia, former Aleksandrovsk (before 1921), is a city and administrative centre of Zaporozhye region located in southeastern Ukraine. The city stands on the Dnieper River. It is an important railway hub and river port. There is an airport in the city. Zaporozhye stretches for several kilometres along the Dnieper River, with a green belt separating industrial and residential areas. Population - 762,400 (2014).Area code - +380 61; postal codes - 69000-69600. Local time in Zaporizhzhia (+2 UTC).
I enjoyed seeing my friends again, we went out to eat and I enjoyed walking around the city which is basically what I do when I visit any new city. One thing about this city I don't like is the restaurant timing which is not so flexible deep into the night, tho there were few mentioned but I expected more restaurants. I enjoyed my ride in an old UN-renovated park, the rides were few compared to other cities I visited already. Anyways just before I left I visited the  Hotel “Four Points by Sheraton” which is now KHORTISA PALACE HOTEL. This hotel is located in the centre of Zaporozhye, on the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and the Embankment.


Friday, July 29, 2016


Now introducing MAYA SWIMWEAR, a brand that is concerned more about femininity and quality. This grey cosmo high neck one piece is made with an elastic high quality Lycra fabric, well lined and allows lots of adjustments and fits with multiple body types.The design is unique featuring an X crossed back, available in sizes small, X small and medium.Maya swimwear has different kinds of beachwear perfect for everyone.The shipping time is fast and the packaging is exclusive.Get both single tops and bottoms, with different designs and styles.The excitement began when i saw this Lada and decided it was going to be a photo bomber for my shoot.To purchase this swimwear please visit MAYASWIMWEAR.COMWhen it comes to wearing or purchasing swim wears, there are few things that give women more anxiety. First, Finding the right suit that fits your figure. Different women have different body types and shapes, which include
Large chests, those with large tummy ,those with full hips and thighs, and those with straighter shapes. There is always a versatile swimwear that fits everyone. So before purchasing a swimwear, you browse through your favorite shops online or around. Anyways, once you are in the dressing room all you wanna do is try on the most beautiful design in which you feel most comfortable in and that's all. For those shopping online you just want to do pick the most out standing piece without checking the measurement properJust because your suit looks sweet while you’re standing still in front of the mirror doesn’t mean it’s going to fit when in motion. 
For strapless styles : Reach down to touch your toes, then stand back up and raise your arms over your head. If everything stayed in place and you didn’t feel the need to tug the bust or neckline, you’ve got a nice fit. If not, you may need to try a different size (pick a different size)  or a style with a little more comfort. For bottoms : Drop into a lunge position, and try a few squats as well. Every suit will shift a little, but you shouldn’t get too much movement. For thin straps: First, double check that the straps aren't too tight or digging into your skin. Then, try a few everyday movements, like bending down as though you're tying your shoe, reach each arm up as if you're getting something off of a high shelf, and slip your bag on and off each shoulder. The straps should stay in place, just like a bra. Tie style : You want the straps to stay tied. For string bottoms, repeat lunges and squats. Sunglasses : Sunglasses shopShoes : SammydressHat : SammydressThanks a lot for stopping by, join the family by subscribing to the newsletter below.


Thursday, July 28, 2016


Such a cute and lovely bag, couldn't wait enough after much delay from the postal service. Anyways its here and I love everything about this bag, the size , the inner features , style and design. A statement bag that fits both for travel and everyday use
It is a mochila bag woven by hand, so colorful adding so much fun to my outfit.  The bag is made with crochet thread. Assembled with 100% genuine leather and lined inside. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Obtaining that perfect body is a struggle for all of us and often requires hours of strenuous training in the gym.  Despite our best efforts, results aren’t noticeable for a few weeks, we’re all aware of new products and diets that guarantee inches and pounds lost over the course of a month. 
Waist Trainers have been proven to consistently increase the rate at which weight loss can occur in the body. Since there are both quality products and bad products available for purchase today, I am going to show you one of the best and most reliable waist slimming products to use. 
HourglassAngel.com provides you with the best waist cinchers that contains more flexible plastic material. For this reason they can easily be worn daily as it fits nicely under clothes, you can slim your waistline discretely.  Wearing the waist cincher daily will soon allow you to fit into your favorite dress with a perfectly toned and shaped midsection. 

Wearing waist trainers has benefits such as creating a smaller and more defined waist faster than any other method. Waist cinchers fit discretely under clothes, allowing you to achieve a smaller waist privately without anyone knowing. It will increase your self confidence and self esteem. Aids in maintaining good posture, since the trainer remains tight, this forces your back to remain straight . Overtime you will naturally adapt this better posture. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by two dozen glowing sapphires, emeralds, rubies and citrines? These LED string lights provide that without breaking the bank! Dream in color with 10 feet of flexible string lighting. All that is required is 3 AA batteries.
  • 10 ft. wire lights
  • 25 lights
  • Requires 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • Molds and holds shapes around objects   

Monday, July 25, 2016


I have seen a lot of off shoulder tops and dresses this summer. It is basically summer fashion madness at the moment, the most worn summer trend. Very hard to go wrong wearing the off the shoulder style because it pretty much fits almost every body type, perfect For a day to evening look, very easy to pull off.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Not only for protection, they are also accessories that makes you look cool. Yesterday I was invited to an event, something caught my attention, it was a lady with blue nails and a blue phone case, it looked so lovely.
Check out this Kaleidoscope collection from Felony case,  available in silver, matte black, black, white, gold and clear. This is my best case, designed to transform your phone into an eye catching  statement piece. The case is slim and light, gives an all round coverage and easy access to all buttons. Shock absorbent screen protecting bumper with the 3D geometric design.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Kick start a new you with the help of Skinnyme teaEveryone wants to look fit, and here we are offering you the best product with the right ingredients to help you lose weight and keep fit. There are so many products out there, but skinny me tea stands as it helps not only for weight loss but serves as a detoxifying tea. The two-step Teatox includes a 14 day supply of our Morning Cleanse & Evening Cleanse Teas especially formulated to leave you feeling energized and refreshed.
I started my taking my plan, and I saw lots of results. The product works and I can boldly recommend it. 

The morning and evening tea functions in different ways as follows :
It contains a blend of senna aids detoxification, leaf, celery seed that reduces water retention, and valerian root scientifically formulated to assist weight loss by fastening bowel movement. Helps to eliminate bacterially and cleanse your system. I sometimes feel bloated after eating but with the help of the skinny, it reduced which works by cleaning the digestive tract.

The tea is very affordable and my best advice is for you to follow strictly to the plan for an effective result, you play the tea you play yourself. Wondering what each plan contains, keep reading.

Evening Cleanse: Each sachet contains herbal extracts equiv. to dry: Senna alexandrina (Senna) leaf 2.7g Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) root 375mg Apium graveolens (Celery) seed 600mg
Morning Cleanse: Sencha Green Tea (22%), Green Oolong Tea (22%), Lemongrass, Artichoke Extract (10%), Yerba Mate Leaf, Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaf, Calendula Flower, Blue Cornflower.
Contains Caffeine. Contains Antioxidants.


Friday, July 22, 2016


The Grey Storrist pack from Beta Brand, is not only comfortable but stylish. It has a 48-liter storage capacity. This pack is designed to keep your camera and every other delicate items well protected. It is durable which deals more with the material, hard and made with high quality fabric.
Before purchasing a travel bag check how comfortable it is, also size the bag by checking length and adjustments. It features reflective detailing.

Now that your delicate items are well protected, what about when it starts raining? or during an escape moment that involves swimming,  this bag is water resistant, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. A space have been provided for your laptop, the outer design also gives you a space to attach your mat and other items.
I have always wanted a bag that features all these qualities. The comfort of carrying one bag, that has the right space to put everything and know that it is well protected is an added peace to the mind. Beta Brand cares for your travel, you can also purchase travel jackets and the most comfortable travel shoes which is on my wishlist for next month.
This bag is available in three colors, Grey for versatility, Yellow for a lively colorful travel, and the green for a stylish and trendy travel.
Visit BetaBrand.com for more details.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


This post tells the story of the successful family run team behind the stunning Jovani Dress collection.

Every fantastic fashion studded line of designer dresses have come from a certain history. Their story tells the tale of success and how their collections have made it into the heart of the mainstream woman. The Jovani Dress Collection is a brilliant example of this. Coming from a rich history, we will discuss how the fundamentals of this designer brand were built up over the years.

Coming from humble origins, it’s fascinating to look back and see how this stunning line began. Let’s take a peek into the history of the Jovani Dress Collection originally started by the Maslavis.

The History of the Jovani Dresse
Jovani Fashion had its humble beginnings back in 1980 when the line was originally started by Jacob Maslavi and his sons, Abraham and Saul. Originally, there was only a team of ten people involved in getting things moving. The team of ten was in charge of the operational side, designing and manufacturing.

This all involved a line of 15 styles that were especially designed for boutique stores as specialty dresses. With special occasions being the Maslavi’s expertise, in 1996, the family team took their designs to American designer Sherri Hill to help them grow their brand further. Making this bold move really paid off. After taking it to Sherri Hill, Jovani became part of the fashion house for the next decade as they expanded their line of beautiful ball gowns.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I absolutely love this dress. Everyone one is showing off shoulder tops and dresses in both classic and minimal designs that can be paired with so many different styles of skirts and pants. Designers cant seem to let go of the off shoulder trend. 
Cropped, sleeveless or with sleeves, floral and plain-colored - I have them all, and this white cotton dress is one of my favorite because of this playful pompom attachment in front. It may seem basic but its billowy structure makes up for its otherwise simple silhouette. 
Make it even more gorgeous by adding a pair of  patterned sandals with pompom. Lots of ideas on how to pull off the shoulder trend feel free to explore. 
I really wanted a pair of this pompom fashionable sandals, and this one is very perfect.  'Twas a great holiday spent the right way indeed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Do you want to relieve itchiness?
Do you want to get rid of those rashes?
Do you want a solution to dry Flaky skin?
The perfect solution is the Oats Oats Baby by Body Blendz. Naturally brewed to suit your skin, taking care skin issues and leaving your skin at its best condition.
                                                          It contains
Arabica beans :  This is the finest quality of coffee plant, Gotten from the highlands of Ethiopia, it reduces the appearance of cellulite , treats eczema, psoriasis, stretch mark and it is suitable for all skin types. (offers protection against skin damage).
Oat meal : Contains lubricating fats that promotes skin anti-aging. Contains anti cancer properties, removes skin dryness, has skin lightening effect, for treatment of chicken pox and serves as a natural cleanser.
Jojoba oil : Produced Simmondsia chinenesis plant which moisturizes the skin, increases skin appearances by  reducing and preventing wrinkles. Increases skin firmness and texture. Encourages regeneration of skin cells and tones. Fights wrinkles and cellulite. Reduces oily skin and regulates sebum production.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Talking about the most recent beach wears to the most recent swimwear trends down to the most worn styles, Ysabel Mora has it all.
Set and Packaging
Shaping ring swimsuit (bra and pant) and
Trousser which is a perfect set. It comes inside a well packaged pack, colorful and presenting. Each swimwear has the hygiene protection. The Brand cares so much about you.
Ships within 10-14 working days. Well package, No damage was made.
Style and design
The bra has a clip and an adjustable handle, the pant is well fitted with adjustable side ropes. The trousser has two side pockets and also an adjustable waist rope. The brand name is attached to the pant making it even more classy and fashionable. 
The colorful design is so bright, playful and fun to wear, giving a more sexy and bold appearance. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Bright yellow has the pop. I love this gel 604 lollipop collection from Makear. Professional UV/LED gel polish.The polish is so nice, with an attractive color and a perfect shine. This nail color suits summer so much. It lasts long and Dries very fast. High gloss,non-toxic,3-free and Easy to apply.

The application is very easy using my set of Makear, clean my nail surface before the application.
Apply base gel thinly then cure.
Apply color thinly then cure.
Apply color thinly with second coat then cure.
Apply top coat then cure.


Bags have a lot of uses which depends on why you purchase a bag and why you are carrying a bag. I am very sure you all are very familiar with the two main reasons why people carry bags, which includes both for fashion sake and for storage purposes. There also different kinds of bags and the most used is the handbag which basically is more helpful to almost every lady.
Today's bag talk is focused on Aitbags, to know more about the online store please keeping reading.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Hope you did not miss out on this post, if you did please click here to view
Shein summer collections is just the best, so trendy and i want everything. Currently craving for the items below. I love the lemonade print which i am sure was inspired by Queen Bey.
Loving so many stuffs on Shein, cant get enough of the floral and lemonade prints. I also added lovely shoes to my wishlist so click on the links to get each items.
Cold shoulder floral ruffle dress.
White lemon sleeve tie print off the shoulder dress.
Navy Lemon print Cold shoulder dress.
White lemon print fold over cold shoulder dress.
Hot pink ruffle off the shoulder shift dress.
Yellow ruffle off the shoulder shift dress.
Black lug sole chunky mule pumps.
Black peep toe Diamond stiletto heel.
All dresses are available in different sizes and colors, so please lets get shopping and make summer fun.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Flaunt that summer body in a flattering black swimsuit. There are so many fabulous styles and amazing posts about swim wears. Maya swimwear has lots of options for you ladies, so just go browse through and purchase yours. Different colors an sizes are available. The fabric is very comfortable and has a very good feel.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


It is all about finding what compliments your frame and makes you comfortable. Go for what will make you feel most confident on the beach. Enjoy the sun, the environment, have good fun, play in the sand and run around the beach, summer can be fun if you want it to be.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Black dresses are a must have, they are always in style, gives you a slimmer look and you are never under dressed with black dress.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Manufacturer: CNB
Product code: XY16293P
Colour: shades of pink
Kind of heel: flat-heeled
Kind tip: full
Type of Closure: Lace
Material: eco suede
Season: Spring / Summer
Size : 40
Platform: 3 cm
Entry: Textile
Opportunity: daily
Style: Fashion
Footer: full soft
Sole: sample rubber
Shop : Casnaboty.
Colors : Black, red, white,beige, light pink and brown.


Sunday, July 10, 2016


The off shoulder trend is one of the hottest look this season which everyone should try it.  This style can be found in dresses and tops, making it endlessly versatile. This dress shows a cool relaxed look, the classic blue with stripes is one of the most popular off shoulder dresses giving a beautiful feminine look.
Off shoulder dresses are so versatile, they are perfect choice for warm summer evenings. The floaty layered style is perfect everyday for spring and summer look. The loose fit gives it a simple look, the cute blue color  suits my skin and my hair looks so cute.
I complimented my outfit by adding my straw bag in red from sammydress
So much fun wearing this dress, would you rock this dress? To purchase please visit Zaful.
So many people need your help, a purchase from Jimani collection will not a only feed a family but save a life. Let us cultivate the act giving. Lots of testimonies of how the online store has helped people, do not miss out on this.

Saturday, July 09, 2016


The Soir N°79 Link is a classic timepiece inspired by our favorite Scandinavian interior designs. This timepiece, crafted of gold-plated stainless steel, features our signature black marble-patterned dial and timeless link strap. The Soir collection was inspired by our most loved Scandinavian interior designs. The timepieces are presented in beautiful marbled packaging with velvet interior that mirrors the design elements of the Soir collection.

Friday, July 08, 2016


This is a high neck cut out swimwear, with removable pads and adjustable multi position straps, very comfortable and fits to size.
The black and white design portraying Angelo is so unique. Piha is a Brand that provides you with high quality swim wears, ranging from different styles, designs with high quality material, trendy and ready to wear.  This cut out swimwear is in trend this summer, and i think you should try it out. This swimwear holds perfectly, it dries really fast preventing you from getting cold. Wearing it felt so good as we only need three things in summer a good swimwear, sunscreen and a place to relax.
Piha have featured in top magazines and presents you with the top styles of 2106 trend.
The 2015/2016 collections is amazing and it includes the dancing leaves, holiday,blossom island, rainbow game, sun shades and lots more. This collections features swimwear of all types and for different body type. Plus sizes are also available to satisfy everyone. 
 My best collections with Piha 2015/2016 is Angelo which features the black and white design suitable for everyone, second to the Sunshade collection and the blushy collection.
A detailed size chart is available to prevent you from making any mistakes, so carefully go through the chat before purchase.
Piha cares about your skin and so high quality materials are used during production, the shipping is fast, the packaging is exclusive and the style us unique. what else you do need? Piha is at your service. 
The brand retails on different online stores, Available sites to purchase the swimwearFeel free to ask questions and let me know what you think about my swimwear in the comment box below.
Thank you so much for stopping by, as you know we will always provide you with the latest trends and styles. so keep in touch my subscribing to the newsletter below and give us a Follow on Snapchat: MJBLOG.
Enjoy your summer.


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